Energetic experience (alcohol = NO)

It has been a very long time since I drank anything at all and this includes wines as well. But last evening we had a guest over for a big dinner which I prepared from 4 PM on. At 7 PM the guest arrived and of course he brought a bottle of red wine. So of course my husband felt it to be right to drink a glass or two with our friend. I thought one glass of wine will not make a huge difference… But I was dead wrong! The first thing that happens after 1 glass of wine is that I become funny and more open in what I say to other people. But after this first phase of fun and happiness the wine effects change and I become tired.

I know now for sure that wine or any alcohol is a big NO. Why? Because I realized in bed that it suddenly became difficult to focus my awareness to raise energy and stimulate my energy body. It got kind of sluggish and that was the first thing I felt after trying to place my awareness into my feet and legs, it was suddenly difficult to feel the energy.

However I continued for a while even though I did not have the touch this night to feel the energy I know it still works. Robert Bruce says even if you do not feel anything at first, the awareness actions still work on the energy body. So after a while, I just stayed relaxed laying on my back and focused on my breath. That helped me a lot lately to stay focused and aware.

After a few minutes of doing so, I suddenly felt a nudge or something similar on my right side of the head. It felt like very quickly being pushed from the right side. But other than that nothing else happened. So I turned around and closed my eyes and continued to focus on my breath. It did not take a long time until I felt a strong rush of energy once again. after a while I suddenly started seeing a white glowing face fading into my vision behind closed eyes, in that moment a white light flash lit up my vision screen, it was all very fast!

I suddenly started seeing another one of these moving vision screens. But this time it was directly related to what I am focusing on during the day. I started seeing music note sheets with all kind of notes, floating towards me. It went like that for a few seconds until the vision disappeared. I saw tons of symbols and bigger letters which did not look familiar as well, before the sheet music appeared!


One thought on “Energetic experience (alcohol = NO)

  1. Dayna says:

    Great job pushing past the sluggishness! You are making good progress!

    I have found drinking as a no-no during energetic shifts and such. Funny thing is that I had it over Thanksgiving – two glasses of wine – and had no ill effects. Yet now I know it would not be wise. Hmm.

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