Final decision, and weird noise

Well if you followed my blog you’ve seen me writing a lot of phases a periods where I am almost urged to give up on something that I wrongly clinged on. I was so attached to my pet bird that I got him 2 years ago because I told my husband I cannot live without an animal. Since I was used to live with them in Germany. One of our fighting reasons, since my husband does not like to have animals inside the house. He also is very fast agitated when a dog is barking a little too long…

I was attached and I kept getting the urge over and over again to just give up on the idea to have a pet bird, to give up on the idea to never leave the house because I would be concerned about my pet to be out all day long. So finally the time has come and the urge and pressure came back again, in a time when my husband is not even around. Which for me is a huge sign, that it was my time to let go! And so I called the lady yesterday who is the perfect match! She rescues animals all over the place, she has the animal connection that I have! She has another parakeet who she rescued “BINGO” she was the one!

As I was driving with my bird inside his cage I did not feel sadness, usually I suddenly feel depressed and anxiousness not to do it and turn around, but not this time. As I arrived and saw the young woman for the first time I was shocked! She looks exactly like my mother when she was younger!!! Coincidence? We immediately connected as if we had the same vibration frequency. My pet bird settled down right away and looked at her in a curious way. On my way out she hugged me and I told my pet bird that he will be fine, that this is goodbye for now and he will be happy, and he listened attentively.

On my way home she wrote me another message and said that the bird is doing well already and that he already eats and tweets. So that was it, the bird did not even care or give a shit… I thought he would be sad, as we had such a good relationship. But since the woman looks a lot like my mother and ultimately myself, he may not see the difference lol.

as I returned home I was still not sad and actually started right away to rearrange my room one more time, I got new plants and I am a proud mother of a beautiful green/white spider plant and a wonderful yellow framed Snake plant! 🙂

Weird Noise

As the night came closer I decided to go to bed at 11:30 PM and I lay on my back as usual, just to relax and meditate on possible messaged coming trough. No 2 minutes had passed as I suddenly heard a weird noise. I cannot even describe it correctly. It suddenly sounded like there was a force field inside my head, I started hearing this very loud wroom, wroom, wroom in a deep and almost cracking kind of way, it stayed a few seconds and then it went away as if nothing ever happened. Now I have no idea what that was about and where it came from. It cannot be OOB related as I did not lay in bed less than 2 minutes!

Did anyone ever experience this noise? I remember times it happens very rarely though, that I felt something dense entering my left ear, as if energy gave my ear a free wax cleaning, but the noise sounded more like there was a force field of some sort directly inside my ear!

It sounded kind of like this, just deeper and with more cracking as undertone: And without the constant humming sound, it was literally two different frequencies wrooming inside my left ear and very loud!


Trying to tune in

Yesterday I read a few things about the high pitched ringing tone that many awake people are able to hear sporadically. I am one of them. I can hear at times a high pitched ring that resembles a clarinet (holy cows… I just typed this as my left ear ringed for a second), other times I suddenly have a pressure change as if you change altitudes with a plane and the ears are plugged and pop a few times very loudly. Then there are the sudden drops of all noise on one side of the body and it feels like total silence everything becomes silent and then out of nowhere a loud ring comes through from that side! And then there are loud gongs, like from a tuning fork and the tapping water or clicking Morse Code tones. I experienced all of them.

A friend of mine wrote that the high ringing pitch usually means that our own field is re-calibrating. And the clicking tone may be my form of receiving codes. Then another person wrote that she meditated as soon the high ringed pitch came on and she was able to receive voices in the ringing.

So I tried last night in my meditation to focus on the ever present white noise with some subtle bells in it. After a while of doing so I could swear that I started hearing the beginning of something. The first time I heard something from my right ear it sounded like a huge hisssss sound. Problem is I try to listen with my physical ears and then nothing else happens. I tried it again and another tone came through,  the beginning of a low pitched gong tone, but again I jumped out of it and tried to listen… Stupid me…

I think I have an idea now how I perceived the two times in 2014 the male voice that called my name from the right ear. I think I focused on the ringing in my ears when that happened! I will continue to play with this and see if I can actually receive messages through the ear codes that seem to come in.

New learned energy technique & results

Sorry this is a longer post, but I needed to describe it as best as I could.

Wow I don’t even know where to start with this post. Yesterday I learned about Robert Bruce’s NEW technique for energy raising and stirring of energies of the body, in order to build the energy body and stimulate the various minor chakra points especially in the hand and foot joints. And I decided to go to bed at around 10:30 PM to apply what I have learned.

First things first, I lay on my back and placed two pillows behind me that would make it comfortable to sit a little bit higher with my head, but also make it not as easy to fall asleep like that.

I placed my hands and arms above the blanket and let them just rest at my sides. I then closed my eyes and took a few deep breath to calm my mind and settle in a focused awareness state.

I started then to place my awareness around my big toes and tried to feel them as if I would touch them with my own hands. Robert explains you can use your awareness hands to stir, wrap or brush energies through the body. So I placed my awareness fingers on the big joints of the big toes and imagined them entering the flesh and stirring the fingers inside. this alone brought a response and my big toes felt activating with a slight buzzing sensation. I then moved my awareness hands back and forth like brushing the toes and in the end wrapped an awareness wrap around them which I imagined to be a white light band aid. This wrapping action is used to heal blocked energetic pathways in limbs, joints or even around the head! After the toes were done I brushed with the awareness fingers through all the other toes, both feet the same time and very quickly I felt the toes buzzing as well. I repeated this action including wrapping around areas where I remember having had accidents on, in order to strengthen that part of the energy body.

As I came to my legs I felt right away the different of response. My legs do not respond very well to the energy actions and I really need to be focused to feel the energy there. I brushed repeatedly from the feet up the legs towards the hips, I also stirred the energy inside the legs with my awareness fingers.

After that I repeated the same actions on my fingers, the big joint of the two thumbs is a big minor chakra point that needs to be activated, as the hands and feet are more important than we think they are! They are places where energy is being raised up from. I repeated it was my arms, neck, torso and head. After I reached the head I had a very good awareness connection to the energy and it got more easy to move it around. In the end of this exercise I wrapped the white light awareness band aid around my forehead and the back of my head in order to heal any energy blocks around my head. As I had some injuries in the forehead area I suspected that also the energy body is weaker in these areas. As I always had problems to place my awareness on the right temple for some reason. With the help of the energetic wrap I could feel most of my head as I surrounded it with the white light band aid.

As I was ready with the Secondary energy center stimulation, I started doing the raising of energy exercise. Very powerful and I could literally feel the energy rising through my feet, up the legs, around the groin (to not cause arousal) and then storing it into the Sub-navel center two inches below the navel. After 3x risings of energy I could feel the Sub-Navel center bubbling, it literally was fluttering with energy! I then raised energy the same way through my palms up my arms, through the shoulders, the throat and then down the center and also storing it into the Sub-Navel center. As I got a good grip on the energy and awareness motions I joined the two actions together and created  a full body circuit.

I placed my awareness inside the feet, then raised the energy up the legs to the hips, into the tailbone and from there I raised it also from the hands, up the arms, spine, shoulders, neck, up the backside of the head and then down the front of the face, throat, chest and storing this whole energy inside the Sub-Navel center! I repeated this a few times until I felt a beautiful bubbling sensation in the sub-navel.

After that I went very quickly through the Primary Energy centers from the root upwards and as expected the strongest chakras right now are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown! I get immediate response of activity in these centers. While I have some trouble to feel anything of the Heart and the Throat chakra. It seems these centers still need to expand to be more responsive, but this is the reason why I do the energy work to build my energy body in order to grow the channel pathways and secondary energy circuits.

After all this energy work I just settled down and tried to reach the trance state. Everything was so vibrant and I felt energized. It was such a wonderful feeling all over. I just tried to get close to sleep state and it was then after a while that I started having extreme inner surges of tingling energy, up my arms and legs like little sparkling waves of energy. Robert said when you do these energy exercises they can become automatic when you just keep a little bit of awareness going, it’s called Awareness Momentum. Suddenly out of nowhere my third eye screen flashed, I guess it was because I placed my awareness fingers inside both temples at the same time and stirred a little while, these centers are important as well. The flash brought a very clear but also quick vision with it. I saw an older man with black-grey hair, he had a mustache and intense blue eyes. I don’t know why, but the vision I got was showing him in an expression that I can only describe as manically laughing. I was not scared this time and no heart jumps this time as well. Progress! However I do not think I ever reached the vibrational state, I tried however loosening techniques from Robert, to swing the energy body, or to fall. As I imagined myself in an elevator going down and seeing the numbers getting less, I could swear I felt a slight falling motion in the top of my head, I tried to make it stronger, but it would not work.

After some time of this, I just opened my eyes and could move right away, no paralysis etc. Just an overall feeling of being energized.

i looked at the clock and it was 1:38 AM… I thought WTF? Where did the time go? I only went to bed at 10: 30, how could it possibly be 1:38??? I mean this is really a progress of not falling asleep for such a long time! WOW!

I turned around and intended to fall asleep, which worked very well.. However I do not remember any dreams whatsoever… I was suspecting because of all the raised energy that I would remember dreams easier, but not this time. Well It was my first time doing this, so we’ll see. I woke up this morning at 7:20 AM, I could have gotten up, but I decided to close eyes again and then I awoke at 9:40 again. I am extremely awake today and not at all tired, I guess the raising of energy etc helped my exhaustion condition from before.

Ear Tones Journal Entries 10/03 – 10/16/2015

Time 9:27 PM

I was writing my blog post about my recognition about Alien Abductions, When I came to the point of writing about the strange sounds in my ears that started at that time of my Awakening, I suddenly heard a high pitched ringing in my left ear.

Time 12:10 PM

I was reading on an abduction symptom list and came to the point: #38. Do you have nightmares about doctors or medical procedures? As my right ear suddenly started ringing for a few seconds.

Time 4:29 PM

I was sending promotion letters for my husband as I focus down on my screen on a specific e-mail address as suddenly my right ear made a weird gong noise, kind of like a tiny electric jolt with tuning fork tone.

Time 12:14 AM

I signaled into the sky with my flashlight, and saw a star constellation, I never saw before. Very tiny stars and a lot all on one spot. After that I was watching my husband’s laptop screen as he talked in bed with his bank in Israel as I suddenly heard a very high pitched ringing in my left ear.

Time 1:03 PM

I was reading my blog post another time and when I reached this sentence: “I didn’t think anything about it, as it happened again I was more cautious to what happened.” I suddenly heard a weird gong like low tone ringing in my left ear.

Time 10:00 AM

I slept longer than usual after some weird flashes in the clouds last evening I went to bed pretty exhausted and just needed to sleep. As I woke up this morning I realized I have this weird muffled, metallic noise in my right ear. Every time I heard a loud noise such as my own voice or sneezing and crumbling of plastic bags my right ear would ring combining the noise that was already there. Very weird phenomenon, which I had once in the same ear when I was 14-15 years old. But then I was witness of how it actually began. I was in the indoor ice rink in Germany as suddenly my right ear got deaf and the whole day afterwards I heard everything as if there was a metallic undertone. This was gone after that but supposedly happened again this morning and came over night.

Time 9:04 PM

We came home from another trip to the hot chocolate place that we went to last evening. As I went into my office room while walking and not really thinking about anything I suddenly hear a low pitched gong and a longer staying tone on my right ear. It was like the ear got deaf for a few seconds after the low pitched gong and then a higher pitched tone came through. I am still experiencing metallic after sounds on the right ear. As I type this journal entry every click on my keyboard gets followed by a weird pitch change in the right ear. It almost seems like the changed that my left ear went through since 2014 do now start on the right ear as well.

Around 1 AM

I was lying in my bed just trying to meditate, as I heard a very strong ringing in my ears. It was a lot of buzzing and I started hearing an almost melodically shift in frequencies on my left ear, almost as if the tones changes pitch a few times. Sudden white light flashes and the feeling as if my right little toe was pulled towards the outside. During the night I was startled a few times by weird bangs and cracks in my room. There first one happened at the ceiling, it was a tiny crack almost like a tap. The second noise came from the corner of my computer desk, it cracked a few times in a row and it almost seemed as if my computer keyboard cracked very loud. These noises kept me startling throughout the night. When I opened my eyes I checked my surroundings, but I could not see anything, except colorful static particles in the room. Almost like sparkles of different colors. I can sometimes see them very clearly.

Ear Tones Journal


I decided to start a journal. I try to the best of my ability to track down everything that happened since my childhood in order to find out more about memories that are supposedly lost to me. Since my Awakening Experience in August 2014 I am aware and conscious about an ever present white noise tone that I can pick up on. I always described it as fast racing whistle or some sort of rotation noise. And it’s also audible when I completely clock my ears! It seems to come from around my head actually! But the white noise is not the only noise that I started hearing since then.

in the very beginning of my Awakening I started hearing weird electrical growling sounds on both of my ears. In two instances this happened before my husband would find something disturbing about his body. The first instance happened while I was sitting at the computer and listening to music through my headphones. As the song ended I kept the earphones on, which made any tone I was hearing more pronounced actually. after a while I suddenly heard this weird buzzing, electrical rumbling inside my ear. it actually made a very weird noise, coming from my left ear. 2 seconds later my husband came out of a shower and asks me “what the heck is this?” He lifts his hand and shows me his palm (one of my visions became true: as I looked on his hand I saw a weird bump/lump on his palm, the odd thing about it was that it was slightly hard but also movable under the skin. It reminded me a lot about the sudden bump or lump that I developed kind of over night on my right foot! My husband went to the doctor and he said, he cannot do anything about it, it either grows and his fingers will be pulled towards the palm or it stays like that.

The second time this electrical growling noise happened was when I was lying in bed and with my left ear on my husbands shoulder. as I suddenly heard this same noise as at the first time. This time my husband woke up in the middle of the night, went to the piano and played a few notes. I felt he was scared and indeed he lost a lot of frequencies on his right ear! He said if you snap your finger beside the ear it just is silence, he cannot hear it. He was so scared about this development over night that he took heavy steroids (Prednisone) to repair the hearing. He was totally crazy during that time, almost psychotic and we nearly had a breakup during that time also, because he stated that he saw disgusting pictures around me and knew that I was involved in weird practices. No idea how he knew. But discovering so many things lately I would not be surprised if these pictures were flashed up in his mind.

However these were not the only ear noises and tones since then. I remember very vividly that I sat at the computer as the air beside my left ear suddenly became dense and I felt something entering my left ear accompanying a weird buzzing and popping sensation. Like something literally was moved in and out repeatedly in high speed! up to this date I have no idea what that was. But since then it happened one more time and I heard that pppppppp sound from my left ear again.

I experienced sudden complete deafness on the right ear and then a loud high frequency flute/clarinet tone came through! Or a sudden heightened awareness about a change in the frequency of  the ever present white noise. In the beginning it was very high pitched, lately it changes sometimes to a lower pitch. But then I realized that some tones actually mean something. As I stood in front of a red street light waiting for it to turn green I drove up to the intersection as I suddenly heard a high pitched ringing in my left ear. I somehow stopped and suddenly a black car rushed from the left side (driver side) across the intersection and would have crashed into me if I would not have stopped! So the ringing in my ear saved my life!

And recent discoveries about possible ET interaction led me to create a journal of this ear tone phenomenon in the hope to find out what different tones mean and when they appear.

Current Kundalini related symptoms

Current Kundalini symptoms:

– Last evening I had some serious energy sensations in my Solar Plexus area and also in my abdominal area. I felt repeatedly twitches while I was still awake. Twitches in the abdominal area that felt like little heads were poking literally from the inside… Like something wanted to break through my skin.

– Continuous ear sounds. No real ringing, but more like a static that I always can hear when everything is silent around me. It does not bother me during my normal work day or life. But when I listen, I can hear it always! It’s like a static and a fizzling sound that surrounds my head all the time. It could actually be, that I hear the energetic movement around my head or inside of my head!

– We went for a walk and the sky was full of grey clouds. When we came back from the forest to the car, I gazed up to the clouds and suddenly realized that everything in the sky above my eyebrow line, where I did not look straight to (It was too high for my eyes to reach), was fizzling and static (It looked kind of, like the clouds were vibrating). The same static I can see most likely everyday in my room, at the walls and the fuzzy blue rugs in the bathroom.

– twitches at the weirdest places in my body… In between the ribs, above my breast etc.

– white glowing outlines around everything that I look at.

– After pictures that become more pronounced (I look at something just for a second and then I see a ghostly version of it hanging in the air when I look someplace else… Very funny when it happens to be a light source… I can look into lights and when I close my eyes or look someplace else, I can see ALL of the light sources glowing with shape and form, as if I was still looking at it.)

– Other visual phenomena including a very weird translucent kind of fog. Sometimes I enter the kitchen and I have the feeling as if I walk through a very thin cloud of fog which fills the whole room. When I pass by light sources I see a dense cone of glowing energy around the light sources, it looks kind of 3D.

– White light flashes or flickering behind closed eyes. Sometimes it becomes so pronounced that it actually can startle you.

– A pointed pressure around my forehead, which sometimes just comes. In the night when I try for OBE I sometimes can feel a cool breeze surrounding my forehead. When I turned around last night because of the suffocating feeling that I described in my OBE journal entry, I could feel a slight breeze around my forehead, as if someone was breathing at it. And NO, the windows were closed and the door as well.