Explosion of light!!!

Since it was Wednesday yesterday, I had my night for myself. Every week on Wednesdays I sleep alone to leave my husband some space during the week and a King sized bed all for himself. It was good for last night especially. I had an experience last night, which I cannot even put in words to describe correctly what I experienced!

I started the night as the last couple of days already with relaxing by lying on my back and placing awareness into my breathing. After a while I focused again on my feet and did the awareness exercises to stimulate the energy into a  flowing motion. It was a difference between night and day, from the night before, when I drank just 1 glass of wine! I felt strong energy and extreme strong shiver explosions on my spine, felt very electric in nature! Like tiny outbursts of electricity, tingling all over the place, sometimes so strong that I feel a little tensing before the electricity gets released. I did all exercises until I had a good feeling overall in my energy body. As I came to the Primary energy center stimulation I focused more time on my Base (Root) chakra, as that is where Kundalini gets released when the Root chakra strobes! After that I went through all chakras and had also a very good feeling of pulsing, slight pressure and buzzing on all of them!

After this I did the Full Body and Spinal Body bounce. Placing awareness in feet and then on top of head, then in feet etc. repeating it many times until the energy flow back and forth comes into awareness. During these exercises I also somehow focused on my Third Eye area, I was just aware that something was going on in that area. It was a subtle throbbing inside my forehead.

After I had done all my exercises I just lay still and relaxed in a meditation and tried to go into trance state.

A few minutes into it, I suddenly got aware that I was lying on my side and I have no idea how that happened. As I was certain that I was meditating lying on my back. That can only mean that I somehow jerked to the right side again. So I turned around on my back very slowly to not break the state I was in. As I was lying on my back and focusing on my Third Eye vision screen I got blinded 2-3 times by a major white light flash! It was so strong the first time that my head actually jerked itself to the right side. I moved it back to the center. After the third light strobe of the Third Eye I continued focusing on my Third Eye and did at the same time a spinal bounce awareness action. As suddenly out of nowhere and without a warning something shot into my Forehead. Here comes the moment I cannot describe. It was like literally something shot into my Third Eye, I felt a blasting pulse and it was so strong I actually though my forehead was going to explode! It pulsed really strong and like a spotted beam, it came with light flashes and my whole body jerked up because I had no idea what actually hit me, the moment the sensation became overwhelming my right ear started ringing very loud too! This was the most intense experience up to date! WOW

2 thoughts on “Explosion of light!!!

  1. Dayna says:

    Awesome experience! You’re getting closer!

    For me, lying on my side has been when I exited. For some reason being on my back never workout out. As soon as I gave up and rolled over on my side, out I would go! 😉

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    • talynia says:

      🙂 yay I cannot wait to experience it finally! I actually had a feeling last night that my head was moving o the left, but it wasn’t. When I felt this I tried exit techniques, but did not work. Lying on my side usually promotes falling asleep. Somehow I fall asleep lying on my right so much faster. When I am on my back I can stay aware for a long time. But it is definitely good to know that this worked for you! 🙂

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