Energy reaches kind of a high point!

Last night was intense to say the least! it was so intense… And on top of that my husband still continued to drag around that stupid fight about one silly sentence of mine… He does not understand that the only reason why he was upset about it is that he has some issues to resolve for himself. There is no way on earth that someone starts a huge fight just 3 days after telling you that they fell in love with you “again” that suddenly this “love” breaks a part because of ONE nonsense sentence which I did not even mean as bad or anything like that. It was more in a joking way. So as the energy reached a high point towards the evening I felt strong energy pushes and surges along my back that directly shot up to the heart center. There was a moment last evening as I watched a movie that I actually thought this is HUGE! I mean I never felt it so crystal clear before. But my whole lower back was filled with dense mega charged energy, that felt like electric wires left and right were discharging electromagnetism! It’s no wonder as I talked for a long time over messages on Facebook with another individual (Jason) who goes through similar experiences with his Kundalini! No wonder that my energy got enormous after these conversations!

As the night approached my husband told me he needs to be alone for this night, so I slept alone. I took the chance to again try to meditate and see where it goes without forcing anything! There was a sudden moment I have no idea what actually happened in this moment! It was too weird to comprehend! I don’t know if I fell asleep for a second or something else was taking place, but as my mouth again fell open widely while in total relaxation I suddenly heard a very loud and weird noise that I this time observed for a brief moment and I felt it came right from the center of my head! It was not even in my ears! It was like a very loud cracking of paper or something else, it’s too difficult for me to explain what I heard. But the moment I did hear it my whole awareness got intense again and the sound just like that disappeared. I thought “What the hell???!”

As I then tried to repeat this by closely falling asleep it did not happen again. This is the thing these experiences just happen, you have no control over them whatsoever! It did not happen again! But I fell asleep.

In the morning at 9 AM my husband came to my room and asked me to join him again. As I went to the bathroom and joined him in the bed he was already asleep again I suppose. That was quick lol… I also fell asleep very fast, but something happened and I am baffled by it and still try to figure out if it was an OOBE! I suddenly got aware of a visual I was standing upstairs in our old home in Germany! And I went downstairs during the walk downstairs I saw that my vision suddenly become crystal clear, I could see the walls, as I remembered them. I saw the dogs downstairs. And in this moment I was so happy I could feel it, seeing the dogs of my mother! Suddenly the visual blurred a bit and out of instinct I rubbed my hands together as I read a few times already that this helps and indeed the visual came back. I continued downstairs. Then as I turned left into the kitchen, I got aware of a red glowing number on the microwave which was not on the right spot! It was standing right in front of me on the counter, while I know it was always on the left! I do not remember the number though… The dogs were playing and I actually kneed down to look at my old dog Luna, she was happy to see me. I wondered was that really possible that they could see me??? I only had visual through my eyes which is uncommon, I always see myself from another perspective in my dreams. and yet I seem to have had control over the experience! As I decided before that to rub my hands!

I continued through the kitchen and moved towards the living room. I saw my mother and my father sitting on the couch on the right side of the room. I know for sure the couch and sofa are now on the left side! But something else was weird. My mother appeared with no hair just kind of little blonde but it looked almost as if she was bold. I was kind of surprised… I wanted them to see me but they did not see me… So I moved ahead and grabbed a paper napkin from the floor and put it into the garbage bin. But they did not see it… The next step was to push something in front of my mother on the table. As I did this I felt the object on my pointer finger as if I really touched it. In this moment the visual distorted and I could not retain it anymore. As I got aware of the red hue in front of me and the light show spreading out I suddenly felt a very weird sensation. It felt like I got seriously electric zapped inside my left and right ear. But more inside the left one! As I tried to get another visual while I was aware I got zapped again and soon afterwards it was time to wake up anyway. If this was my first OOBE I am actually quite amazed, because it seemed that I had control, over pushing things, playing with my dog abs rubbing my hands


Current manifestation of the shift

As I am again starting to experience certain things that I already went through a longer time ago, I suddenly felt the need to update the current list of manifestations of the shift and the energy that is constantly pouring on earth and into all beings! Some are sensitive to the changes, and others got through common symptoms, which however are directly related to the energy and frequency shift!

CURRENT LIST 01/25/2016

  • Constant very strong surges of electricity release in my spine, upper back area as well as my legs. Sometimes a leg suddenly feels like there is a tiny electric leak that spills all around! As if all the neurons and nerves fire up with sparks!
  • Activity on my head, it feels the whole day as if something is fizzling in my hair, sometimes it feels like something big is crawling on top, there is some kind of air movement going on.
  • Internal shiver and chills
  • My legs are buzzing , when I have them crossed I can literally feel the electric movement inside. Energy flow active!
  • Spasms and twitches in weird areas (spine, buttocks, both eyebrows, chest, my ribs especially after sneezing)
  • High ringing pitch that sounds like there is some kind of racing whistle sitting beside my head or above my head!
  • Sometimes a very low tone that sounds like Binaural Beats, or a very slow train, it is a very loud sound and happened so far twice! Back in the past and the last couple of days it came back!
  • Weird hunger increase with not correlating loss of weight… Once again I just dropped seemingly over night a few pounds. I was 110 lbs and now I have 104 lbs…
  • Hunger at odd hours. Believe it or not, it is 11:07 PM and I just cooked 2 eggs to eat the protein because I was starving! I know that with my first big Kundalini event I lost a lot of pounds too and then after it was over I regained them. But it is literally a whole lot of pounds that just fall away over night!
  • At the same time sensitivity against mushrooms. My stomach could not handle them very well the last 2 days…
  • A lot of number synchronicity again, like talking about something and then encountering it in my own life. (example: Two friends Dayna and Karin talked to me about Orion and Osiris. As I came back from my work today I passed a street at 4:44 PM that was called ORION AVE! How big are the chances for that to happen? When I passed the street I did not even have my navigation system on! So I found that street out of coincidence it seems…)
  • Heart center activity, as I feel a slight rumbling inside my chest. As I was wearing my bra today and it is very tight I could feel the rumble in my chest because of the pressure it was easier to feel. Very odd sensation of something moving and it is not the heart, the physical  hear does not feel like a fluttering, buzzing engine!
  • Weird light phenomenon, as I sit in my room for work or just entertainment I see many times white shadows passing directly through my eyes. Sometimes it even feels as if this white shadow hits my eyes for a brief second. Another odd phenomenon.

I think I covered everything, but if I missed something I will just add it at some point. But for now it should give you an idea what I experience currently!

Nightly meditation and dream

Today was not a lot of time as we were preparing the whole day for my husbands concert. But I tried to remember everything from the night before so I could write it down in the evening. I am kind of beaten up, as I was also bringing people up and down the hill to get to the house. Was not a perfect parking situation but it worked out anyway.

My experience from last evenings meditation was amazing. I started out with lying on my back and closing my eyes. I started doing my energy awareness exercises again and started this time with the hands and then with the feet.I felt short energy surges in both my thumbs and big toes. At some point I just let every control go and just left my eyes closed and observed and tried to feel instead of to ask for something to happen.

After a few minutes of this I started falling deeper into it and it was then that I suddenly felt a nudge or some kind of very subtle push on the right side of my head that made it move a little to the left. It happened a second time. After a while I must have fallen too deep as I was just suddenly asleep and don’t even remember when it actually happened… However I had a disturbing dream.

DREAM: Needle injection & Field with strange people

Sadly I do not remember a lot of the dream just key elements that stuck with me, for obvious reasons. The first element and possible dream symbol was that of being chased again and injected with a needle. I have no idea why these needle dreams keep coming back in all kinds of different scenarios! But this time I was once again on some kind of field with many different strangers, people I never saw before. And we were supposed to do something, which I do not remember anymore…

However key element of this whole dream was the end of it when someone captured me and pushed a needle inside me to inject something, which again I do not know what it was…

New sensations

Well I know I didn’t write a lot lately on this blog, the proof is in the inactive days on the left side where the calendar is placed. I didn’t write anything because lately I was in a down phase and everything was just crazy around here… Including my emotional state. Actually silly to think that one glass of wine would not break out havoc again… I guess some lessons need to repeat until they are learned.

Anyway last night I tried to meditate and work with my energy body again. This time I was surprised actually of how easy it was to feel the energy flow. There was a moment when I raised energy from the feet in a spiral around my leg that I actually felt energy shivers going up my left leg! It was intense! Also last night was another intense release of these shiver, chills or energy rushes. No idea how to really describe them. It just feels as if an electric wire is releasing a huge load of electricity in one are, such as my buttocks, such as my chest or spine and then it feels like millions of tiny sparkles spreading. It is the most beautiful sensation there is so far. I don’t know if this is bliss, but it surely comes very close to it!

After that I started raising energy into the root chakra to use it for stimulation of the chakras upwards from the root on. This time I felt almost all chakras. I found it is way easier for me to raise the energy up the back through the spine and then steer it into the front to the chakra. It’s easier to keep focus on the energy moving when I do it this way. As I reached my heart chakra I felt a very strong sensations. It felt like my chest was either in a wrench, or a heavy box was lying on the heart. It was a very strong feeling of pressure and slight buzzing. It is so strong that I cannot hold it for a long time without freaking out about the strong pull, push sensation! However I may need to get over this and keep going in order to open the heart chakra! As I reached my brow chakra I felt a pull as well, but then I got disturbed, because out of nowhere my husband started moving his legs all the time, he also tossed around a lot last night.

Since I could not concentrate anymore because of the mattress moving the whole time due to my husbands leg movements, I stopped my meditation and turned around to sleep. Again it was a very deep sleep, I had dreams, but I have nothing in my memory which I could now write about… Which is weird… What happened to the ability that I could remember long dreams very well?

Explosion of light!!!

Since it was Wednesday yesterday, I had my night for myself. Every week on Wednesdays I sleep alone to leave my husband some space during the week and a King sized bed all for himself. It was good for last night especially. I had an experience last night, which I cannot even put in words to describe correctly what I experienced!

I started the night as the last couple of days already with relaxing by lying on my back and placing awareness into my breathing. After a while I focused again on my feet and did the awareness exercises to stimulate the energy into a  flowing motion. It was a difference between night and day, from the night before, when I drank just 1 glass of wine! I felt strong energy and extreme strong shiver explosions on my spine, felt very electric in nature! Like tiny outbursts of electricity, tingling all over the place, sometimes so strong that I feel a little tensing before the electricity gets released. I did all exercises until I had a good feeling overall in my energy body. As I came to the Primary energy center stimulation I focused more time on my Base (Root) chakra, as that is where Kundalini gets released when the Root chakra strobes! After that I went through all chakras and had also a very good feeling of pulsing, slight pressure and buzzing on all of them!

After this I did the Full Body and Spinal Body bounce. Placing awareness in feet and then on top of head, then in feet etc. repeating it many times until the energy flow back and forth comes into awareness. During these exercises I also somehow focused on my Third Eye area, I was just aware that something was going on in that area. It was a subtle throbbing inside my forehead.

After I had done all my exercises I just lay still and relaxed in a meditation and tried to go into trance state.

A few minutes into it, I suddenly got aware that I was lying on my side and I have no idea how that happened. As I was certain that I was meditating lying on my back. That can only mean that I somehow jerked to the right side again. So I turned around on my back very slowly to not break the state I was in. As I was lying on my back and focusing on my Third Eye vision screen I got blinded 2-3 times by a major white light flash! It was so strong the first time that my head actually jerked itself to the right side. I moved it back to the center. After the third light strobe of the Third Eye I continued focusing on my Third Eye and did at the same time a spinal bounce awareness action. As suddenly out of nowhere and without a warning something shot into my Forehead. Here comes the moment I cannot describe. It was like literally something shot into my Third Eye, I felt a blasting pulse and it was so strong I actually though my forehead was going to explode! It pulsed really strong and like a spotted beam, it came with light flashes and my whole body jerked up because I had no idea what actually hit me, the moment the sensation became overwhelming my right ear started ringing very loud too! This was the most intense experience up to date! WOW

Energetic experience (alcohol = NO)

It has been a very long time since I drank anything at all and this includes wines as well. But last evening we had a guest over for a big dinner which I prepared from 4 PM on. At 7 PM the guest arrived and of course he brought a bottle of red wine. So of course my husband felt it to be right to drink a glass or two with our friend. I thought one glass of wine will not make a huge difference… But I was dead wrong! The first thing that happens after 1 glass of wine is that I become funny and more open in what I say to other people. But after this first phase of fun and happiness the wine effects change and I become tired.

I know now for sure that wine or any alcohol is a big NO. Why? Because I realized in bed that it suddenly became difficult to focus my awareness to raise energy and stimulate my energy body. It got kind of sluggish and that was the first thing I felt after trying to place my awareness into my feet and legs, it was suddenly difficult to feel the energy.

However I continued for a while even though I did not have the touch this night to feel the energy I know it still works. Robert Bruce says even if you do not feel anything at first, the awareness actions still work on the energy body. So after a while, I just stayed relaxed laying on my back and focused on my breath. That helped me a lot lately to stay focused and aware.

After a few minutes of doing so, I suddenly felt a nudge or something similar on my right side of the head. It felt like very quickly being pushed from the right side. But other than that nothing else happened. So I turned around and closed my eyes and continued to focus on my breath. It did not take a long time until I felt a strong rush of energy once again. after a while I suddenly started seeing a white glowing face fading into my vision behind closed eyes, in that moment a white light flash lit up my vision screen, it was all very fast!

I suddenly started seeing another one of these moving vision screens. But this time it was directly related to what I am focusing on during the day. I started seeing music note sheets with all kind of notes, floating towards me. It went like that for a few seconds until the vision disappeared. I saw tons of symbols and bigger letters which did not look familiar as well, before the sheet music appeared!

Energy rush and sudden noise!

Last night as I was lying in bed I started doing my daily energy exercises. Stimulating the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands and arms for maximum energy circulation and activation of the tertiary energy pathways. I am beginning to get very sensitive to these exercises and I feel very fast energy starting to flow! Which is such a beautiful state to be in, if energy becomes stagnant you become moody, depressed, life is not worth anything. But as soon the energy body gets active and the energy is moving through the whole system things change very quickly.

I did the spinal bounce a few times, doing this you place your center of awareness into the tailbone, then place it on your crown and  a second later again on tailbone. You literally bounce awareness back and forth and after a while the energy responds and you feel it flowing to these spots of focused awareness! (Energy flows where attention goes – so true!

After these exercises I just stayed calm and relaxed further with awareness breathing. After a while of doing this I started seeing purple light swirls and tiny forms in front of my closed eyelids. At some point I suddenly felt a strong energy rush coming from the bottom of my feet and surging up to the forehead. This sensation was new and I did not experience it jet!

After this I just observed as suddenly my left ear started buzzing in a pulse like motion, I felt the vibration like www www www inside my ear and at the same moment I heard a weird cracking sound in my ear. It sounded like cracking plastic paper or paper bags of some sort. I knew this sound was one of the onsets of an OOBE! I guess this thought stopped it, I suddenly forgot what I need to do and so the noise stopped and nothing happened… Such a shame… However this was a success regardless, because I never heard this buzzing in combination with cracking paper in my ear before and it was quite loud!