Nightly meditation and dream

Today was not a lot of time as we were preparing the whole day for my husbands concert. But I tried to remember everything from the night before so I could write it down in the evening. I am kind of beaten up, as I was also bringing people up and down the hill to get to the house. Was not a perfect parking situation but it worked out anyway.

My experience from last evenings meditation was amazing. I started out with lying on my back and closing my eyes. I started doing my energy awareness exercises again and started this time with the hands and then with the feet.I felt short energy surges in both my thumbs and big toes. At some point I just let every control go and just left my eyes closed and observed and tried to feel instead of to ask for something to happen.

After a few minutes of this I started falling deeper into it and it was then that I suddenly felt a nudge or some kind of very subtle push on the right side of my head that made it move a little to the left. It happened a second time. After a while I must have fallen too deep as I was just suddenly asleep and don’t even remember when it actually happened… However I had a disturbing dream.

DREAM: Needle injection & Field with strange people

Sadly I do not remember a lot of the dream just key elements that stuck with me, for obvious reasons. The first element and possible dream symbol was that of being chased again and injected with a needle. I have no idea why these needle dreams keep coming back in all kinds of different scenarios! But this time I was once again on some kind of field with many different strangers, people I never saw before. And we were supposed to do something, which I do not remember anymore…

However key element of this whole dream was the end of it when someone captured me and pushed a needle inside me to inject something, which again I do not know what it was…


New sensations

Well I know I didn’t write a lot lately on this blog, the proof is in the inactive days on the left side where the calendar is placed. I didn’t write anything because lately I was in a down phase and everything was just crazy around here… Including my emotional state. Actually silly to think that one glass of wine would not break out havoc again… I guess some lessons need to repeat until they are learned.

Anyway last night I tried to meditate and work with my energy body again. This time I was surprised actually of how easy it was to feel the energy flow. There was a moment when I raised energy from the feet in a spiral around my leg that I actually felt energy shivers going up my left leg! It was intense! Also last night was another intense release of these shiver, chills or energy rushes. No idea how to really describe them. It just feels as if an electric wire is releasing a huge load of electricity in one are, such as my buttocks, such as my chest or spine and then it feels like millions of tiny sparkles spreading. It is the most beautiful sensation there is so far. I don’t know if this is bliss, but it surely comes very close to it!

After that I started raising energy into the root chakra to use it for stimulation of the chakras upwards from the root on. This time I felt almost all chakras. I found it is way easier for me to raise the energy up the back through the spine and then steer it into the front to the chakra. It’s easier to keep focus on the energy moving when I do it this way. As I reached my heart chakra I felt a very strong sensations. It felt like my chest was either in a wrench, or a heavy box was lying on the heart. It was a very strong feeling of pressure and slight buzzing. It is so strong that I cannot hold it for a long time without freaking out about the strong pull, push sensation! However I may need to get over this and keep going in order to open the heart chakra! As I reached my brow chakra I felt a pull as well, but then I got disturbed, because out of nowhere my husband started moving his legs all the time, he also tossed around a lot last night.

Since I could not concentrate anymore because of the mattress moving the whole time due to my husbands leg movements, I stopped my meditation and turned around to sleep. Again it was a very deep sleep, I had dreams, but I have nothing in my memory which I could now write about… Which is weird… What happened to the ability that I could remember long dreams very well?

Another Light flash!

Finally I am over the worst part of my female cycle and the pains are of course all gone as if nothing ever happened… So I lay in bed last night and decided to give one of these Gamma wave brainwave tracks another chance. It was 45 minutes long. First I prepared my energy body with the tactile awareness exercises, and after that I just relaxed and closed my eyes to listen to the Gamma waves.

First observation is that I felt buzzing a few seconds into listening to the track. It felt so beautiful and was in the total contrast to the pain I felt days before… Such refreshing sensations! After a while I decided to let go of focus and just pretended to go to sleep. Without focus on anything, I felt that my Third Eye center was buzzing and out of a sudden I felt a weird sensation hanging over my right upper eyelid down from the eyebrow. It literally felt as if something was throbbing and hanging there. As I opened my eyes just for a second the sensation faded away, but after closing my eyes, the sensation would return once again. Must be energy related!

A few more relaxing minutes into the track I had the same thing happening that I already described a couple of days ago. Out of nowhere my head, upper body and arms jerked up and fell back on the bed. Oddly enough it did not break the state of relaxing. It just felt weird. And I wonder now if this was actually my physical body, but if it wasn’t why did I feel as if banging on the bed? (((Is confused)))

I suddenly started to say in my mind “I am connecting to my Higher Self” “I am connected” The affirmation technique seams very powerful, especially if you put your focus and intentions on positive already IS affirmations. Then I started seeing the hypnogogic images and a tiny scene started appearing and it was then, that I suddenly got blended by a very huge bright & white light. The light came so quickly and without warning that it nearly startled me. It came with a vision there was some kind of picture in that light but it was too blurred and I did not see what it was.

After a while of staring into the purple light swirls in my vision screen I decided to let it go and fell asleep. Again without any recollection of dreams. It was just a very strong sleep.

Dream & ebb phase

Well my period kicked in now and since 2-3 days I have an ebb phase again… I dread these 5 days when nothing seems to happen energetic wise. It’s always the same pattern. However this sluggishness of energy does not stop me from doing my energy awareness exercises. So I stimulated the feet, legs, hands and arms and raised energy from my feet and hands to store it into the Sub-Navel Storage. Interestingly enough I think the energy work erased the pains that I always had during my period. I did not have any abdominal cramping so far, which is amazing as I usually have this the first day. Thank god!

After the stimulation of my tertiary energy channels and storage center. I started stimulating the chakras one by one from the Root upwards! I felt all of them, but something was different, instead of buzzing I felt this time a weird heaviness or better saying some kind of weight on the chakra centers. On each center I was working on I had some kind of a vision very quickly flash up in my visual screen. In the root chakra I saw a person flashing up just for 1/2 second. And this happened with the lower three chakras. But what exactly I saw is not clear, as the flashes of visions were extremely fast!

After this I just lay there and further relaxed to meditate and try for OOBE if the sensations would arise. But nothing… No heavy energy blanket feeling, no rush of energy. It seems as if my whole energy body is shut down. Ergo I do not even feel the electrical current buzzing in my spine right now…

DREAM: Cousin, UFO or light sphere

So I fell asleep and had a short dream before wake up time. I dreamed about my cousin Nadine. We did not have contact for a long time and for some reason she showed up here in our house in L.A. We were looking out the window and I suddenly started seeing a weird glowing thing in the sky. Close look revealed a sphere with 4 different light sources, kind of like a sphere with 4 smaller ones attached to it. It had the colors green, yellow, Orange and Red I think. It was rotating and slowly moving from the right to the left! I pointed at it and asked my cousin “what is that? do you see it?” But somehow I got distracted and it disappeared and she suddenly pointed to the distance and said “well over there are Fireworks, so that’s what it probably was.

And that was when the alarm rang this morning and 8:30.

ADDITION: the photo above the post does not do the light sphere justice, as what I saw was one object and it circled with 4 small spheres all connected to the center.

Explosion of light!!!

Since it was Wednesday yesterday, I had my night for myself. Every week on Wednesdays I sleep alone to leave my husband some space during the week and a King sized bed all for himself. It was good for last night especially. I had an experience last night, which I cannot even put in words to describe correctly what I experienced!

I started the night as the last couple of days already with relaxing by lying on my back and placing awareness into my breathing. After a while I focused again on my feet and did the awareness exercises to stimulate the energy into a  flowing motion. It was a difference between night and day, from the night before, when I drank just 1 glass of wine! I felt strong energy and extreme strong shiver explosions on my spine, felt very electric in nature! Like tiny outbursts of electricity, tingling all over the place, sometimes so strong that I feel a little tensing before the electricity gets released. I did all exercises until I had a good feeling overall in my energy body. As I came to the Primary energy center stimulation I focused more time on my Base (Root) chakra, as that is where Kundalini gets released when the Root chakra strobes! After that I went through all chakras and had also a very good feeling of pulsing, slight pressure and buzzing on all of them!

After this I did the Full Body and Spinal Body bounce. Placing awareness in feet and then on top of head, then in feet etc. repeating it many times until the energy flow back and forth comes into awareness. During these exercises I also somehow focused on my Third Eye area, I was just aware that something was going on in that area. It was a subtle throbbing inside my forehead.

After I had done all my exercises I just lay still and relaxed in a meditation and tried to go into trance state.

A few minutes into it, I suddenly got aware that I was lying on my side and I have no idea how that happened. As I was certain that I was meditating lying on my back. That can only mean that I somehow jerked to the right side again. So I turned around on my back very slowly to not break the state I was in. As I was lying on my back and focusing on my Third Eye vision screen I got blinded 2-3 times by a major white light flash! It was so strong the first time that my head actually jerked itself to the right side. I moved it back to the center. After the third light strobe of the Third Eye I continued focusing on my Third Eye and did at the same time a spinal bounce awareness action. As suddenly out of nowhere and without a warning something shot into my Forehead. Here comes the moment I cannot describe. It was like literally something shot into my Third Eye, I felt a blasting pulse and it was so strong I actually though my forehead was going to explode! It pulsed really strong and like a spotted beam, it came with light flashes and my whole body jerked up because I had no idea what actually hit me, the moment the sensation became overwhelming my right ear started ringing very loud too! This was the most intense experience up to date! WOW

Energetic experience (alcohol = NO)

It has been a very long time since I drank anything at all and this includes wines as well. But last evening we had a guest over for a big dinner which I prepared from 4 PM on. At 7 PM the guest arrived and of course he brought a bottle of red wine. So of course my husband felt it to be right to drink a glass or two with our friend. I thought one glass of wine will not make a huge difference… But I was dead wrong! The first thing that happens after 1 glass of wine is that I become funny and more open in what I say to other people. But after this first phase of fun and happiness the wine effects change and I become tired.

I know now for sure that wine or any alcohol is a big NO. Why? Because I realized in bed that it suddenly became difficult to focus my awareness to raise energy and stimulate my energy body. It got kind of sluggish and that was the first thing I felt after trying to place my awareness into my feet and legs, it was suddenly difficult to feel the energy.

However I continued for a while even though I did not have the touch this night to feel the energy I know it still works. Robert Bruce says even if you do not feel anything at first, the awareness actions still work on the energy body. So after a while, I just stayed relaxed laying on my back and focused on my breath. That helped me a lot lately to stay focused and aware.

After a few minutes of doing so, I suddenly felt a nudge or something similar on my right side of the head. It felt like very quickly being pushed from the right side. But other than that nothing else happened. So I turned around and closed my eyes and continued to focus on my breath. It did not take a long time until I felt a strong rush of energy once again. after a while I suddenly started seeing a white glowing face fading into my vision behind closed eyes, in that moment a white light flash lit up my vision screen, it was all very fast!

I suddenly started seeing another one of these moving vision screens. But this time it was directly related to what I am focusing on during the day. I started seeing music note sheets with all kind of notes, floating towards me. It went like that for a few seconds until the vision disappeared. I saw tons of symbols and bigger letters which did not look familiar as well, before the sheet music appeared!

Current list of sensations

Some time has passed since my latest “current list” of “symptoms” or better saying sensations! So I wanted to go ahead and update you all with the current list of sensations I am feeling in my process!

Know that I am doing intense energy work to build my energy body the last 4-5 days and a lot has changed energy wise. While before I literally lost all feeling after a certain amount of time, I am now able to stir the energy which is understood to be like water, once stirred it will continue to move and activate subtle energy pathways and exchange points, which Chinese medicine calls Meridians! Since I am doing energy work during the day or night I feel constant exchanges of energy on all the important energy centers! It is most important before one works on the main centers (chakras) to first prepare and build the secondary energy system. Which is explained very well in Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work – The Secret of Healing and spiritual growth!

His technique called NEW is the most effective technique in energy work I’ve ever witnessed. It’s called tactile Imaging. You use your awareness to move energy through the energy body, instead of visualizing it. It’s 100x more strong and what usually takes a long time to archive through other techniques, takes just a few minutes with this approach! I am highly suggesting this technique for anyone who wants to prepare and build their energy body and bring it to higher amounts of energy! You will become so sensitive that you can literally feel the energy exchanging through the body.

  • Tactile Imaging used on feet and hands brings on a strong activation sensations of the very important secondary energy pathways and chakras, which are literally in all joints of the human body! The fingers have in each joint a tiny chakra which in many people are not activated and can only activate through precise energy work on these chakras. The activation of these feel like buzzing, throbbing and pulsing. It is a very strong feeling of active energy inside the hands and feet. The hands and feet are very strong exchange points, you can suck in energy from both your feet soles and hand palms!
  • Strong energy movement sensations inside the legs, which brings twitching, shaking and buzzing with it.
  • Buzzing palms showing activity in the palm chakra
  • Each single chakra can be felt using Tactile Imaging, once you feel the chakra you can consider it to be active, do not stay longer on ONE chakra as needed, as this can bring bouts of problems with it. Especially with the Third Eye. Too long placing the awareness in this area can bring unbalances such as episode of psychosis, constant delusion etc. It is important before any chakra is worked on to first build the energy body and preparing the secondary chakra pathways. They are the ones that support the energy structures of the Primary chakras.
  • Strong heart center activation, fluttering in chest, buzzing and pounding as well as throbbing of the heart.
  • Strong pulling sensations in Solar Plexus center
  • Strong activation of Root center, feels like a fluttering tailbone, buzzing and pulses can be felt.
  • Strong activation and sensitivity of the Sub-Navel Storage Center. This sits 2 inches below the navel and is THE ONLY place where you should store consciously new rising energy in. There are 3 storage centers: 1. Sub Navel, Sub Heart and Sub Brow. It is never advised to fill the upper two, as this can lead to unbalance. Fill the Sub Navel Storage center and when it is full it will automatically in a natural way spill over to the higher ones.
  • Strong surges and release of chill, tingle and sparkle like energies on every spot of my back, as well as the chest, which spreads towards the arms! this means that energy strobes from the primary centers and fills the surroundings with new higher energy! It feels like a literal nerve rewiring taking place.
  • After each energy work session the energy inside the energy body continues working as if HS took over. This happens because energy is not physical, it’s like water. Once stirred it continues to flow and circle for some time. If you would stop energy work completely after a few days you would not feel it anymore, until you continue!