Energy rush and sudden noise!

Last night as I was lying in bed I started doing my daily energy exercises. Stimulating the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands and arms for maximum energy circulation and activation of the tertiary energy pathways. I am beginning to get very sensitive to these exercises and I feel very fast energy starting to flow! Which is such a beautiful state to be in, if energy becomes stagnant you become moody, depressed, life is not worth anything. But as soon the energy body gets active and the energy is moving through the whole system things change very quickly.

I did the spinal bounce a few times, doing this you place your center of awareness into the tailbone, then place it on your crown and  a second later again on tailbone. You literally bounce awareness back and forth and after a while the energy responds and you feel it flowing to these spots of focused awareness! (Energy flows where attention goes – so true!

After these exercises I just stayed calm and relaxed further with awareness breathing. After a while of doing this I started seeing purple light swirls and tiny forms in front of my closed eyelids. At some point I suddenly felt a strong energy rush coming from the bottom of my feet and surging up to the forehead. This sensation was new and I did not experience it jet!

After this I just observed as suddenly my left ear started buzzing in a pulse like motion, I felt the vibration like www www www inside my ear and at the same moment I heard a weird cracking sound in my ear. It sounded like cracking plastic paper or paper bags of some sort. I knew this sound was one of the onsets of an OOBE! I guess this thought stopped it, I suddenly forgot what I need to do and so the noise stopped and nothing happened… Such a shame… However this was a success regardless, because I never heard this buzzing in combination with cracking paper in my ear before and it was quite loud!


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