Energy is back!

After a strong emotional pain hit me out of nowhere I suddenly also experienced again the strong energy surges! I feel a lot of activity and movement inside my chest, especially in the evening while sitting relaxed and watching a movie! I can feel it through the front but also on the backside of my body. All in the height of the Heart center! On the back it sometimes feels as if density is pressing against the chair lean!

I also try to still my mind through meditation and I somehow managed last night to get some glimpses of what I experienced in the past when all of these energetic experiences started happening. I was lying on my back and just starring into nothingness. My visual screen was dark. However after some minutes of resting and relaxing I started seeing tiny little light flashes in the darkness. Like a distant camera was flashing on and off.

Then out of a sudden as I did not question anything that would happen or actually happened I saw a light flash which brought a visual with it. I saw for the blink of a second a man’s head. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes and his head appeared to be covered in blood! This visual came on suddenly as it always did in the past, when I first had my Kundalini Awakening. It startled me a tiny bit, or enough to create a heart jump, when it appeared. Sometime after this I fell asleep and I actually had a dream that somehow was connected to this visual!

DREAM: Swimming, two men, blood!

In the dream I was myself and I went to some kind of an indoor swimming pool. It looked beautiful and kind of like the pools in Germany! As I walked towards the edge and downstairs into the water a man passed me. He was taller than me, had short blonde hair and blue eyes. His face is burned into my mind I can still see him in front of me! He looked at me while passing with a very charming gaze! Like he was literally starring right into my soul. As I passed him and went deeper into the water I encountered another man who looked very similar to the first one! However I figured out at some point that they were both brothers! The second one was a little bit younger than the first. And it then happened that I felt embarrassed because of the looks these both men were giving me. I tried to hide from them. But in the end I was sitting at the back side of the pool having my feet inside the water, as the younger brother suddenly appeared and sat beside me. He talked to me, sadly the conversation is lost. However I remotely remember that he tried to make me feel happiness. He tried to convince me that his brother would like to see me. So somehow I must have agreed to this whole thing as both of them were irresistibly charming and beautiful at the same time!

The dream shifted and I entered a house, a beautiful home decorated with picture frames and flowers (red roses). As I entered the house I was lead to the entrance area and needed to wait for the older brother to arrive.

The dream shifted yet again and I see myself sitting on the floor having the same blood covering my face as I saw in the tiny 1 second vision before. Just that it was not me, but a man with short blonde hair, blue eyes! Which could have been one of the men of my dream! However why was I the one with the bloody face and why was I actually looking at myself??? How can I look at myself when I am the one who is obviously bleeding? It was like I saw myself from a different viewpoint.


Message in a vision and another sign that confirms!

This is the second post today, I am just feel amazing and feel the need to share as much of this beautiful energy as possible. Today I did my first chakra clearing and I could literally feel the energies going down from each chakra to my feet and from there I let them burn in imagined violet flames. Every single time I imagined the bright white light coming down and washing all the debris and stuck energy down, I felt a strong surge of energy actually supporting what I was imagining! It was such a beautiful experience.

After this chakra clearing session (I did each chakra 2 times, to have a bigger effect) I did my daily meditation and set as intend for the meditation to ask what a vision was that I had the evening before. Yesterday I had this tingling and inner chill feeling spreading over my back and then there was the sudden light flash which brought a standstill picture to me that showed a tall man, strong structure, pale almost white skin and blue eyes. I think I remember a smiling face! The vision came on suddenly and after 2 seconds it disappeared again.So I took the chance today to ask for my meditation what it was that I actually saw.

in the beginning I just got ordinary thoughts, which I let go on without clinging and giving attention to them. But then i felt a strong energy beam coming directly into my heart center. It literally felt like new energy filled my heart chakra which was cleared before the meditation. It felt very good and not as usual suffocating… The heart chakra energy always felt suffocating for me. Now I know why. It was stuffed with old negative energy that had no way of release, until I decided to let it go.

After that i felt like a slight tap on my forehead and then another vision came through. I saw for a brief moment a white door and w beautiful wood carved key, which got placed into the keyhole and then turned itself 3 times. The vision then disappeared. I tried to interpret this message and got a beautiful explanation from my friend Dayna. it seems like the man I saw one night before was my guide or higher self and the key symbolized the key to my true self. While 3 represents following inner guidance and intuition.

Later I went out with my husband and took him for dinner. he was very happy and almost seemed like renewed. He said thank you right away after I paid, usually that is taken for granted, so I was positively surprised! he took me in return to a very good hot chocolate place.

On the way home we were driving on the freeway as suddenly a black BMW got in front of us. My eyes suddenly were magnetically drawn to it’s license plate it said: 6KEY330 (I hope the owner does not read my blog lol) guess what, it represents the key of my vision and the 3 turns that the key was turned in the keyhole! Quite of impressive today! Magical day really!

Cognition about a vision connected to a movie!

Back in 2014 when I first experienced my Kundalini Awakening I had very strong visual phenomena occurring, from lights behind closed eyes, to weird looking white mirage fog and mist that seems to hang in the air, to blinking vision up to hearing changes. Out of a sudden I awoke and got aware of a subtle white noise tone that I could never hear before.  Sometimes my right ear would suddenly go deaf and the white noise stopped for a second, so a much clearer tone like a flute or clarinet could come through! this clear tone would stay for a few seconds and then the deafness would go away and the usual white noise came back.

then a few nights in a row when I was meditating I would see a huge bright white light flash that mostly came unannounced making it impossible for me to know exactly when it would happen. One thing for sure a flute tone came with it! With the bright light flash I would suddenly see a persons face right in front of me. So clear that I could see the facial expressions, eye color, age of the person etc. Every single time I tried to focus on these people it seems as if their expression got angry and that was always the moment when my heart suddenly jumped like without any reason. I wasn’t afraid when I saw the faces. But the anger that came through made my heart jump.

The last one of these visions was a disturbing one for me as I did not expect anything like it. The same thing happened. flute tone in ear, high pressure feeling and then BOOM white light and a face would appear. But this time it was not human… It was a creature, possibly ET. It had a long face structure, no eyes, no mouth and yet it starred at me. Again I tried to focus on it, but as soon I did my heart would jump and the vision disappeared…

Today I watched the movie “Knowing” from 2009 with Nicolas Cage! I highly suggest watching this movie as it has so many elements in it that completely resonate with me and my energy. I felt energy rushes while watching the movie. Those who know it, know what to expect in the end and how the light beings looked like. If you look closely at the picture you see exactly what I saw, just not this bright shining. It was more of a grey or black color when I saw it. I was shocked when I saw the faces today, as it totally reminded me of that vision flash.

Everything in that movie resonates, from the method how “They” speak and communicate up to the high pitched noise in one ear whenever a message came through! It was correct! Quite shocking actually…

These kind of vision flashes stopped since I saw that ET being starring at me. I did not get one of those since then. And I have no idea why.

Vision through the eyes of a man lying on surgery table!

Last evening while lying in bed I just did my nightly meditation to tune in to my inner self. There was a precises moment after some deep in-breaths that the frequency on my ears got stronger and much higher pitched. It happened on both ears! in that moment I could feel energy working inside my neck and up to the head. It seems every time a new pathway is created I can hear a change in the frequency that I hear all day long, and then it becomes more clear and louder.

After a while i started seeing the purple energy swirls and sometimes light golden blotches of light that suddenly appeared in my visual field. It’s like sometimes specific parts get brighter for a few seconds and then it becomes dark again.

But then something happened. I suddenly saw a crystal clear picture with a purple haze overtone. i looked through the eyes of a man and I looked down to my body, the upper body was naked and I was apparently lying on a table. I finally realized it was a surgery table sort of. I could not move my head, I only saw my upper body. But as I looked above me there was this bright light of a surgery lamp shining down at me. At that moment the vision suddenly got wiped out with a golden windshield wiper. It literally looked to me as if something didn’t want me to look further into this vision. I have no idea what that was. But if this was a past life incident it could explain why I was from childhood on so afraid of surgery tables and the instruments of dentists and orthodontists.

I remember an incident from my childhood when I was in orthodontist care for my jaw problems and bite corrections. I was literally afraid whenever these people would get an instrument out to work on me. Once I was so nervous and afraid that I actually got a extreme weird looking red rash on my neck on both sides. It was so pronounced that my mother saw it. it appeared out of nowhere.

I am wondering if this was a vision of a past life incident… Maybe the moment of my death? Or an operation I had to go through? Sadly I could not see more it just got wiped out of my vision when I looked into the surgery lamp light.