How do you know you are connected?

You may wonder what happened to me, as I do write a lot about Spirit these days. Well It’s some kind of transformation that I needed to go through. Everything I was lead and guided to without acknowledging it at first led me to the realizations that I get each day continuously.

So I am coming to my next posting for today, talking about Connection to Spirit and how do you know that you are truly connected? The answer is actually easy. You know for sure that you are connected when your thoughts and wishes manifest in an almost unreal speed without a lot of delay! I have two examples for this that I would like to share with you today:

  1. It has been a while since my husband got work, being a composer he is dependent on movies or projects that need his talents. Of course we all know how the economy looks like right now and so it was very difficult to get jobs in. However the bills need to be paid regardless of no work coming in. Something that was pressing very strong on my husband making him fall into depression and apathy every so often. I had glimpses of connection a couple of days in a row without acknowledging it but things that were said and prayed for were actually delivered and heard. So 2 days ago my husband got a call from someone who he was working with on one of his movies. Nothing happened with the movie, but suddenly this movie got a huge distribution deal and will be shown nation wide on October 30th! This was a huge surprise, because my husband didn’t really think anything would happen with this movie… While I kept positive and thinking and praying for a miracle to happen!
  2. Yesterday I was taking a walk with my husband and as we came back home I looked over to our neighbors and I told my husband “It’s weird… They are gone since a few days already and usually they ask for cat sitting. This time nobody asked me…” This morning I suddenly got an e-mail from our neighbor and she asked me straight forward if I could do cat sitting from October 7th – 9th and from October 12th – 17th. I was extremely overflown with joy and I immediately thanked my spirit for these opportunities! It’s important to acknowledge when something good happens in your life, as more than you think your spirit was listening to your thoughts and helped in a way to realize them into physicality! All our thoughts are creations, once we learn to connect with spirit and are able to place a frequency into a thought like Love for example, we are able to manifest everything we want.

We are Co Creators, part of the divine source, which Spirit is. Our souls are pieces of this source and we experience life form different vessels and collecting all the knowledge that we gain, but as we are created in gods image as beings of light, we are also able to manifest everything we want! We create our own realities.

So be careful what you are thinking the most of, it may manifest into your physical life and if your thoughts are negative this is exactly what you will manifest!


Connecting with spirit!

It has been a long time full of ideas, explanations and confusions since August 2014. The first impulse of a human being is to first search for answers outside of themselves. Be it book, journals of other persons with similar experiences, or different religions which all carry the exact same meaning but with different descriptions. It’s not surprising that so I was lead to the first thing that made complete sense, which is the Kundalini Awakening, hence that’s why I called my blog Kundalini Awakening Process. But over the course of more than a year into this “process” I finally met someone who could open my eyes, funny enough through someone who now blocked me on Facebook. I guess it had a reason all of this!

He opened my eyes to all I was experiencing and made me understand that nothing really is outside of yourself. What many people including myself describe as Kundalini Life force energy etc. is all one and the same force and that is the Spirit. People use different words for it and most obviously they seek spirit from outside of themselves. do all kind of strange things like Ouja boards etc. But the real truth and our real connection is within!

There is no external force that does with our body as it wishes, the body may react to it in strange ways, but it is our Ego who does not understand what is going on and trying to firmly keep the drivers seat! What I realized is far more important than anything I ever could find outside of myself and that is the only true thing there is, is that Kundalini, Life Force energy etc. are all one and the same thing “Our Spirit within”. What many call a Kundalini Awakening is in fact an Awakening or better saying an Activation from being unconscious of our spirit to a sudden turned on Switch and a sudden realization of consciousness about Spirit! The force that is streaming through your vessels, the force that tickles your arms, your head, your heart chakra is you spirit re-birthing itself within the body and the Ego and the body feel it, become conscious of it. There is no secret about it, all that is was always there, YOU were just not conscious about it… yet! Once Activated you will feel the subtle flows of spirit within.

Experience after realization:

After this realization that I had today I asked the spirit within myself to come into my life more often and to send me direct messages, be the leading flame that guides me and is omnipresent. Since then I feel the strong energies of spirit within my body once again activated, buzzing in my heart center, surrounding my head with a strong buzzing sensation. As well as a buzzing sensation at the back of my neck. Now that I recognized that spirit was always within me I feel times will change for the better! Now it’s just a matter of learning to listen and take the guidance.

Decisions & strong energetic experience last night

Okay… The days go by and I thought I had it all figured out. I decided without my husbands interference to give my pet bird away to a wonderful person who has kids, is an animal rescuer etc. Everything was working well and I thought I was feeling good by the thought that my bird would come to a family who cares with heart about animals plus he would be around 2 other birds. I was preparing everything and then I asked my husband this morning if we are at home at 1 PM, and he said yes but asked me at the same time “why?” I told him that at 1 PM the woman would come to us to pick up Gustav. And his response was “What?!

And then one word went after the other and he made me feel guilty, made me feel insecure in my decision. He said “Are you really sure you want to do that? Don’t just do it because I cannot stand his noise. I know you will be sad after that a regret this decision. Don’t do it!” This discussion brought on a whole bunch of emotions and again I was wiggling in my own decision which I though was so thorough this time… Well it was not… he further said, “you don’t have anything else and when I go on business meetings you will be alone. I don’t want you to feel miserable all your life…” and so it happened that 1 PM approached closer and closer and as if she picked up on my insecurities, she wrote me a message and asked m:

Are you still okay with giving him away? I know I won’t as I can totally understand if you don’t or are not ready yet.” And so it happened that my bird is now still with me. On top of that we ran into expenses over expenses because of the house. There was mold in my room in the closet of my husband and it seems the water behind my sink and toilet was leaking… My husband is on the ground and actually just told me “Well I am literally at the end of the rope, I am close to collapse, nothing works, the house breaks a part, expenses over expenses with no money coming in at all… I don’t have anything anymore, I can barely speak, my neck and back hurt, my head is a mess… i have nothing left” Out of nowhere an anger overcame me and I had tears in my eyes, and I told him right straight into the face

You have nothing left? If I am gone, you have nothing left! Saying that sounds to me like I am not important at all to you… I was ready to give that fucking bird away, so we would have a better life and a quieter life as well and I just messed up another wonderful person who would have given my bird a good home, just because of this nonsense!

After that my husband became quiet, he had an appointment at his chiropractor again for his neck stiffness or whatever it is… And he looked at me outside and said “Well part of what you just said may be true, but I am drowning, I can barely speak anymore. When I talk to people it’s like I have no words at all, and that never happened to me.” (He thinks it is because he is living with me, I don’t have the huge vocabulary that he has and so he thinks he loses his, because of me…)


However last night I had a very strong energetic experience! I was lying in bed and had my eyes closed, as usual I was lying on my back, and suddenly started feeling strong energetic sensations inside my body, it was like waves of energy were going from the heart chakra down to the solar plexus chakra and with a very strong push it felt like a fist was literally pushing inside my stomach, it was like energy was being pooled inside the solar plexus. The same moment I heard a very strong humming noise and thought it came from outside, while in fact I picked it up somehow. Then the visuals in front of me changed, it was like I could suddenly see a very subtle glow with the outlines of the bed room, as if my eyes were opened just not the physical ones. I saw mirages of purple, pink and violet lights, as well as colored sparkles that went as patterns through my visual field. I actually was certain that I saw little forms inside these patterns, like little round objects, and other objects, that just formed out of thin air! It was a spectacular light show.

When I talked to my husband this morning and before I told him what I said with him having nothing left, I felt the strong energetic push in my navel again. It feels like an energetic fist is slowly pushing inside that area. Just for a few seconds and then it is gone again.

Your contact has finally come to my attention!

From the very beginning of my Awakening I was aware of the most beautiful sensations all over my body. It was almost from one day to the other that I got opened to the world of clairsentience. This opening was used as form of communication. I never realized it and I never saw it as such, as I placed all my experiences and sensations as well as other phenomena in the name of Kundalini. From august 2014 till now I had a lot of time acclimating to the changes that happened for me more and more each day. until to the moment when I started feeling weird sensations that I thought were Kundalini related, but still the true answer remained side open…

A chain reaction of events over the last couple of days up to a huge realization about spirit Awakening and soul merging with spirit, I finally was lead to watch a movie again that I used to love when I was a child! The movie is called “City of Angels”. It completely opened my eyes to what really was going on! the sight of invisible angels comforting people in fear and hatred, the magic touch that changes peoples actions or calms them when they are down… All these produced major inner chills, so strong that they went from heart chakra to the top of the head last evening while watching the movie.

Then I suddenly came to a big conclusion… i was never alone, since my Awakening I had contact with angelic beings or maybe my spirit guides, without even knowing it.

I described in the past all the sensations of Kundalini, but there are certain sensations that had nothing to do with the energy itself. these feelings were quite different. While meditating or watching a movie I would suddenly feel a very pointed electric touch sensation on my temple, on a leg or arms, which would spread like inner chills. It was always combined with a spotted rising of the body hair in that area. I also felt my hair being played with, as well as whirlwind energies that would slowly play in a specific area. I have been touched by angels or spirit all along, without ever recognizing it.

I remember one evening while I was meditating, thinking about my father and I asked spirit to give me a sign that he is okay and happy wherever he may be now. And out of a sudden I would feel an electric touch on my left arm that created inner chills in that area. this was the answer.

I was so obsessed with Kundalini sensations that I could not discern anymore if something was of the Kundalini or something else. Now I know what it feels like when spirit is close and nearby. And it feels indeed comforting and loving.

I have to say my gratitude to the lovely beings who are there to comfort me in sad times and I also want to be thankful for the guidance to watch this beautiful movie. Let’s me think, can angels fall in love with a human?

Huge Realization and an acknowledgement to Dayna

Yesterday I had quite a day. It not only brought a huge realization but also a new friend who opened my eyes to a broader truth of my very being. Days in and days out I wasn’t sure, I was looking and looking but what I was being told and what I started to believe in were two different things. Eventually it became so obscure that tons of wrong information entered me and left me standing with confusion (such as the stupid term called Chakra Removal). I have held strong contact to my dearest friends and one of them is Sibernetic Contriver, who is a long time friend on my Facebook profile. We had interesting subjects to talk about and most definitely have the same experiences, almost to a 100% fit of sensations, phenomena etc.

it was through her that I got to know Richard Cho, a wonderful human being with such a bright light. It’s unbelievable how much light and truth this being has to share. It was through him that I finally understood that there is so much fear mongering on the net and also manipulators who try to use terms to create something that could be seen as an outside force to many. Long time humanity was in the believe that Kundalini is an outside force that once awakened becomes the vehicle to higher consciousness… The truth of the matter however is, that the Kundalini is NOT an outside force. It is our spirit! It is the spirit within who leads and guides us. She is not an outside force that pushes her own agenda on you or me. Kundalini is an Awakening of the spirit within. As Richard taught me yesterday it is and has always been there! You just were not conscious enough to feel it as you do now.

The story of the universe. Spirit suddenly woke up and was alone, so spirit created souls in it’s image, souls who could take on physical forms of all sorts and through these forms it was able to grow. As we are ascending with an awakening spirit within, so was spirit once awakening and evolving. You see it everyday. millions of galaxies and different universes are being created. It’s all done by the spirit, our higher self! Kundalini is THE spirit. It is our spirit, it is our higher self! Over millennia people taught that Kundalini needs to be awakened in order to ascend and gain higher consciousness, but I know now that this is not true. Spirit is always there, it is our job to do the work to be able to connect to the spirit again and then we are able to feel it in ourselves as vibrations rising. Our Soul is electromagnetic in nature and this is what our body feels, when soul and spirit begin again to merge. though we still have an ego which of course helps to form a duality between spirit and our soul. and so we look for outside forces, such as gurus, teachers to teach us how to obey or how to do this or that. All we ever had to do was look inside and connect with the spirit within. That is all there really is. Our minds are conditioned to believe what we read. And so everything that you ever read about the Kundalini will be experienced at one or another point in your life. That’s the placebo effect. You read something and take on the energy of another human being and relive exactly what they do. It happened many, many times to me and I thought I was progressing, but in fact I was just taking on symptoms, sensations of other peoples experiences. ergo = when someone hears something many times, he tends to believe in it and create out of that their own reality. That’s why it is so important to not follow others in their experiences, but rather search for the own souls experience. Otherwise you cannot ever be sure if that is you progressing, or just ego recreating effects of other peoples energy imprints…

So my huge realization came to the right time. When Richard told me how to connect to the spirit within through asking questions and setting intentions throughout meditation I can connect more and more to it, until spirit itself decides to enter the body vehicle and be as your guide every single day.

I got an instruction to do some Chakra clearing, because it seemed that energy was many times stuck in certain areas and could not be released freely. Especially tactile around the heart, if the heart does not release negative energy or cannot because of blocks etc. it feels like a suffocating feeling inside the chest. Energy just pools there without being released…

While I was doing the Chakra Clearing:
I had one fleeting moment while jumping from the throat to the heart chakra when a sudden thought came to me. The thought was so out of context that I right there acknowledged it as being from spirit itself. My inner guide! I suddenly thought about the thing that I wrote to you Dayna a long time ago. About your guide and the Kundalini. I told you that you should listen to your Kundalini and not to outside guides. You answered me with a very simple sentence, “My Kundalini is part of my guidance”, you further saidit’s really not outside of myself.” I have to acknowledge this now and tell you, you were absolutely right with this! The Kundalini is your spirit guide, your higher self.  You did all the work and have such a good connection to spirit. Your soul is pretty advanced! I am still doing the work and try to learn as much as possible. At least NOW i have an idea how to meditate to get in contact with this spirit.