Energy reaches kind of a high point!

Last night was intense to say the least! it was so intense… And on top of that my husband still continued to drag around that stupid fight about one silly sentence of mine… He does not understand that the only reason why he was upset about it is that he has some issues to resolve for himself. There is no way on earth that someone starts a huge fight just 3 days after telling you that they fell in love with you “again” that suddenly this “love” breaks a part because of ONE nonsense sentence which I did not even mean as bad or anything like that. It was more in a joking way. So as the energy reached a high point towards the evening I felt strong energy pushes and surges along my back that directly shot up to the heart center. There was a moment last evening as I watched a movie that I actually thought this is HUGE! I mean I never felt it so crystal clear before. But my whole lower back was filled with dense mega charged energy, that felt like electric wires left and right were discharging electromagnetism! It’s no wonder as I talked for a long time over messages on Facebook with another individual (Jason) who goes through similar experiences with his Kundalini! No wonder that my energy got enormous after these conversations!

As the night approached my husband told me he needs to be alone for this night, so I slept alone. I took the chance to again try to meditate and see where it goes without forcing anything! There was a sudden moment I have no idea what actually happened in this moment! It was too weird to comprehend! I don’t know if I fell asleep for a second or something else was taking place, but as my mouth again fell open widely while in total relaxation I suddenly heard a very loud and weird noise that I this time observed for a brief moment and I felt it came right from the center of my head! It was not even in my ears! It was like a very loud cracking of paper or something else, it’s too difficult for me to explain what I heard. But the moment I did hear it my whole awareness got intense again and the sound just like that disappeared. I thought “What the hell???!”

As I then tried to repeat this by closely falling asleep it did not happen again. This is the thing these experiences just happen, you have no control over them whatsoever! It did not happen again! But I fell asleep.

In the morning at 9 AM my husband came to my room and asked me to join him again. As I went to the bathroom and joined him in the bed he was already asleep again I suppose. That was quick lol… I also fell asleep very fast, but something happened and I am baffled by it and still try to figure out if it was an OOBE! I suddenly got aware of a visual I was standing upstairs in our old home in Germany! And I went downstairs during the walk downstairs I saw that my vision suddenly become crystal clear, I could see the walls, as I remembered them. I saw the dogs downstairs. And in this moment I was so happy I could feel it, seeing the dogs of my mother! Suddenly the visual blurred a bit and out of instinct I rubbed my hands together as I read a few times already that this helps and indeed the visual came back. I continued downstairs. Then as I turned left into the kitchen, I got aware of a red glowing number on the microwave which was not on the right spot! It was standing right in front of me on the counter, while I know it was always on the left! I do not remember the number though… The dogs were playing and I actually kneed down to look at my old dog Luna, she was happy to see me. I wondered was that really possible that they could see me??? I only had visual through my eyes which is uncommon, I always see myself from another perspective in my dreams. and yet I seem to have had control over the experience! As I decided before that to rub my hands!

I continued through the kitchen and moved towards the living room. I saw my mother and my father sitting on the couch on the right side of the room. I know for sure the couch and sofa are now on the left side! But something else was weird. My mother appeared with no hair just kind of little blonde but it looked almost as if she was bold. I was kind of surprised… I wanted them to see me but they did not see me… So I moved ahead and grabbed a paper napkin from the floor and put it into the garbage bin. But they did not see it… The next step was to push something in front of my mother on the table. As I did this I felt the object on my pointer finger as if I really touched it. In this moment the visual distorted and I could not retain it anymore. As I got aware of the red hue in front of me and the light show spreading out I suddenly felt a very weird sensation. It felt like I got seriously electric zapped inside my left and right ear. But more inside the left one! As I tried to get another visual while I was aware I got zapped again and soon afterwards it was time to wake up anyway. If this was my first OOBE I am actually quite amazed, because it seemed that I had control, over pushing things, playing with my dog abs rubbing my hands


Current manifestation of the shift

As I am again starting to experience certain things that I already went through a longer time ago, I suddenly felt the need to update the current list of manifestations of the shift and the energy that is constantly pouring on earth and into all beings! Some are sensitive to the changes, and others got through common symptoms, which however are directly related to the energy and frequency shift!

CURRENT LIST 01/25/2016

  • Constant very strong surges of electricity release in my spine, upper back area as well as my legs. Sometimes a leg suddenly feels like there is a tiny electric leak that spills all around! As if all the neurons and nerves fire up with sparks!
  • Activity on my head, it feels the whole day as if something is fizzling in my hair, sometimes it feels like something big is crawling on top, there is some kind of air movement going on.
  • Internal shiver and chills
  • My legs are buzzing , when I have them crossed I can literally feel the electric movement inside. Energy flow active!
  • Spasms and twitches in weird areas (spine, buttocks, both eyebrows, chest, my ribs especially after sneezing)
  • High ringing pitch that sounds like there is some kind of racing whistle sitting beside my head or above my head!
  • Sometimes a very low tone that sounds like Binaural Beats, or a very slow train, it is a very loud sound and happened so far twice! Back in the past and the last couple of days it came back!
  • Weird hunger increase with not correlating loss of weight… Once again I just dropped seemingly over night a few pounds. I was 110 lbs and now I have 104 lbs…
  • Hunger at odd hours. Believe it or not, it is 11:07 PM and I just cooked 2 eggs to eat the protein because I was starving! I know that with my first big Kundalini event I lost a lot of pounds too and then after it was over I regained them. But it is literally a whole lot of pounds that just fall away over night!
  • At the same time sensitivity against mushrooms. My stomach could not handle them very well the last 2 days…
  • A lot of number synchronicity again, like talking about something and then encountering it in my own life. (example: Two friends Dayna and Karin talked to me about Orion and Osiris. As I came back from my work today I passed a street at 4:44 PM that was called ORION AVE! How big are the chances for that to happen? When I passed the street I did not even have my navigation system on! So I found that street out of coincidence it seems…)
  • Heart center activity, as I feel a slight rumbling inside my chest. As I was wearing my bra today and it is very tight I could feel the rumble in my chest because of the pressure it was easier to feel. Very odd sensation of something moving and it is not the heart, the physical  hear does not feel like a fluttering, buzzing engine!
  • Weird light phenomenon, as I sit in my room for work or just entertainment I see many times white shadows passing directly through my eyes. Sometimes it even feels as if this white shadow hits my eyes for a brief second. Another odd phenomenon.

I think I covered everything, but if I missed something I will just add it at some point. But for now it should give you an idea what I experience currently!

Current manifestations of the Kundalini Energy

Well again it has been a while, but I really had nothing new to write about. The last night I had a very vivid dream, so vivid it could have been real. I dreamed of a family gathering, just that the family was not mine. I was complaining about the food choices and how I cannot eat anything sweet in this soup that was served. There where two options and I was on going talking of how I cannot eat something sweet in a soup like that… No idea what that means.

Upon awakening this morning I left my eyes closed and shortly enough I saw a vision come through. I saw a white square paper and something was being written on it, but as usual I tried to focus with my physical eyes and the vision went away… Do I ever learn? 😦 Doesn’t seem like it…

Coming to the current list of Kundalini related energy manifestations

  • Constant twitching of the left eye lid. This happened the first time August 2014 before the Kundalini activated the first time!
  • Twitching of weird places and areas, such as my chest, my ribs, my spine and even my buttocks
  • Lot of high pitched frequency shifts that get accompanied by a high rise in pitch on my left ear. I literally can hear a shift in vibration when this happens.
  • Tons of emotional outbursts, like on a roller coaster. Once happy, then depressed, then everything is too much and I even consider back and forth to keep or give away my pet bird. I also recently got hit with a huge regret feeling of being in this marriage. But this also shifts back and forth…
  • Weird body aches, like stinging pains in toes, arms, sometimes forehead.
  • Buzzing in spine or tailbone off and on
  • Sometimes a feeling of cool spots on my heart chakra! It then suddenly feels cold but fluttering
  • Falling asleep too easily, I do not even get to the point anymore where I would be aware of OOBE sensations, I just suddenly fall asleep and then wake up in the morning…
  • Clumsiness once again. I used to have a problem with breaking glass every time I touched it… But this time it’s not glass, this time I hurt myself on the oddest things, cuts everywhere from paper a huge crescent moon burn on my right lower arm from touching the baking sheet…
  • Strong shivers, chills or tingling surges along the spine, heart and head. Sometimes so strong that they almost feel intoxicating.

Current Kundalini Sensations – 01.09.2015

It’s getting close to my birthday and since it’s a new month I thought I could share a new list of current Kundalini sensations and experiences:

  1. More and more visual changes.  Without mistake I look at something for a second with my physical eyes, then I close them and focus on the center, after 2 seconds the picture glows up again like literally everything that was in my visual field before. So it can happen that a I see a whole window, frame and the outside. All in a red glowing light with white highlights.
  2. Buzzing in body and a lot of throbbing sensations. Once in my leg, then in the rectum. Which is probably a body lock. It feels like the muscles get pulled up, weird sensation, sometimes combined with a fluttering.
  3. Yesterday I started singing in the evening, I just felt like it. The moment I placed the headphone on my ears I suddenly started seeing a blinking and flashing in front of me, which looked like the air was vibrating and blinking very fast!
  4. Electric pulse pain travels through body. Once it can be painful in a knee, then in one of the big toes, then in the shoulder blades and then in the brain. Right now it’s repeating to pulse and it gets painful for a second in my right shoulder. This stinging pulse pain is always the same feeling, doesn’t matter where in the body it happens.
  5. Hearing changes continue to happen. Sometimes when I meditate in the evening getting ready for sleep, I see visuals and many times I could swear I can hear the people in the visuals with my ears. But sometimes there is a separate voice that suddenly comes through, and three days ago it was a male voice calling my name.
  6. Visuals are still purple light swirls, sometimes white, red and pink. I still see white lights every now and then, usually with something like a light flash that crashes into my forehead. That’s the only way I can describe the experience. (Example: One day I was lying on the floor and just focusing on my third eye area. Then out of a sudden I felt an electric spike shooting through my body like a thunderbolt and hitting my forehead.
  7. many times during the day I feel a sudden movement on my head. Today I was sitting in the living room, with my husband and his friend B. who I wrote about the day before. He is the violinist from my nightmare the other day. I was listening to their music and suddenly I felt a weird cold sensation coming down from the forehead and sitting for a while on the bridge of my nose.

Strong energy last night

I think last night was one of the strongest nights in a while. As soon I hit the bed I felt my whole body vibrating and buzzing like crazy. Energy sensations, little whirlwind energies etc. everywhere on my body. But one thing was very pronounced. Before I went to bed I had the loudest ever experienced left ear crack. It was in fact so loud that I probbaly could have recorded it.

I was lying on my back while I just relaxed to the beautiful loving sensations of the energy current. As I felt the energy approaching my head I suddenly started feeling a constant inner ear vibration and buzzing. On the left ear! It was buzzing and in the same moments made weird popping and cracking noises. I suddenly had the realization that when my husband wakes me up in the night because of apparent “teeth grinding” does he really hear me grind my teeth?

I once asked him what it sounded like and he told me like loud banging on teeth. My teeth grinding during the day however sounds more like a real grinding not like banging or popping and I started wondering if he may hears my ears and skull cracking in my sleep!

This time I was fully aware of the noises that were created through this heavy energetic experience. I actually wanted to record it to see if it shows up on a recorder. But I was too lazy and in fact just didn’t feel like getting up from those sensations that I was experiencing…

this inner ear vibration happened once in the very beginning of my Kundalini Awakening, but then went away for some time. that was August 2014! Now it came back and was louder than ever! I mean when you hear your ear suddenly cracking and popping like you literally came out of high altitude that is definitely something.

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say last nights experience was on 6-7. It was so strong.

Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/26/2015

The current Kundalini sensations are actually many. I will again write down the most pronounced sensations for me:

  1. Buzzing, tingling, pressure, movement around the crown and forehead.
  2. Change in frequency in both ears. White noise changed to a white noise with underlying high pitched tone. Possible a side effect of the recent change in the Earth’s Shuman Resonance.
  3. Extreme energetic sensations around the legs, back and recently also the neck
  4. Loud cracks and popping sensations from my ears. It feels and sounds like the ear literally broke open! Very loud pops, just experienced one on the left ear, sounded like my skull was cracking and the ear released the pressure with a loud POP.
  5. electrifying sensations mostly pointed at the temples of my head, but also happened on my thighs! It feels like an electric hand or finger touches you and the skin reacts in an electric kind of way.
  6. Many, many light orbs around me lately. I sometimes look around and can see a blue shining light spot appearing someplace in my visual field.
  7. White mirages of light seem to pass through my vision. Sometimes it literally feels and looks like something goes through my visual field and I see it as white haze suddenly overlaying my vision.
  8. Twitches continue to appear all over my body.
  9. Pinpricks or electric needle sensation in different parts of my body. Feels like something literally injects a needle in the skin, with the same effect of pain. Right now it’s on the backside of my right shoulder blade.
  10. there is a white light pattern that seems to circle around with blinking white lights whenever I am looking up with closed eyes. It’s left and right from my visual field.
  11. Sometimes my visual field blinks or it seems at least as if the air is blinking.
  12. Heavy electrical interference (same day: computer monitor broke down and went black on me, light bulb of my husbands lamp burned out, it is a halogen bulb, light bulb in bathroom burned out and flickered while touching the switch. next day: My navigation system goes berserk and does show me the way, says left and then right only to find out that the calculation was wrong, a few times, I did not find the location, and believe me I never had problems with this thing… my husbands navigation system on his phone had the same problem!)

Overraction and exaggeration of symptoms

That is it… I am coming to a point were I would love to just tell my husband to “shut up”… Day in and day out he has nothing to say except these negative things about situation, about body aches, about nobody calling him, about nobody emailing him etc. I reached a point of exaggeration of negative impulses around me… I know it must be a lesson for me to stay calm and just let the other person be as they choose. But I see it so obviously in front of me the WHY is it happening? Or WHY does nobody write or call, except these stupid spam and robocalls? I mean I can understand my husband, but it does not affect me the same way it does affect him.

I just cannot hear these negative thoughts anymore. It’s like somebody is replaying a tape all over the whole day. I need to hear the sentence “Why do I have so many pains, I never had such weird pains in my entire life.” Or “What the hell is going on with me? it must be something seriously wrong in my universe” or “What is this pain in my stomach? What is this pressure in my head, why do I feel so heavy?” I mean come on… why put all your attention on these things? why not just live your life and put these aches etc. aside. That’s what I am doing each and every single day. But no he doesn’t want to hear my explanations for it and he does not accept anything to help him which does not come from his believe system.

Sometimes I wish I could just tell him to SHUT up with your damn negativity all day long. He wants to get something for his career, he wants to have thousands of friends who all call him each day. If nobody calls him for just 2 days in a row, he jumps into a deep depression, which does not allow him to talk to anybody not even me… And in these moments I truly feel alone and wish I had a very good friend here in L.A. who I could share my time with. instead of sitting around a man who spills nothing but negative vibrations while in depression…

I am so sorry, this blog post is just me needing to get rid of ballast… It will probably pass again and everything will be happy, rainbows and butterflies. But at the moment I just hope that my husband’s neck and lower back will be okay at some point, because it creates such a problem here… I wish I could feel the pain that he is feeling in his neck to see if it really is that bad. I know from experience that he exaggerates a lot of body aches. He once felt a pressure in his right side, like I always do when I feel Kundalini energy in tense form. But he thought something is wrong with him and he called it flank pain with weird pulling pressure. Well… how obvious does it need to be in order to see that something else is going on? Because of this “weird pressure feeling” he went to the doctor for a cat scan and nothing was wrong… Of course.

However I chose to not say anything anymore. If he thinks resistance is the way to go, please go ahead. I will always choose surrender, and I know I will be okay, and so far I wasn’t wrong about that.