Energy reaches kind of a high point!

Last night was intense to say the least! it was so intense… And on top of that my husband still continued to drag around that stupid fight about one silly sentence of mine… He does not understand that the only reason why he was upset about it is that he has some issues to resolve for himself. There is no way on earth that someone starts a huge fight just 3 days after telling you that they fell in love with you “again” that suddenly this “love” breaks a part because of ONE nonsense sentence which I did not even mean as bad or anything like that. It was more in a joking way. So as the energy reached a high point towards the evening I felt strong energy pushes and surges along my back that directly shot up to the heart center. There was a moment last evening as I watched a movie that I actually thought this is HUGE! I mean I never felt it so crystal clear before. But my whole lower back was filled with dense mega charged energy, that felt like electric wires left and right were discharging electromagnetism! It’s no wonder as I talked for a long time over messages on Facebook with another individual (Jason) who goes through similar experiences with his Kundalini! No wonder that my energy got enormous after these conversations!

As the night approached my husband told me he needs to be alone for this night, so I slept alone. I took the chance to again try to meditate and see where it goes without forcing anything! There was a sudden moment I have no idea what actually happened in this moment! It was too weird to comprehend! I don’t know if I fell asleep for a second or something else was taking place, but as my mouth again fell open widely while in total relaxation I suddenly heard a very loud and weird noise that I this time observed for a brief moment and I felt it came right from the center of my head! It was not even in my ears! It was like a very loud cracking of paper or something else, it’s too difficult for me to explain what I heard. But the moment I did hear it my whole awareness got intense again and the sound just like that disappeared. I thought “What the hell???!”

As I then tried to repeat this by closely falling asleep it did not happen again. This is the thing these experiences just happen, you have no control over them whatsoever! It did not happen again! But I fell asleep.

In the morning at 9 AM my husband came to my room and asked me to join him again. As I went to the bathroom and joined him in the bed he was already asleep again I suppose. That was quick lol… I also fell asleep very fast, but something happened and I am baffled by it and still try to figure out if it was an OOBE! I suddenly got aware of a visual I was standing upstairs in our old home in Germany! And I went downstairs during the walk downstairs I saw that my vision suddenly become crystal clear, I could see the walls, as I remembered them. I saw the dogs downstairs. And in this moment I was so happy I could feel it, seeing the dogs of my mother! Suddenly the visual blurred a bit and out of instinct I rubbed my hands together as I read a few times already that this helps and indeed the visual came back. I continued downstairs. Then as I turned left into the kitchen, I got aware of a red glowing number on the microwave which was not on the right spot! It was standing right in front of me on the counter, while I know it was always on the left! I do not remember the number though… The dogs were playing and I actually kneed down to look at my old dog Luna, she was happy to see me. I wondered was that really possible that they could see me??? I only had visual through my eyes which is uncommon, I always see myself from another perspective in my dreams. and yet I seem to have had control over the experience! As I decided before that to rub my hands!

I continued through the kitchen and moved towards the living room. I saw my mother and my father sitting on the couch on the right side of the room. I know for sure the couch and sofa are now on the left side! But something else was weird. My mother appeared with no hair just kind of little blonde but it looked almost as if she was bold. I was kind of surprised… I wanted them to see me but they did not see me… So I moved ahead and grabbed a paper napkin from the floor and put it into the garbage bin. But they did not see it… The next step was to push something in front of my mother on the table. As I did this I felt the object on my pointer finger as if I really touched it. In this moment the visual distorted and I could not retain it anymore. As I got aware of the red hue in front of me and the light show spreading out I suddenly felt a very weird sensation. It felt like I got seriously electric zapped inside my left and right ear. But more inside the left one! As I tried to get another visual while I was aware I got zapped again and soon afterwards it was time to wake up anyway. If this was my first OOBE I am actually quite amazed, because it seemed that I had control, over pushing things, playing with my dog abs rubbing my hands


Current manifestation of the shift

As I am again starting to experience certain things that I already went through a longer time ago, I suddenly felt the need to update the current list of manifestations of the shift and the energy that is constantly pouring on earth and into all beings! Some are sensitive to the changes, and others got through common symptoms, which however are directly related to the energy and frequency shift!

CURRENT LIST 01/25/2016

  • Constant very strong surges of electricity release in my spine, upper back area as well as my legs. Sometimes a leg suddenly feels like there is a tiny electric leak that spills all around! As if all the neurons and nerves fire up with sparks!
  • Activity on my head, it feels the whole day as if something is fizzling in my hair, sometimes it feels like something big is crawling on top, there is some kind of air movement going on.
  • Internal shiver and chills
  • My legs are buzzing , when I have them crossed I can literally feel the electric movement inside. Energy flow active!
  • Spasms and twitches in weird areas (spine, buttocks, both eyebrows, chest, my ribs especially after sneezing)
  • High ringing pitch that sounds like there is some kind of racing whistle sitting beside my head or above my head!
  • Sometimes a very low tone that sounds like Binaural Beats, or a very slow train, it is a very loud sound and happened so far twice! Back in the past and the last couple of days it came back!
  • Weird hunger increase with not correlating loss of weight… Once again I just dropped seemingly over night a few pounds. I was 110 lbs and now I have 104 lbs…
  • Hunger at odd hours. Believe it or not, it is 11:07 PM and I just cooked 2 eggs to eat the protein because I was starving! I know that with my first big Kundalini event I lost a lot of pounds too and then after it was over I regained them. But it is literally a whole lot of pounds that just fall away over night!
  • At the same time sensitivity against mushrooms. My stomach could not handle them very well the last 2 days…
  • A lot of number synchronicity again, like talking about something and then encountering it in my own life. (example: Two friends Dayna and Karin talked to me about Orion and Osiris. As I came back from my work today I passed a street at 4:44 PM that was called ORION AVE! How big are the chances for that to happen? When I passed the street I did not even have my navigation system on! So I found that street out of coincidence it seems…)
  • Heart center activity, as I feel a slight rumbling inside my chest. As I was wearing my bra today and it is very tight I could feel the rumble in my chest because of the pressure it was easier to feel. Very odd sensation of something moving and it is not the heart, the physical  hear does not feel like a fluttering, buzzing engine!
  • Weird light phenomenon, as I sit in my room for work or just entertainment I see many times white shadows passing directly through my eyes. Sometimes it even feels as if this white shadow hits my eyes for a brief second. Another odd phenomenon.

I think I covered everything, but if I missed something I will just add it at some point. But for now it should give you an idea what I experience currently!

Current manifestations of the Kundalini Energy

Well again it has been a while, but I really had nothing new to write about. The last night I had a very vivid dream, so vivid it could have been real. I dreamed of a family gathering, just that the family was not mine. I was complaining about the food choices and how I cannot eat anything sweet in this soup that was served. There where two options and I was on going talking of how I cannot eat something sweet in a soup like that… No idea what that means.

Upon awakening this morning I left my eyes closed and shortly enough I saw a vision come through. I saw a white square paper and something was being written on it, but as usual I tried to focus with my physical eyes and the vision went away… Do I ever learn? 😦 Doesn’t seem like it…

Coming to the current list of Kundalini related energy manifestations

  • Constant twitching of the left eye lid. This happened the first time August 2014 before the Kundalini activated the first time!
  • Twitching of weird places and areas, such as my chest, my ribs, my spine and even my buttocks
  • Lot of high pitched frequency shifts that get accompanied by a high rise in pitch on my left ear. I literally can hear a shift in vibration when this happens.
  • Tons of emotional outbursts, like on a roller coaster. Once happy, then depressed, then everything is too much and I even consider back and forth to keep or give away my pet bird. I also recently got hit with a huge regret feeling of being in this marriage. But this also shifts back and forth…
  • Weird body aches, like stinging pains in toes, arms, sometimes forehead.
  • Buzzing in spine or tailbone off and on
  • Sometimes a feeling of cool spots on my heart chakra! It then suddenly feels cold but fluttering
  • Falling asleep too easily, I do not even get to the point anymore where I would be aware of OOBE sensations, I just suddenly fall asleep and then wake up in the morning…
  • Clumsiness once again. I used to have a problem with breaking glass every time I touched it… But this time it’s not glass, this time I hurt myself on the oddest things, cuts everywhere from paper a huge crescent moon burn on my right lower arm from touching the baking sheet…
  • Strong shivers, chills or tingling surges along the spine, heart and head. Sometimes so strong that they almost feel intoxicating.

Another sleepless night

It almost seems as if the sudden sleep pattern change that many describe hits me too now. I never had these problems, I go to bed and would fall asleep right away. My husband could not wake me up a few times even while touching me, I would just be out somehow… But since two days now, and I do not know if it has to do with my energy sensitivity growing or the Full Moon suddenly affecting me, but I just cannot fall asleep. It almost seems as soon I lay in bed on my back my whole body creates energy and I feel strong pulses, buzzing and throbbing in my Root Chakra. But not only that the last night was highly intense and energetic, I would even go as far as to say it was stronger than the night before.

I was lying on my back and right away energy started rising, even while not doing the energy exercises. It seems my Higher Self took over and did the work, that I started a couple of days ago. It’s kind of amazing actually how automatic it was. My feet started buzzing, then strong energies would go up the legs, I felt wraps of energy around my knees. Then my hands activated and buzzed like crazy!

But not only that, of course I could not fall asleep because of the strong energy work that was being done on me. Everything was just buzzing like crazy, no way to fall asleep this way… So I was awake until 1:00 am once again… Then after a while I felt extremely strong surges, rushes and explosions of energetic shivers, chills and tingles all at the same time on the back and then on front of my body, my chest exploded in sparkles all over, I actually felt them spreading to the arms and shoulders. In that moment my heart made a huge thump. After that my Solar Plexus chakra blubbered and released the same chills and sparkles all over. After that a bubble of energy got released and I felt it tactile traveling through the stomach to the left side of my body and I actually jumped as the bubble reached my left flank side, I am just too sensitive in these areas and I actually jumped because it felt literally like something touched me there after the bubble went in there.

After a long night of no sleep, I suddenly got cold underneath the blanket, and I tried to cover my whole body underneath and somehow I did indeed fall asleep, do not ask me how I managed to do it and when it actually happened, I have no idea.

DREAM: Hand and strong pain

I had a dream, but all that is actually left from it is the sensations. I met a guys who was covering his hands with weird tattoos. Weird text, symbols and pictures. And when he showed me the last one that was done to him He said “These are Bush bear and Putin bear” Two weird looking bear faces with a combination of President Bush and Putin’s faces… I actually saw them in front of me… Then after that i remember an extreme pain in my left hand. It was so painful that in the dream I could not open my hand, it was completely stiff and closed, as I tried to open the hand my palm was red, sore and sweating. I asked myself the question “Why does my hand hurt so much?” But then answered my own question “It’s because I am becoming emphatic, I feel the pain of this guys tattoos…” I woke up after that dream and checked my left hand which was crazily buzzing. It felt like there was a hole in the center of my palm…

Night meditation – strong energy!

Wow I have no clue where I should actually start with this post! I am literally overwhelmed by how strong the energy is the last couple of days. I can only assume it has to do with the upcoming 11/11 gate portal!

When I went to bed I did the same routine as the last 2 days before already. I first lay comfortably on my back with my head a little bit lifted, using a pillow underneath. I left my eyes open and looked through the room in the darkness. Then I use I AM affirmations to overcome any lingering fear. And I have to say that this approach is amazing and helped me a lot! using I AM in front of positive sentences is very powerful and I could feel it!

After that I closed my eyes and concentrated first on my breath a few times, inhale-exhale. After that I shifted my focus back on the palm of my right hand and very soon I got aware of the electrical pulse buzzing in my palm. this focus on the hand is an amazing way to keep aware and focused for a very long time! It helped tremendously! I also realized that I am less effected by the random very loud cracks, bangs and ping sounds all around me in the room. Every single night when I meditate in the guest room my computer desk cracks like crazy, sometimes so loud I actually believe somebody just walked through it…

I felt strong energy surges and the energy was really intense last night. The whole meditation through I would feel the electrical buzzing surges and rushes along my back and spine and a lot of the rushes of electricity were coming from the base of my neck, right above the shoulder blades. While I had my eyes closed I sometimes saw white light streaks that suddenly came out of nowhere, once it actually felt as if it hit my upper right eyelashes when it came close. It was a weird feeling as if my eyelashes suddenly moved for a second. Or as if something fell down and touched the upper lashes.

the more I focused on the right hand the more I became aware of the intense buzzing and pulling in my third eye and I also felt a strong sensation of a weird inner rush and a hovering feeling from inside, yet I was not able to lift my Astral arms or anything like that. i tried to visualize a tunnel with streaks of white light that would fly past me, like a high speed movement through a tunnel. I felt energy rushes. I tried to visualize me sitting in a roller coaster going up and then tried to feel the free fall, but nothing of these would push me out of body… I was hoping because of the free fall sensation that my astral body would jump out of the physical body. But it did not work. Now it could be that I was just not ready yet and again used the wrong timing.

At some point I was so deep into this meditation that I must have fallen asleep, I really don’t remember, but I do remember that my body just suddenly jerked and catapulted itself to the right side and all I could think about was “Oh great… now it’s over I will not go back to back laying position and try all over...” So I stopped and fell asleep. Again without remembering any dreams whatsoever…

In the morning I was woken at 10 AM by my husband, my cellphone must have died in the night and the alarm did not ring at 8:30 AM… ouch. As I got out of bed I had a very weird sensation in my left leg, actually I had no feeling in my left leg whatsoever. It was suddenly feeling like it was not there, like I was walking on a rubber leg, it was like liquid rubber, every time I would step on my left foot, my leg would bend to the outside… This continued for a few minutes and then suddenly went back to normal… wow what a weird experience… It actually felt as if my leg was not there in these moments… Maybe my leg was still someplace else???

Nightly meditation, new experiences

I actually wanted to write about it in the post before, but I did not want it to become huge, nobody reads long posts anyway. So I decided to start a new blog post just for the meditation experience from last night.

After this amazing conversation with Deraj and my channeling I learned a few things about my fear and how to possibly overcome it. It’s simple as Deraj said he has the same experiences as me in the past, including the weird swallowing problem and night terrors. So I tried in my meditation to include what I learned.

As I lay down, I kept my eyes open and just stared through the room in total darkness. I saw the glowing light portal dot in my vision and I decided to focus on it with open eyes. It was rotating, and pulsing in different subtle light shades. As I focused on the dot I saw weird movements in my peripheral on the left side in the room. It sometimes looked like tiny black shadow streaks were jumping around like in a zick zack wave pattern. It almost felt as if something was there!

I learned about the power of I AM in front of sentences and so I used it to my advantage, i repeated many times in my mind the sentence: “I AM not Tanja, I AM spirit embodied in a physical body, I AM not defined by my body and I have no limitation. I AM able to see without my physical eyes.” The longer I did this the stronger the weird black streaks became.

Then I decided to close my eyes and just focus on my body, I shifted my awareness around and tried to focus on my forehead. But also on my right hand, as that helped me a lot to focus the night before. Very soon in this meditation I felt extremely strong electrical surges of energy inside my back, my arms, my legs and I felt pulsing in my Solar Plexus chakra! But then a new sensation settled, one that I dd not experience ever before. Suddenly the right lower arm felt like something cold was surrounding it like a snake coiled around it. It was weird. I felt warm underneath the blanket but my arm was feeling oddly cold. I focus on the right hand and I felt tickles and tingles in the right palm. I also had 2 times when my right leg would suddenly jerk up while relaxing deeply. This did not happen in a long time this body jerking in the night.

I must have fallen asleep at some point and actually had a dream in which I think I remember a message of empathy and the ability to release pain and emotional upheaval through the power of crying. It seems I was guided to cry in order to release when I do not feel well. Oddly enough I felt like crying while I told myself that I am not my body, but spirit etc. I actually felt like crying but no tears would come. Maybe the dream was showing me to let go and just let it flow!

Arkash channeling and more answers

I cannot believe this, I wish I could have written this blog post earlier, but I just finished everything and found some time to write about my amazing experience from yesterday. I decided to give it a try and let Deraj Navillus channel some information for me out of the Arkash! and to my surprise he was spot on with everything he wrote about me!

You are a Starseed. You have had a connection to the stars ever since you were a child. You love to look at the sky and the stars, but that makes you yearn for a place and time in which you cannot remember. You have had contact with those who watch over you since the age of 5. You don’t like any animals with bigger eyes than your own, it makes you eerily uncomfortable. But that is to be expected when your cosmic amnesia wont allow you to remember but a feeling of familiarity resonates with you. As for the Egyptian symbols it is a remembrance of your past life. The symbols of hieroglyphs and the symbols you have never seen are the same. Just the Egyptian hieroglyphs are an evolution from those symbols in which you didn’t understand. It was from the times of Atlantis in which these symbols came. You and others in your family are still being visited and watched over. Soon more and more memories and remembrances will come to. Certain triggers you will begin to experience will unlock doors once closed to you

Now he was spot on with the message about the Starseed origin, I got this already from a few sources and always felt like I actually have a connection somewhere far out there. He is exactly right, I do look a lot into the sky and stars, I used to do this a lot when I was a kid! The visions of  Egyptian symbols seem to come out of a past life and on top of that I got validation that I am indeed visited and watched over! Now this would explain many things from my past and also experiences from today. I was so surprised about the channeling that I started writing to Deraj to find out some more and to my surprise he could also tell me what this weird glowing dot in the center of my vision is! It is as I suspected a long time ago a window, a portal so to speak and it is also the window where the visions get downloaded through! He told me when I am in connection with source energy this tiny glowing dot would open up and show me the things that are being downloaded. It totally hit home, as I experienced it already few times upon awakening from sleep! I asked him if I can control this window and open it consciously and he told me YES & NO… One could get some control over it through meditation, but if a message needs to get through it will happen regardless wherever you are at the moment.

So my explanation for this glowing light dot portal is that it got activated a few days before my Awakening experience, it is always there and it seems to be an antenna. I guess They get whatever I look at through the dot, as it acts like a laser pointer, wherever I look I see the dot. But not only that, they also can communicate through the portal!

After some time writing to him I felt strong heart chakra activities and I knew he was right in everything he told me! So exciting and I am so glad for the introduction, thank you so much Ashique Good Intentions for introducing me to Deraj! ❤