Update of incoming energies!

Hello everyone,

it has been some time since my last blog post! But I have an update about the incoming energies! I will write it in a list style so you can see what I am currently experiencing!

  • Extremely strong bubble, tingle, sparkling sensation inside my chest! I describe it as something feels as if it is born inside my chest! Possible first time heart chakra opening?
  • I also feel intense energies around my head, sometimes when these streams of energy come in through the crown I feel a shift inside my head, as if something just moved a tiny notch!
  • Sometimes strong vertigo feeling
  • Tingles and electric discharge feelings all over my body. Very strong in the chest, legs and both hip joints. You sit one moment in a chair watching a movie and in the next it feels like electricity is pouring all over an area of your body! Very weird sensation
  • Some head stabbing sensations especially around the left temple and left upper side of my head.
  • Sometimes very loud high pitched frequencies most pronounced in left ear!
  • Being more and more prepared for multi dimensional aspects. Ergo a couple of days ago I had my very first not threatening Out of Body experience, which was really as if I would have walked through my house in Germany, just not the correct timeline or something as things looked different!
  • Becoming more and more aware of a shift of consciousness. Falling asleep but staying on the edge produces the weirdest sensations and sounds! I heard extremely loud paper cracking sounds the night before my OOBE in the morning! This happened now already twice!
  • number syncs and other visual syncs that connect to what was said a couple of seconds or minutes ago!
  • A strong shift in perceptions. It almost seems like the parallel universes become intertwined! I don’t know how to explain it but when you look in the space in front of you with a soft gaze you will see light woven patterns that seem to move. Very beautiful spectacle and mostly in the color purple for me!

The strongest sensation however is the heart center sensation! I never had such strong energy surges on my heart center! And it really can bliss you out, if it becomes any stronger! Last night I felt this tickling electricity going up my back on the height of the heart chakra! In the same moment my heart chakra was pulling and pushing and buzzing and tingling. It was so strong!


Energy is back!

After a strong emotional pain hit me out of nowhere I suddenly also experienced again the strong energy surges! I feel a lot of activity and movement inside my chest, especially in the evening while sitting relaxed and watching a movie! I can feel it through the front but also on the backside of my body. All in the height of the Heart center! On the back it sometimes feels as if density is pressing against the chair lean!

I also try to still my mind through meditation and I somehow managed last night to get some glimpses of what I experienced in the past when all of these energetic experiences started happening. I was lying on my back and just starring into nothingness. My visual screen was dark. However after some minutes of resting and relaxing I started seeing tiny little light flashes in the darkness. Like a distant camera was flashing on and off.

Then out of a sudden as I did not question anything that would happen or actually happened I saw a light flash which brought a visual with it. I saw for the blink of a second a man’s head. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes and his head appeared to be covered in blood! This visual came on suddenly as it always did in the past, when I first had my Kundalini Awakening. It startled me a tiny bit, or enough to create a heart jump, when it appeared. Sometime after this I fell asleep and I actually had a dream that somehow was connected to this visual!

DREAM: Swimming, two men, blood!

In the dream I was myself and I went to some kind of an indoor swimming pool. It looked beautiful and kind of like the pools in Germany! As I walked towards the edge and downstairs into the water a man passed me. He was taller than me, had short blonde hair and blue eyes. His face is burned into my mind I can still see him in front of me! He looked at me while passing with a very charming gaze! Like he was literally starring right into my soul. As I passed him and went deeper into the water I encountered another man who looked very similar to the first one! However I figured out at some point that they were both brothers! The second one was a little bit younger than the first. And it then happened that I felt embarrassed because of the looks these both men were giving me. I tried to hide from them. But in the end I was sitting at the back side of the pool having my feet inside the water, as the younger brother suddenly appeared and sat beside me. He talked to me, sadly the conversation is lost. However I remotely remember that he tried to make me feel happiness. He tried to convince me that his brother would like to see me. So somehow I must have agreed to this whole thing as both of them were irresistibly charming and beautiful at the same time!

The dream shifted and I entered a house, a beautiful home decorated with picture frames and flowers (red roses). As I entered the house I was lead to the entrance area and needed to wait for the older brother to arrive.

The dream shifted yet again and I see myself sitting on the floor having the same blood covering my face as I saw in the tiny 1 second vision before. Just that it was not me, but a man with short blonde hair, blue eyes! Which could have been one of the men of my dream! However why was I the one with the bloody face and why was I actually looking at myself??? How can I look at myself when I am the one who is obviously bleeding? It was like I saw myself from a different viewpoint.

Weird dream after focus on Heart center

Last evening I felt strong energetic sensations inside my body. Seems like the energy is up again in full thrust. I felt a very clear shaking and tremor in my left leg, while I had them crossed sitting at the computer. It was not difficult at all to feel this tremor inside and it worked it’s way up the leg.

As the clock turned 12, I decided to join my husband in bed, as he was still working on his laptop lying in bed. I positioned myself in the usual way on my back and closed my eyes. First focusing on the breath, then afterwards on the feet, legs, hands and arms. After that I decided to work on the primary energy centers (Chakras) I placed my full awareness for that in the area of the situated chakra and moved the awareness in a stirring or brushing motion. Sometimes I do also bounce awareness from the front to the back and then again to the front. It then feels like a ball is bouncing between spine and front side of the body. This time I left my Third Eye and Crown chakras alone and concentrated a longer time on the heart chakra. I felt again this heaviness, tightness and pulling sensation, but this time not as strong as before. I said in my mind “Please let me have an OOBE tonight, or at least a Lucid Dream.” Since I did not get anything, I continued meditating on the Heart center.

Dream: ETs, Blue balls and Looking through closed eye lids

Until I somehow fell asleep. I had a weird dream and two scenes stick out to me this morning. The first one being a huge screen in grey and white. How fitting for the image that popped up on this screen… I saw tons, literally tons of tiny grey Alien creatures. all looking weird and kind of disarranged, some only had ahead and nothing else. They were all looking at me and apparently getting closer. They looked kind of crippled. Really odd…

After this scene the ETs disappeared and I saw a scene of different people on a huge green lawn, trying to catch these huge blue balls. But they would move the whole time and nobody could get hold on them… Until I heard someone say “Stop trying to run after them, let them come and then just pick them up.” I saw someone doing as suggested and she (blonde long hair) picked up the ball.

After that it was close to morning I suppose. I suddenly had another one of these weird “dreams” in which I apparently sat at the outer edge of my husband’s bed side and I looked through closed eyelids, I felt it as everything looked clear this time it was almost impossible to know if it was closed eyes. As I looked in front of me I saw these tiny weird looking yellow, orange particles flying through the air, like the air was literally alive. Now I have no idea what that was about, but it disappeared after that and I think then alarm woke me up. Or was it actually after I closed the alarm? I have no idea…

New sensations

Well I know I didn’t write a lot lately on this blog, the proof is in the inactive days on the left side where the calendar is placed. I didn’t write anything because lately I was in a down phase and everything was just crazy around here… Including my emotional state. Actually silly to think that one glass of wine would not break out havoc again… I guess some lessons need to repeat until they are learned.

Anyway last night I tried to meditate and work with my energy body again. This time I was surprised actually of how easy it was to feel the energy flow. There was a moment when I raised energy from the feet in a spiral around my leg that I actually felt energy shivers going up my left leg! It was intense! Also last night was another intense release of these shiver, chills or energy rushes. No idea how to really describe them. It just feels as if an electric wire is releasing a huge load of electricity in one are, such as my buttocks, such as my chest or spine and then it feels like millions of tiny sparkles spreading. It is the most beautiful sensation there is so far. I don’t know if this is bliss, but it surely comes very close to it!

After that I started raising energy into the root chakra to use it for stimulation of the chakras upwards from the root on. This time I felt almost all chakras. I found it is way easier for me to raise the energy up the back through the spine and then steer it into the front to the chakra. It’s easier to keep focus on the energy moving when I do it this way. As I reached my heart chakra I felt a very strong sensations. It felt like my chest was either in a wrench, or a heavy box was lying on the heart. It was a very strong feeling of pressure and slight buzzing. It is so strong that I cannot hold it for a long time without freaking out about the strong pull, push sensation! However I may need to get over this and keep going in order to open the heart chakra! As I reached my brow chakra I felt a pull as well, but then I got disturbed, because out of nowhere my husband started moving his legs all the time, he also tossed around a lot last night.

Since I could not concentrate anymore because of the mattress moving the whole time due to my husbands leg movements, I stopped my meditation and turned around to sleep. Again it was a very deep sleep, I had dreams, but I have nothing in my memory which I could now write about… Which is weird… What happened to the ability that I could remember long dreams very well?