Update of incoming energies!

Hello everyone,

it has been some time since my last blog post! But I have an update about the incoming energies! I will write it in a list style so you can see what I am currently experiencing!

  • Extremely strong bubble, tingle, sparkling sensation inside my chest! I describe it as something feels as if it is born inside my chest! Possible first time heart chakra opening?
  • I also feel intense energies around my head, sometimes when these streams of energy come in through the crown I feel a shift inside my head, as if something just moved a tiny notch!
  • Sometimes strong vertigo feeling
  • Tingles and electric discharge feelings all over my body. Very strong in the chest, legs and both hip joints. You sit one moment in a chair watching a movie and in the next it feels like electricity is pouring all over an area of your body! Very weird sensation
  • Some head stabbing sensations especially around the left temple and left upper side of my head.
  • Sometimes very loud high pitched frequencies most pronounced in left ear!
  • Being more and more prepared for multi dimensional aspects. Ergo a couple of days ago I had my very first not threatening Out of Body experience, which was really as if I would have walked through my house in Germany, just not the correct timeline or something as things looked different!
  • Becoming more and more aware of a shift of consciousness. Falling asleep but staying on the edge produces the weirdest sensations and sounds! I heard extremely loud paper cracking sounds the night before my OOBE in the morning! This happened now already twice!
  • number syncs and other visual syncs that connect to what was said a couple of seconds or minutes ago!
  • A strong shift in perceptions. It almost seems like the parallel universes become intertwined! I don’t know how to explain it but when you look in the space in front of you with a soft gaze you will see light woven patterns that seem to move. Very beautiful spectacle and mostly in the color purple for me!

The strongest sensation however is the heart center sensation! I never had such strong energy surges on my heart center! And it really can bliss you out, if it becomes any stronger! Last night I felt this tickling electricity going up my back on the height of the heart chakra! In the same moment my heart chakra was pulling and pushing and buzzing and tingling. It was so strong!


Energy Update

As it stands now I did not write a long time in this blog, however I am not so sure if anybody actually cares if it is here or not, as my statistics show a very low visit number… I am thinking of deleting the blog, as it does not serve any purpose. I was hoping to reach other people and to help them through it. But so far I am sharing my stories and my experiences with lovely friends on Facebook and not many people interact here anyway. So what difference does it make, if there is one more blog. By now there are so many of us who go through all these energetic changes, that you probably all have your sources already and I just write a diary here for myself.

However I have one update to make. As it happened yesterday I was hit with an emotional pain right straight into my heart… I should not think this way about it, it should have let me cold. But it did not. I will not write about it here now again, it’s all on my FB wall and most who actually read this blog know about it already, so I will leave it out here for now.

After this emotional pain subsided somewhat through focusing on my passengers and talking to them on the rides I came back home in the evening and we were settling down to watch our series (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals) As I was watching TVD, I felt an odd sensation in my chest! It felt like the inside of my chest suddenly started bubbling and I felt a cool but slight tickling sensation. I knew it was an heart energy rush or expansion or possibly a try to calm me down. I think it worked. I never realized this, but it was the first time that something literally touched my heart and I actually felt it! this sensation subsides very quickly as I got aware of it. and did not return since then.

However I have troubles meditating now… It seems like any connection at all is not there anymore… I tried meditating last evening, but there was only a huge NOTHING. No sensations, no tones, except the always persistent white noise that I can hear since my first activation! No pictures, no light. Nothing 😦 As if nothing at all is happening for me anymore. I really don’t know if I lost it or something… But it just feels empty right now and I miss the days when the energy was strong and I started seeing visions, lights, orbs etc. It seems like there is nothing there anymore 😦 Which is weird as usually after my period the energy rushes up again. But this time it subsided and went into break or something 😦 It does not feel good, especially not within another heartache!

Current manifestation of the shift

As I am again starting to experience certain things that I already went through a longer time ago, I suddenly felt the need to update the current list of manifestations of the shift and the energy that is constantly pouring on earth and into all beings! Some are sensitive to the changes, and others got through common symptoms, which however are directly related to the energy and frequency shift!

CURRENT LIST 01/25/2016

  • Constant very strong surges of electricity release in my spine, upper back area as well as my legs. Sometimes a leg suddenly feels like there is a tiny electric leak that spills all around! As if all the neurons and nerves fire up with sparks!
  • Activity on my head, it feels the whole day as if something is fizzling in my hair, sometimes it feels like something big is crawling on top, there is some kind of air movement going on.
  • Internal shiver and chills
  • My legs are buzzing , when I have them crossed I can literally feel the electric movement inside. Energy flow active!
  • Spasms and twitches in weird areas (spine, buttocks, both eyebrows, chest, my ribs especially after sneezing)
  • High ringing pitch that sounds like there is some kind of racing whistle sitting beside my head or above my head!
  • Sometimes a very low tone that sounds like Binaural Beats, or a very slow train, it is a very loud sound and happened so far twice! Back in the past and the last couple of days it came back!
  • Weird hunger increase with not correlating loss of weight… Once again I just dropped seemingly over night a few pounds. I was 110 lbs and now I have 104 lbs…
  • Hunger at odd hours. Believe it or not, it is 11:07 PM and I just cooked 2 eggs to eat the protein because I was starving! I know that with my first big Kundalini event I lost a lot of pounds too and then after it was over I regained them. But it is literally a whole lot of pounds that just fall away over night!
  • At the same time sensitivity against mushrooms. My stomach could not handle them very well the last 2 days…
  • A lot of number synchronicity again, like talking about something and then encountering it in my own life. (example: Two friends Dayna and Karin talked to me about Orion and Osiris. As I came back from my work today I passed a street at 4:44 PM that was called ORION AVE! How big are the chances for that to happen? When I passed the street I did not even have my navigation system on! So I found that street out of coincidence it seems…)
  • Heart center activity, as I feel a slight rumbling inside my chest. As I was wearing my bra today and it is very tight I could feel the rumble in my chest because of the pressure it was easier to feel. Very odd sensation of something moving and it is not the heart, the physical  hear does not feel like a fluttering, buzzing engine!
  • Weird light phenomenon, as I sit in my room for work or just entertainment I see many times white shadows passing directly through my eyes. Sometimes it even feels as if this white shadow hits my eyes for a brief second. Another odd phenomenon.

I think I covered everything, but if I missed something I will just add it at some point. But for now it should give you an idea what I experience currently!

Awful experiences ahead…

Well it seems that the new year so far has nothing good to offer. And I can assure you that I was the one who was boasting about how amazing year 2016 will be that it will bring a huge BOOM career and life wise. But so far it’s already the 7th of January. My husband has his first home concert after a long time of silence on Sunday and I would be ready to drive with UBER for my new adventure. I was writing about it on Facebook before. But it seems my husbands curse projected over to me… I was ready to go, I got everything done that I really wanted for myself. I got the drivers license (finally), I managed to get an Uber activation with a license that is not yet 1 year old, which in itself is already a miracle. But now everything is once again on hold, it’s an always repeating pattern here in this household… As soon as it is something that somehow involves my husband, everything seems to fall apart…

I cannot break it, with all my power and always being able to handle everything, I cannot get over this damn brick wall… And it seems to be created by my husband. I needed a new cellphone with a data service for Uber. So my husband told me he would buy himself a new one and get a second line for me, and I could get his old Samsung Galaxy S4. Which is plenty for this job. But now the phone does not arrive, T-Mobile was confused yesterday that there was no order number in the system etc. So they promised my husband to send it out and it will arrive on Friday… Then we had this terrible storm and heavy rains here in L.A. and we just repaired my husbands downstairs studio a year ago, it was sealed and not usable for a long time because of mold and water damage… But then he decided to repair it finally… Outside we also apparently repaired.
But now we were shocked as we went downstairs, and found that there was water once again dripping down inside the repaired room from the ceiling. That means there STILL after all this work and expenses is a leak outside someplace. My husband wanted to buy himself a newer car and I would then be able to have my own car, as I love the Prius and would love to have it. But if this continues like that I will not be able to drive everyday, as the repairs will need to come first again! I don’t get it… I did everything possible to project positive thoughts and yet all I get is stops and blocks on the way…

On a brighter note, I had a nice meditation last night. My older cellphone was empty and needed to charge so I just meditated lying on my back and focusing on the third eye and my heart center. However the third eye was extremely active last night. I could swear that I saw something in the dark when I turned the light off and lay down in my bed, as my gaze was straight forward I saw a colorful very subtle glow that looked like the shape of a person. Now I don’t know if this was someone, or if it was simply an extreme long after image from my Himalayan Salt Lamp. It could be that it was burned in my vision when I turned it off. However that doesn’t change anything about the fact that I had strong third eye pulls.

Also I heard a few very odd sounds from my left ear. It was like the clicking Morse code but not so clear and also not coming in threes, it was more like an underlying tone in between the slight humming that I perceive when it is total silence.

Energy wise I felt a lot, from shivers and energy rushes in the heart center, to a new vibration that repeated a few times last evening. Couple of month ago the Kundalini energy always was perceivable as an electric current buzzing inside my spine, if it is on I usually felt a buzzing on and off during the day in my left big toe! But this time this exact same buzzing on and off happened in my left leg on the outside of my knee! It was the exact same buzzing pattern. It seems it came up from the food and is now inside my leg! I read a very common Kundalini sensation is that of a buzzing current inside the legs, but most likely the left one!