Space Odyssey 2001 & My husbands experience

Last evening I asked my husband what he wanted to watch for the end of the day and he answer “a good Sci Fi movie would be great” I was all for it as I love all kind of Sci-Fi movies. So I checked a list of the best movies ever made and we decided on Space Odyssey 2001. an amazing movie which my husband watched when he was younger. But again he told me kind of down looking on me “But be careful not to miss anything, I know many people did not get the meaning of the movie right away. Let me know what you think afterwards“.

So I made sure not to miss anything about the story and possible meanings. The first scene involved apes in the prehistoric times on earth how they fought to protect a little place of left over water. Until suddenly out of nowhere a black rectangular monolith appeared in front of one group and the leader touched it and immediately evolved to use his hands and tools to protect himself. The next encounter was when humans landed on the moon and dug in the surface and the monolith would appear again, catapulting humanity even further up the evolution and transformation. The whole movie was full of spiritual meaning and knowledge that someone can not have just like that, unless he got it directly from source!

Then David went through a psychedelic trip with vision flashes, lights of color, tunnel vision and all kinds of images. At the end of this tunnel where those diamond shaped light ships that probably waited for him for the next evolutionary step.

At the end of the movie I let it all reflect upon me and I realized very fast what the movie meant for my own soul and inner being. My husband could not wait and just got up and seemed almost annoyed… As I let it filter through my mind and heart I recognized what happened in the movie and I just “knew”. So I went to my husband who was lying in bed and told him “I think I know what the monolith meant“. And he got pissed at me and answered “Not interesting…” I did not understand and tried to find out what he means and then he started again that I know everything, have no questions whatsoever, I am self absorbed and do not let outside sources penetrate me. Which is true I trust my inner knowing more than I do any given outside input. But that’s foreign for him.

However we went to sleep after that and I was glad the night has arrived to stop this argument which was really not needed…

This morning we drove to a coffee place and talked about the movie, seemingly okay and I told him about my opinion of what it may mean. We talked about it a lot until we came to the visions and the psychedelic trip. At the end the diamond shaped light ships that waited for him and my husband finally opened up about an experience he used to have when he was a kid. He said people have no idea what these light things are. They are implant stations… (really he thinks that from everything that is existing out of light, light is bad…)

He said when he was young he used to see those weird light apparitions in his bed room and thought he was dreaming about them every night, but he knew he was aware. He believes it’s implants but what I actually think is that he had encounters with ETs which he tries to erase or describe as being something completely different. I think he was scared about seeing them and closed this part of him off. It almost seems he had the clairvoyant sight once, but not anymore. Of course when you lose that sight you think it was something weird in your head. But only people who have it active right now, know what it really is.

I also told him that one of the scenes looked like what I see when I sometimes close my eyes. The green void that looks like a huge iris and pupil!

green eye

But my husband says “So what? it’s just images… they are meaningless…” For me they are far more than meaningless, because they come with vision flashes and information that I did not know about before.

New nightly experience & new connections


Last night I slept alone, first of all my abdomen was in pain… (got my period yesterday) and second I did not want to toss around if I could not fall asleep because of it and wake my husband up. Before I went to bed however I went on to the balcony and as if I was lead to it I looked up the sky and watched the stars, as I moved my gaze around I suddenly saw one of the stars shooting out of sight! It was so fast, I focused my eyes on the spot where I saw the shooting “star” and wondered, because the same shooting star I saw a couple of days ago already! 2 in a week is a little much. I never saw one in my entire life and suddenly 2 in a row? I stayed a little longer and then saw another star that suddenly started moving very slowly to the right side. it had the exact same size as all the other stars but instead of standing still it was moving very slowly. (probably faster, but it was too far away). I was in awe of this sight as this was also something I never saw before. I looked around and as I wanted to look back at the moving star it was suddenly out of sight, I could not see it anymore…

I went inside afterwards and decided to go to bed. It was around 10:30 PM but I was really tired and wanted to get over the first day of my period, which is the most painful… I lay on my back in our guest room right beside the windows. I decided to meditate a little bit and just see if anything would come up memory wise, without giving it too much thought. After some time had passed I suddenly felt a weird heaviness on my head, it almost felt like the head was about to lift off very weird sensation. And in that moment I suddenly for the first time ever heard a very clear clicking on my right ear. I usually hear it from the left ear. But this time it was very clear on the right one and loud as well! The ear that was pointing towards the window. At some point I must have fallen asleep.

I do not remember any dreams however. As if the whole night was just blank…


I made a few more connections. In all the articles and interviews of other abductees there is one common thing happening. All of them felt before the event some kind of synchronicity of sudden numbers repeat to show up. As well as other phenomena such as cats and dogs acting weird before the actual abduction. They can feel and seem them in their etheric form and are acting weird and aggressive. Also abductees experienced a weird phenomena that after an abduction, mostly one day later their house was buzzed by very low flying unmarked black helicopters of military style. Or other black helicopters that would circle the house like crazy.

  1. First clue, when I was a child one of our dogs was sometimes not always weird towards me. But also to my father (I believe this is connected, who knows WHY my father drank so much alcohol, he never said anything) The dog would look at me or above me or beside me? And growl at me like a crazy dog. I never understood why this dog supposedly hated me so much, while other times he came and wanted to be pet by me…
  2. I see tons of 11:11, 2:22, 4:44 and 5:55 lately but also before I got glimpses of what might is happening to me.
  3. I never thought anything about it, but our house WAS recently buzzed a lot by low flying black helicopters. I saw two of them flying very slowly over our house and I am certain I saw military personnel sitting in the open doors. But also other kind of helicopters seemed to circle around a LOT for a few days in a row! First when I read about abductees experiences I suddenly thought wait a second this happened here as well…

After effects of abduction were reported by most all experiencers. So it could feel as if they were drugged during the night, getting up without being rested, as if they were not even asleep in the night but full awake. Sleeping longer than usual because of it, or waking up and falling right back asleep until the drugged feeling stopped. Headaches afterwards, strong energies inside body and especially strong electrical interference after abductions! Ear tones before or afterwards and heightened phenomena right after abduction. Many people described that there was a pattern and after writing a log and journals they could find out when the abductions were taking place like 1-3 of a month and 20-23 of a month. Can change but many times it’s on time. Nose bleeds after abductions in the morning or during the day. And weird marks on the body such as bruises, scratches, red marks like from a needle that one cannot explain.

  1. My husband remarked something like this since some time now. His quote “I don’t know whats going on with me, I feel almost drugged. I am dragging during the day. I sleep long and don’t feel rested…”
  2. I had strong headaches and weird sores on my head after waking up and also my husband seems to experience head pressure, heaviness on his head. (abductees experience a weird veil in their surroundings that almost feels pressuring)
  3. Sometimes my husband loses his hearing on one ear or complains about a weird buzzing in his ears and says it’s tinnitus (perfect programming attempt, make the person believe it’s nothing out of the ordinary) I have ear tones as well, clicking, crunching, beeps and ringing (just as I wrote this my right ear started ringing…)
  4. Nose bleeds are very common for me… When I wake up in some morning I blow my nose it’s like dried up blood clots come out, sometimes during the day one nose hole suddenly starts bleeding.
  5. I know that usually after my period ends I have the strongest phenomenon happening, sometimes also before it happens. So for me the pattern goes around the period. Seems whatever is happening it happens strongest after the cycle ends!
  6. Body marks and weird phenomena before or after: my husband told me from two experiences that he had in his youth. One was that he was sitting at a lake and as the sun was setting the water became almost black, but then out of a sudden the whole environments were warped. his vision became weird as he said and it almost seemed as if everything began shifting like going further away. He was scared about it. It happened another time inside a hotel room in Denmark, he went through the hall and suddenly it seemed as if the hall became longer and longer. The second experience was that he told me once about his encounter as a kid in his bedroom. he saw something, light beings or something. He never explained completely to me what he saw, because he feels I am not ready to know about it… He says he will tell me once I am ready. (I won’t say anymore here) On top of that my husband hasĀ  weird triangle mark on his back. When I asked him about it he came up with a weird story about it. He said he was sitting in an opera or so and suddenly the bench crashed with him sitting on it, he fell on his back and hit that spot. It was bleeding and after that it was a triangle. For me it sounds more like a screening memory after abduction! Of course programming happens so we believe what we were told and what we see as our memories. A perfect triangle mark from an accident? hmmmm

But knowing all this I have a strong feeling that my experience of Awakening has a lot to do with being with my husband and his encounters. I know he saw something but he completely disregards it as something what it really is not. He was made believe that his encounter was some kind of an implant and it got triggered by something. So he does not even see the connection anymore between everything he experiences. I mean literally he almost seems hypochondriac with all his weird body stuff that is going on currently. And that must have a reason that he himself seems not to see.

Something IS happening and I wish I could remember something that completely shows me what it was!