Current list of sensations

Some time has passed since my latest “current list” of “symptoms” or better saying sensations! So I wanted to go ahead and update you all with the current list of sensations I am feeling in my process!

Know that I am doing intense energy work to build my energy body the last 4-5 days and a lot has changed energy wise. While before I literally lost all feeling after a certain amount of time, I am now able to stir the energy which is understood to be like water, once stirred it will continue to move and activate subtle energy pathways and exchange points, which Chinese medicine calls Meridians! Since I am doing energy work during the day or night I feel constant exchanges of energy on all the important energy centers! It is most important before one works on the main centers (chakras) to first prepare and build the secondary energy system. Which is explained very well in Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work – The Secret of Healing and spiritual growth!

His technique called NEW is the most effective technique in energy work I’ve ever witnessed. It’s called tactile Imaging. You use your awareness to move energy through the energy body, instead of visualizing it. It’s 100x more strong and what usually takes a long time to archive through other techniques, takes just a few minutes with this approach! I am highly suggesting this technique for anyone who wants to prepare and build their energy body and bring it to higher amounts of energy! You will become so sensitive that you can literally feel the energy exchanging through the body.

  • Tactile Imaging used on feet and hands brings on a strong activation sensations of the very important secondary energy pathways and chakras, which are literally in all joints of the human body! The fingers have in each joint a tiny chakra which in many people are not activated and can only activate through precise energy work on these chakras. The activation of these feel like buzzing, throbbing and pulsing. It is a very strong feeling of active energy inside the hands and feet. The hands and feet are very strong exchange points, you can suck in energy from both your feet soles and hand palms!
  • Strong energy movement sensations inside the legs, which brings twitching, shaking and buzzing with it.
  • Buzzing palms showing activity in the palm chakra
  • Each single chakra can be felt using Tactile Imaging, once you feel the chakra you can consider it to be active, do not stay longer on ONE chakra as needed, as this can bring bouts of problems with it. Especially with the Third Eye. Too long placing the awareness in this area can bring unbalances such as episode of psychosis, constant delusion etc. It is important before any chakra is worked on to first build the energy body and preparing the secondary chakra pathways. They are the ones that support the energy structures of the Primary chakras.
  • Strong heart center activation, fluttering in chest, buzzing and pounding as well as throbbing of the heart.
  • Strong pulling sensations in Solar Plexus center
  • Strong activation of Root center, feels like a fluttering tailbone, buzzing and pulses can be felt.
  • Strong activation and sensitivity of the Sub-Navel Storage Center. This sits 2 inches below the navel and is THE ONLY place where you should store consciously new rising energy in. There are 3 storage centers: 1. Sub Navel, Sub Heart and Sub Brow. It is never advised to fill the upper two, as this can lead to unbalance. Fill the Sub Navel Storage center and when it is full it will automatically in a natural way spill over to the higher ones.
  • Strong surges and release of chill, tingle and sparkle like energies on every spot of my back, as well as the chest, which spreads towards the arms! this means that energy strobes from the primary centers and fills the surroundings with new higher energy! It feels like a literal nerve rewiring taking place.
  • After each energy work session the energy inside the energy body continues working as if HS took over. This happens because energy is not physical, it’s like water. Once stirred it continues to flow and circle for some time. If you would stop energy work completely after a few days you would not feel it anymore, until you continue!

Full Moon & Energy work = NO!

Oh man… I was excited after the experience the night before. I did not even realized that when I do energy exercises that I should skip the Full Moon days… I mean literally it was so easy to feel energy last night, it was almost ridicules. I did all the exercises like brushing, sponging and stirring of energies and very quickly my feet activated and also the hands, which BTW. buzzed the whole night. I set my intentions on having an OOBE and I did everything I could to prepare myself.

After all the energy work that I’ve done I felt strong buzzing in my root chakra, it was on and off throbbing like crazy. I also felt my heart chakra sometimes going bonkers, but with all the sensations I learned to keep quiet and not let the overwhelming sensations take me off guard. I am well prepared to know which sensations can happen and so it makes it definitely easier to handle them, when they do come on.

However afterwards I tried to settle down and relax my body for the trance state. The energy continued pumping even though I did not do the exercises actively anymore. The lovely Awareness Momentum must have kicked in. I focused on my Third Eye and felt the throbbing sensation, after a while of lying still I also felt my heart chakra activate very strongly, it felt like racing very strongly. However the energy was so strong last night that I could not focus away from my body for  a long time. Every time I focused my awareness on bouncing through the room or swinging etc. I felt some weird energy sensations, such as tingling and pinpricks on my left foot ball. Or a rushing sensation of energy coming from the left leg etc.

After a while lying on my back I suddenly felt this pulsing pain in my elbows again, instead of resisting the pain I went there and energy wrapped the joints of my elbows, it made it less painful. But it was already too long and so I checked if I was actually deep in trance or not, by just sitting up. As I did this my upper body went up and I felt  a cracking sensation. I decided to take this chance to stretch my muscles and massage the elbows which felt like being worked out… I used the bathroom and lay back in bed, at that time it was already 1:00 am… So I thought okay, time for bed and some sleep. But NO I could not even fall asleep, because my mind was focused on staying awake for possible OOBE. And so it continued the whole night…

There was one incident in which I suddenly saw a vision screen in my Third Eye, this time the vision was kind of clear and I could actually focus on the things I saw. The first picture was a graphic of a feather kind of object, it was pointing with the tip of the feather to the left, there was a red highlight around the tip and something being written around it, what it was I do not know. After that I saw another vision of a pencil and it painted a symbol which I remembered, it looked like this:

Any idea what that is?

After that I focused on my third eye, which was throbbing again and I remember that I used the awareness hand exercise to brush the area and instead of going back and forth I suddenly painted the symbol of a star on my forehead, I actually felt the lines because of the focused awareness in that area. This star is what I painted:


But no OOBE and no sleep either… I could not fall asleep, because of the constant energy surges and tingling and sparkling everywhere. so yeah it was a sleepless night, but for odd reasons I am not tired this morning.

Meditation experience last night

After another random fight with my husband which really was not needed… But as always he found his ways to confront me sitting in front of a cafe… I don’t know why but he always finds reasons and ways to start confronting me when we are going someplace together. I actually told him yesterday that this exactly is the reason why I don’t go anywhere with him, because it’s so unpredictable if he suddenly is moody again or not. And if this happens on a vacation there is no escape and I get drained more and more being around this moody negative energy output…

after this whole drama I decided to sleep alone, it made sense anyway because it was the first day of my period and my stomach started pressuring a little bit. So I decided to do my nightly meditation. However I changed the way I do it. Since I am very clairsentience, meaning able to feel energies and shifts of energies. Instead of focusing on my breath I studied a little bit and found an amazing technique:

Steps in short form:

  • Lay down and relax as you usually do
  • Focus your awareness on the bottom of your feet and stay there for a while until they start tingling or you feel any sensations arising.
  • Then continue your way up your body and try to feel each area, it’s like a body scan
  • As soon you are ready with your whole body, your awareness should become sharp as a laser beam and very focused.
  • Now put your whole awareness on your strong hand and stay there, let nothing distract you and just stay on this hand.
  • If you get distracted or start falling asleep, pull the awareness back to the hand

This technique is actually amazing and because of the extreme awareness and focus on my hand I was not as much freaked out about the strong energy rushes and the heavy blanket feeling. However the universe finds other ways to distract me… The room last night was seriously cracking and banging more then ever… It literally sounded many times as if the cracks were coming from a source and then suddenly another crack someplace else in the room. I even heard a weird ping sound and a bang kind of sound like a knock on a hollow wall… These cracks and bangs are the only thing right now that still startle me… I have no idea why the room is cracking and making so much noise each time in meditation. If I just try to sleep I do not hear anything at all… I felt a few surges of energy and I really believed I could reach an OOBE, but it did not happen. I guess I need to continue for a while with this technique and see where it leads to.

Sleepless night, pressure, vision upon awakening

Yesterday it occurred to me that there was a Geomagnetic storm going on. Thanks to my friend Dayna I am always up to date about these sun flares and storms that sometimes just create extreme energetic sensations and reactions! And in fact the whole day I felt already a huge soreness on the top, back side of my head. Every time I would touch that spot it started hurting, like totally sensitive… on top of that I experienced major energy surges that also included my head this time! Sudden energy surges usually feel like electricity gone wild suddenly spreading in a specific body part and then growing up to the head. Sometimes these energetic surges would start at the head and then it literally feels as if cold air is being released with a sensation of strong energetic tingles and sparkles!

Then towards the evening it became stronger and actually the whole top back side of my head became sore to the touch and even more sore after each major energy surge. The went on into the night and the end result was that I could not meditate for real, I could not be quiet and stay in my back laying position as my head started pressuring. Then I did manage to fall asleep and I had a dream but all I could remember before waking up again was a spice rack hanging on the wall. As I woke up, I left my eyes closed and turned around from the left side to a back laying position in that moment I suddenly became aware of a vision download that started appearing in front of my closed eyes.

What I saw was a white pages with tons of information on it, mainly weird looking symbols, text that I could not read. So I remembered in that moment not to think what it means, but to consciously just being the observer. The page began to scroll and looked almost like the title beginning of a Star Wars movie. I saw more symbols and a bigger one which I kind of remember. It looked like a monument for a bridge some kind of.

I tried to paint it as best as I could remember:


Now I have no idea what a symbol like that would mean, but the fact that similar symbols appeared on this document probably means it’s important.

On top of all the pressure going on I also woke up many times just to scratch the whole top of my head as the tingling and sparkling really created itches!

Energetic intensity!

Okay I really have to post one more time for today before going to bed, because today is energy galore here for me… It began in the morning that I had intense sore spots on the top right side of my head. So sore though that my touch actually hurt… And it still does, it feels like someone hammered on my head during the night.

Then in the later morning hours I watched two energy transmission and activation videos by D’oyen Fraser who does a lot of energy work and help people with all kind of energetic blockages etc. The two videos were for the Triadic current. As I learned from him Kundalini is only one of the currents that can be activated. So I watched these videos on his YouTube channel. I did not feel anything at first, but afterwards I started feeling more and more how my own energy amped up again. I felt strong energetic surges along my spine, especially around the upper side of my back in between the two shoulder blades! Bringing one strong heart thumb with it.

Also I have a weird pattern of dots in my vision burned like it usually happens when I look into a light source for a few seconds. However these light dots have no source here in physicality, I did not look into anything that would create such a pattern of dots. I see the pattern glowing up when I blink my eyes really fast or just stare into space with a soft gaze, kind of unfocused!

Both of my upper top sides left and right of my head are pressuring. And I feel a strong energetic current crawling around on my head! It literally feels like slight breathes of air are accompanying it.

Later in the evening I started seeing tiny light orbs appearing, like I would write on my black keyboard and suddenly a blue light orb appeared right at the bottom of the keyboard! My husband came into my room and as I looked at him I could clearly see a white glow around him and with some focus through to the wall I saw green and turquoise patches of color around his neck area. It was like he was glowing. It seems the soft yellow light of my room helps seeing auras!

In the evening I suddenly started feeling a fizzling kind of tiny whirlwind vibration on my right temple, it actually felt like something was crawling there. I took the camera while this happened and shot a photo, but I could not see anything. So it was definitely energetic! I had this same feeling many times in the past at the back of my neck, base of skull and also in the hair around my left ear. Feels like something is fizzling energetically on your body!

We started watching a movie and I was leaned in the chair with my back at the chair lean. And every now and then I would suddenly feel a strong push in my upper back and energy surges literally pushed towards the outsides, feeling it as physical push at the chair lean. Same surges happen sometimes on my head.

Really an intense energetic day today and I have a feeling the night will bring a lot more!

Dreams: Surgery, Implant & Swimming pool

Last night I had some disturbing dreams. For one reason or another I would sort them into the nightmare category but I was oddly enough I was very distanced from these dreams. Such as acknowledging them but not being emotionally influenced by them. I had 2 dreams they always seem to appear in a set of two that I can remember very vividly!


In the first dream I find myself in the hands of yet another doctor. No idea what these surgery dreams mean, but the fact that they appear more and more tells me that there IS something in my subconscious mind that I cannot work through other than in my dreams! Very interesting that these are the dreams that I remember completely with all details!

I felt that the doctor was not there to protect me or to free me from something; I felt he wanted to do something to me. I remember very vividly that he tried to sting me with a long metallic needle. I see the needle up close on my arm and as I fight to get rid of his grab I see how the needle is pulled out and on my skin was a tiny red spot left like after doctors suck your blood!

(Interesting enough these tiny red dots appeared on my skin almost daily, they are very tiny really like needle marks and they are interestingly enough at the spots where I felt the most energy pulling and energetic movements. When I scratch these tiny little spots they go away. But after a second they appear again as if bleeding through. My right arm, see below, has 3 of these weird dots in a triangular shape.)


After the needle was pulled I suddenly saw something weird moving underneath my skin up the arm and towards the head. In that moment I suddenly was confronted with a x-ray screen of some sort. I looked at it and there was this little bug like creature sitting right in the cerebrum. Oddly enough I was not affected by it emotionally; otherwise I would have woken up out of panic. The bug did something and as I was forced to look at it I saw how it was removing its own head many times in a row and I actually made a comment on that in my dream, asking what is it doing it seems like it grows each time a new head. This insect almost looked like a cockroach… eww… But then something strange happened in the end while the creature grew bigger each time it removed its head suddenly the cocoon or whatever it was broke open and a full grown shepherd dog jumped out of that place. Completely out of context of everything so weird…


In the 2nd dream I saw something very disturbing and I have no idea how that is connected to the surgery dream, as it came right afterwards. I see two men one left and one on the right side of my husband. They all stand in front of a huge swimming pool that was above the ground. Suddenly they lift my husband up and throw him up and into the swimming pool. Jut that it did not work properly and instead of being thrown inside the pool my husband hit his back and fell on the ground. It appears that I cannot move because I am somehow forced to watch this whole scene… Suddenly they lift him up again and start another attempt of throwing him inside the pool. But this time I see how my husband almost went inside the pool but then he landed with his neck on the edge of the pool and hit the floor again, at this point panic overcame me and I actually thought they killed him as it looked like he broke his neck! I ran to my husband and hugged him. Screaming his name to see if he responds. And he did after a while. I remember being angry at these two other men who I cannot remember anymore. I have no idea what they were wearing, and even how they looked like.

My conclusion about the 2nd dream. Interestingly enough my husband is suffering from some back and neck pain since some time now. As it once happened with me somebody asked him how the neck pain started and my husband’s answer was “I just woke up in the morning”. The exact same reason it happened for me a couple of weeks ago! I was sleeping like I always do and as I woke up I suddenly have a stiff back and it hurts to move to the right side. The next day it moved into the neck and I had for 2 days the same problem as my husband as now for almost 3 weeks. He once described it to me “I don’t know what it is, someone is missing something here… I know every doctor said there is nothing wrong in my neck, but I feel this weird heaviness and pressure in my neck that goes up my head and then I feel this dizziness going on…

I think the dream could be an answer to what may have happened. However it was a weird reason to have neck and back pain from two men throwing you and hitting your back on a swimming pool edge!


Before I went to sleep last night I was meditating. I am still hoping to get more of these memory light flashes that show me things that I do not remember. One of these light flashes showed me a word in letters I did not know, it looked very foreign to me and I remember that there was a weird looking E in this word. Funny yesterday I saw an interview of an abductee and he explained every time “THEY” took him he found himself in a white room with softly lit yellow light and there was a screen in front of them. He learned a language that THEY use and he was supposed to learn it and find the human alphabet in order to communicate. And when I saw this board with the ET language my jaw dropped, because a few of these symbols looked exactly like what I remember from one of my vision flashes!

In my meditation I suddenly felt a weird feeling inside my head, as if my head was actually falling in a void. I always somehow interrupt this feeling, because as soon I get conscious of it, it stops right away. However I fell somehow asleep afterwards and do not remember anything until I got these weird dreams.

Dreams: Man in Black, gift economy

Experiences from the night:

Last night I had some very strong energetic experiences. I read a lot about the abduction theories and from other people who went through it and are still part of it. Supposedly they do not need to be present in physical form, they can work on the body in a weird metaphysical way. They change DNA and even implant through an etheric dimension. Which makes sense because none of the abductees ever saw a mark or wound that would suggest how an implant got into the skin! No scars, nothing. Why? Because they are there just not physical, they are working from another dimension and break down the metaphysical structure of the body and then work inside. We feel it as if it was physical!

Back story, before I could hear these ear sounds and after my Awakening I was sitting at my computer working as I suddenly felt the air become very dense beside my left ear, I actually felt something entering my ear! The same happened a few times already with my nostrils, it’s like some kind of dense energy is entering my nose, which brought a lot of sneezing attacks with it. I know that something happened to me when I finally Awoke!

I felt a lot of pulsing going on in my head last night, as well as my heart and legs. There was one moment when my head felt as if it was going to explode any moment and after that I felt a gentle touch on my forehead, it literally felt like something was stroking over my forehead!

At the same moment my legs suddenly jerked up and the ringing in the ears was very clear and louder than usual. I have a feeling sooner or later I will put all the missing pieces together and then I will remember!

DREAM 1: A weird job & a man in Black suit

I was looking for a job that I could enjoy and I found myself in a store I never went to before. I was talking to someone in that store and asked for the job that was being hired for. So this man guided me to a back door inside the store and as soon as he opened that door I found myself in a room that looked kind of like a class room. It had many chair rows and the room was already filled with tons of people, young and old. Some were standing and some sitting. I remember looking at the huge crowd of people and acknowledging them with nodding my head. Then my gaze fell on what they all were doing. They were preparing some kind of baking mixture, rolling with wooden rolling pins and shaping the baking mixture in some kind of form. Then my gaze fell on a man sitting in front of everybody else, like a teacher of some sort. Oddly enough he was all dressed up in a black suit, completely out of context of the environment we were sitting in. All was full of dust and crumbles of baking mixtures and this guy sits there with a black suit… (Weird though, because the picture of persons in black follows me since childhood inside my dreams. I am usually running away from them). This man in black looked at me and explained what was needed for this backing mixture to take form of the shape that he chose. He pointed his finger towards a white wall and there was this weird face with an abnormal wide lower Jaw. It was the face and shape of a man and supposedly we were indoctrinated to create this shape out of the mixture. I looked closer at the face shape and thought to myself, “what a weird face, what’s up with this extreme wide jaw structure?”

At that moment my dream shifted and brought me to the next dream.

DREAM 2: Another job, suggesting gift economy

In the next dream I was looking for another job this time it was inside a store that I actually know. I read about an interesting concept that Sprouts Farmers Market were working on and different stores had this idea to give customers some kind of ticket, whenever they would buy Rice Milk from the store! I remember that it was an amazing job, because all you had to do was stand as a cashier and whenever a customer bought Rice Milk I would give them a ticket for a free dinner at Sprouts! And I would earn money for giving the tickets away!

The first store I went into and asked if they still offer this job informed me that they do not have these tickets anymore and do not offer that job. So I went to another Sprouts Market and got the job. I was also informed that the other manager from the other location obviously still had the tickets but decided to commit fraud by holding on to the free tickets for himself…

I remember working at the store and giving tons of free tickets to all the customers who bought Rice Milk. And in the end of the dream I remember seeing the huge backside of the store were all the amazing food for dinner was stored and everybody who got a ticket got a free dinner! It was an amazing dream and totally in contrast to the one from before.