Dream: water, toilets, group meeting

As if my dreams cannot be any weirder… But this just happened last night. I fell asleep from within my meditation I suppose as I was aware of a very weird dream going on! The theme of the last 3 dreams seems to be element related. 1. FIRE, 2 WATER.

DREAM: water, toilets, group meeting

The dream started ordinary in a place that was actually beautiful, green lawn everywhere, kind of like a park or something like that. I remember I came from someplace and tried to get through this park, I suppose I wanted to go someplace. But I was stuck in place as I approached a weird space. There was a huge rectangular swimming pool in the ground. There were tons of people all around and I remember that there was a man going around checking around the pool. But what is weird about this was that around the swimmingpool there were at least 10 toilet seats placed into the ground directly around the pool. Which was so strange to see… There were actually girls sitting on these toilet seats, bottoms uncovered…

I remember trying to find an indoor bathroom and I went from one place to the next and could not find anything at all. All I got was weird looks as if I was not knowing what the rules were for this place. I have no idea why everybody looked at my like I was a ghost or something else…

As I went outside again I actually got close to this pool and the toilet seats… I checked it out further and recognized that the girls who were sitting on these seats where doing some kind of “ritual” the man who was circling around the pool had a bottle with some weird orange liquid, kind of like a liquid soap. He poured this substance on the abdomen of the females and they needed to wash their female parts with this. It got even weirder. As I suddenly decided without much of a choice kind of. I sat down on one of these seats and the man dripped the substance on my abdomen and I used my hands to wash myself down there… I saw how the substance built a lot of foam.

After this scene I got up and wanted to get away from this place. I tried to run over the lawn towards the entrance as I suddenly was stopped by a young girl, she had blonde hair and asked me a question about the place, she was obviously searching for something. I told her something, but I forgot what exactly I said. as I continued another young girl with long brown hair and eyes came towards me and asked me about something she was looking for. She asked me if I knew where I can find a “Smart Pocket“. I asked her “Smart Pocket???” I then told her that I am not actually working here and I just wanted to leave.

But then it became funny, I was back around the pool and I suddenly saw Dayna and Karin. Two friends of mine from Facebook! Dayna came towards me and we hugged each other. Karin came as well and looked at us, as Dayna suddenly said “I really hope my husband does not sell all my stuff on “BlueBay” while I am here.” I looked at her and asked “BlueBay?” It’s weird because it could have been Ebay but she really said BlueBay! I did not know what to say, so I told her “No I do not think he would do that!” For whatever reason I suddenly turned around and walked away, as I observed that Karin who was standing in front of Dayna looked at me while I disappeared. That’s when I actually awoke this morning.

I just tried to find out what BlueBay means! and it is two different things.
1. BlueBay Asset Management
2. BlueBay Spa and Resort

But there are actually many more resorts with that name, However I never saw that name before!


Another weird dream

Tonight I finally had a dream again that I can remember even the next morning! My husband got hit in the meantime with yet another cold, but this time it seems to be Virus related… That means he is already sick for a month now… The dream was nice at first and then turned to a nightmare!

DREAM: Musical, Ride, Threat for death

The beginning of the dream was like an overlook at something. I saw my husband’s music in a musical setting. He composed one of the many Phantom of the Opera movies and I suddenly saw a stage for a big musical and all the stage decor etc. It was just magical!

As the dream shifted I was on my way back someplace and I saw this black car. Which I jumped into. It was most likely  a Lyft ride, but I was the passenger! As I got into the car the inside suddenly morphed and it became a square room. Like literally it did not look like the inside of a car anymore! There was a square table and a man sat on the left in front of me and a woman on the right! As I looked at everything I realized that there were suddenly steering-wheels coming out of the table. The woman took the wheel and started driving. The dream felt very real to me. I looked out of the window while driving and my gaze suddenly fell on the curb, there was a big crow screaming at 2 grey cats (lol grey??? hmmm) As I looked closer I saw that the crow was protecting a couple of baby crows! And I said out loud “Oh my goodness baby crows!

Suddenly the dream shifted and we arrive at my car, as we got out of theirs the car outside just looked like a normal black car again. They came out and looked at my windshield and saw the Lyft trade dress. They asked me questions and there was mysteriously some kind of cellphone lying on my dashboard on the right side beneath the lyft logo. Also some kind of note with weird letters and numbers and they asked me about these… But I have no idea how it continued from here, as the dream suddenly shifted.

I suddenly saw a man, he had short hair, looked really, really mad and insane! He had a fire-thrower and was trying to burn someone or something. I got scared but at the same moment I wanted to help the person/thing that he tried to burn, as the thrower suddenly started acting up and no flames came out anymore I ran towards him and tried to knock him down. Sadly that did not work very well for me and he looked at me and tried to grab me. In that moment I caught an hose and pointed it at him, some fluid came out and into his eyes. But he didn’t care and tried to grab hold on me. I felt scared and panicked. As he knocked me down and tried to strangle me I was screaming in my dream. Until to the last moment when my husband suddenly appeared and knocked him over. I don’t remember anything from here on. I have no idea what happened, if I woke up or something else… But this was a terrifying experience…

Dream: Huge fight and anger

Last night I slept alone to let my husband rest some more. He has a cold and I do not want to get it as well, especially not when he goes to Pittsburgh next Monday for 12 days. So I listened to a Binaural Beat for Astral Projection that was 1 hour long. But nothing happened, however I heard the clicking noise on my left ear, even though I had earphones in! After 1 hour I must have fallen asleep as I suddenly jerk up with a deep gasp of air. As I realized the binaural beat stopped… I tried again without any earphones just in silence to get something, anything out of it. But nothing happened.

At some point I fell asleep again and then I had a terrible dream that once again involved my mother and a third person who was a man who was visiting her or something.

In the dream we suddenly started talking about the changes of the earth and how many people are leaving right now. The third person was totally in to it and agreed with what was being said and I too was excited that someone finally understood all of this. Everything was being said and I explained to both of them what I experience and regardless of what was being said, my mother suddenly looked at me and told me in my face “Maybe you should go to a doctor and let him check it out” I don’t know why but I got so angry at her for saying this after all we have just talked about. It was like it went over her head and she just said what she wanted to say to begin with…

The dream brought out anger so strong that I actually felt during the dream the madness and anger that I felt during this scene. I think it was a clearing of the anger emotion, because it was so clear to me that I felt anger during that scene. We were literally screaming at each other, while the man just sat there in between us and did not say a word…

Dream: my father, death and despair

Oh man… It was such an amazing evening with my husbands performance and the beautiful concert. However we had a guest over for 3 days and he stood at our home and I felt so burned out after all that was finished. I was driving people up and down the hill as the parking was not optimal at this location… Later our guest suggested that we go out again around 10 PM for a movie, but I could not do it. I was just too tired and burned out. My husband is complaining for 3 days now about this constant pressure and puffiness pain in his right side, below the rib cage… I just needed rest.

So meditation wasn’t going to happen, however I tried as long as I could to tune into the subtle ringing sound that I especially can hear in total silence. I heard the tone and I also observed that the frequency changed almost all the time, it is never the same tone! Sometimes like bells, sometimes a tapping water drip tone and many times morse clicking codes come through! Then I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare that believe it or not continued through the whole night, or at least it felt that way…

Dream: my father, death and despair

In the dream it was mainly about my father who died 2013 with age 51… Nobody knows really what he died from. However he suddenly from one day to the next started hearing voices and hid from creatures or phantoms that we could not see… My mother was afraid of this and send him to the psychs… After that they got divorced and my father moved into his own apartment 6 weeks later… However I was living in the USA already of course. When I got the call from my mother someday that my father was found lying dead in his bathroom.. . 😦

The dream showed me the bad things that were going on with my father and then on top of that my mother died in the dream. The whole dream went around that scenario I don’t know but I felt like I cried for real during the most scenes. Then the dream shifted again and I saw my grandfather who started writing something and my mother in form of spirit moved his fingers to write a letter, but he did not let his fingers lose and used control so she pushed him to loosen his fingers and hands. The dream shifted again and somebody placed a hand on top of my mothers solar plexus chakra and said “she is not what you think she is, she is a demon, do not engage with her

I don’t remember much of the dream, but it literally felt like it went on and on and on… Made me feel terrible this morning.

New Year starts with huge BANG

Well I did not expect it to be like that honestly… I was feeling from my heart that the new year would be amazing and full of surprises. But I did not in 1000 years envision that the New Year would start out with a huge bang… Yesterday a friend of mine (Karin) told me about breaking things and not knowing what one is really doing, like a baby fresh in the world. And then in the evening I had my own share of breaking. In a literal sense actually…

My husband decided to take a nap in the early evening and slept actually until 6 PM or so. I felt and knew that he was kind of down again. A lot of it actually always comes when there is a huge M Class Flare, which happened yesterday according to my friend (Dayna) who thankfully always posts the newest activities. So as the evening got older and older I heard my husband wake up and opening his laptop. I thought I will go to him and greet him with compassion. So I wanted to get inside the bed and said to him “Did you have a good rest?” Without any evil or bad intentions. But he then shut off his laptop again and did not look at me and said “Are you blind?“.

I asked “why?“. And he started again with his depressed talk and said “I don’t know, I think I am too much for you! You just don’t know me at all…” I don’t want to write the whole fight here, but the end result was a huge argument about understanding and duplication. And of course he used triggers again that were from the past. Which I thought we already let behind us… Also we had an argument about what EGO is.

My husband said again as if he knew everything better “Do you actually know what ego is? Many people just use it because someone invented it a long time ago… I studied everything about it” (He said the same about Kundalini BTW.) “Sigmund Freud invented it, I read all about it.” Then I interrupted him “Do you actually know him? Did you meet with him?” He shook his head and I continued “Then how can you say these things? Sigmund Freud was one of the people who had a Spiritual Awakenings otherwise he would have never come up with it in first place.” Anyway it continued like crazy and he actually said “Maybe you should leave me, maybe you would be more happy with someone who is never depressed and all floating over clouds… However these people are usually not very aware…” I just had enough of this and threw a few things at him that he needed to swallow on…

To not make this whole thing too long I would like to write about a dream I had in the night after the fight. It was another one of these very realistic dreams and I actually had the feeling I was really there. Everything felt so clear and real.

DREAM: Joe, Car ride, Accident, Fall, Surviving

The dream started out in a bar kind of setting. I was standing at the bar and Joe or someone who looked exactly like him stood right beside me. I  approached him and talked to him a while. He told me that he would be going for 4 weeks to visit his daughter. I asked him, if he was married. Somehow I never got an answer to that question though.

As the dream shifted and we both were riding in a car along a mountain road. I was sitting on the passenger seat and he was driving. My seat was very close to the front and I always needed to look back when I wanted to look at him. He smiled and said I should move it back a little bit. So I did and was then on the same level as him seat wise. In the dream I looked a few times in his direction and then came the moment. I suddenly see the road in front of us and I see how the car loses control and jumps over a mountain cliff.

Suddenly another shift in the dream and we were falling like we actually jumped with the whole car out of a plane or something else. I saw the whole landscape underneath us through the windshield and I was terrified by this fast approach towards earth. Something suddenly snapped. I think I took control of the dream here. Before we reached the ground and would have been smashed to pieces I decided in perfect timing to open the passenger door and jump out with a roll down the hill. As the car behind me crashed and probably killed the man (Joe or not, I have no idea who he was).

After that the dream shifted and I do not remember what happened in this part, but I think I tried to explain to people what happened and that he won’t come back.

It was a very dramatic dream and the fall actually did something, as I am pretty sure without control of the scene the car would have killed both of us.

Burning of the Christmas Tree

This year we did not have a Christmas tree so it was kind of funny actually that I would dream about one, while Christmas was already over and the new year started. We came back from a New Years Eve party with friends at around 2:30 Am… ugh I was so tired and the alcohol did not do any good either… They wanted everyone to say a prayer for the New Year in our mother languages and there were a lot of languages in the room! So after each prayer we had to drink a sip of Champagne. Man I was so full of that stuff… And it was way too much for me…

As we returned home we went straight to bed to just get some rest after such a long evening. However I did manage to meditate a little while on my Third Eye this time. I felt the energetic shivers and surges in my spine and also my Third Eye was kind of fluttering.

After some time I must have fallen asleep. Shortly before the morning wake up however I had a short dream that I remember.

DREAM: Burning Christmas tree

I saw a Christmas tree that was kind of electric. It was not a natural tree. A person wanted to burn the tree and do something with it no idea what though… I saw how the top of the tree started burning down, flames surrounded the top and slowly worked there way down. But as the flames reached further down I suddenly interrupted her and said kind of in panic “Stop it before it reaches the cables inside, it will burst the whole house in flames if that happens!” This was the moment when the dream disappeared and my husband woke me up.

Another strange dream

Yesterday was Wednesday so the day for me to sleep alone. Before I actually went to bed, we watched another movie… Since my husband is a movie composer and receives all the movies of the year, we usually watch them at the end of the year. Last evening we watched a movie called “Youth“. It was my turn to pick a movie out of the mixed row.
However I never know what I will grab as the movies are all backwards and no titles can be seen so it is always a surprise. The movie was oddly enough directly connected to husbands and my life. It was about an old man who once was a composer and conductor. He went to a Retreat and his daughter visited him and there was a moment when the daughter was on the floor, because her boyfriend left her for another woman and said “The woman was good in bed“.
There was a scene when the man (Fred) and his Daughter (Lena) were lying in a mud bath and he told her I am so sorry Lena, I understand you. And suddenly she went ahead and told him how little he understands, that he was always only interested in music, never hugged, kissed or appreciated his wife, never brought her flowers in 10 years etc. When I watched this scene, I was in awe, as it represents exactly how I feel. No coincidence that I caught this movie!
Then there was a scene where Fred and his friend made jokes about the monk who was meditating all day. And he said to the monk “you will never levitate!” In that moment I was somehow in a different state or something no idea, but I suddenly heard a very clear frequency pitch on my right ear. Instead of listening to it, I tried to focus on my heart center. But I did not know what it meant. Later in the movie however they showed that the monk indeed started levitating! Maybe the ring was a message that the said sentence was a lie.

When I finally went to bed, I was lying on my back and it was so cold, even while I completely tugged myself inside the blankets, the mattress once again would not get warmer, my knees started hurting because of the cold… And instead of staying awake and enduring the cold, I tried to fall asleep quickly. And I did, when I suddenly found myself having a very strange dream.

DREAM: Man with Blonde hair, Friend, marriage

I sadly do not remember the whole dream, but key elements were that I was together with a man who had blonde hair. Funny this blonde hair men with blue eyes come up every single time! Then a friend of ours visited us, she is a good girl and lives together with her boyfriend in Sardinia. So the dream now made no sense anymore. She looked at me while we were standing someplace and she asked me if we could move in together, but not only that, she also asked that we could then get married. And that’s when the dream suddenly got interrupted, because the alarm of my phone went off… I was completely perplexed and wanted to tell her that this was not possible. But before I could do so, I was kicked out of it.