Another weird dream

Tonight I finally had a dream again that I can remember even the next morning! My husband got hit in the meantime with yet another cold, but this time it seems to be Virus related… That means he is already sick for a month now… The dream was nice at first and then turned to a nightmare!

DREAM: Musical, Ride, Threat for death

The beginning of the dream was like an overlook at something. I saw my husband’s music in a musical setting. He composed one of the many Phantom of the Opera movies and I suddenly saw a stage for a big musical and all the stage decor etc. It was just magical!

As the dream shifted I was on my way back someplace and I saw this black car. Which I jumped into. It was most likely  a Lyft ride, but I was the passenger! As I got into the car the inside suddenly morphed and it became a square room. Like literally it did not look like the inside of a car anymore! There was a square table and a man sat on the left in front of me and a woman on the right! As I looked at everything I realized that there were suddenly steering-wheels coming out of the table. The woman took the wheel and started driving. The dream felt very real to me. I looked out of the window while driving and my gaze suddenly fell on the curb, there was a big crow screaming at 2 grey cats (lol grey??? hmmm) As I looked closer I saw that the crow was protecting a couple of baby crows! And I said out loud “Oh my goodness baby crows!

Suddenly the dream shifted and we arrive at my car, as we got out of theirs the car outside just looked like a normal black car again. They came out and looked at my windshield and saw the Lyft trade dress. They asked me questions and there was mysteriously some kind of cellphone lying on my dashboard on the right side beneath the lyft logo. Also some kind of note with weird letters and numbers and they asked me about these… But I have no idea how it continued from here, as the dream suddenly shifted.

I suddenly saw a man, he had short hair, looked really, really mad and insane! He had a fire-thrower and was trying to burn someone or something. I got scared but at the same moment I wanted to help the person/thing that he tried to burn, as the thrower suddenly started acting up and no flames came out anymore I ran towards him and tried to knock him down. Sadly that did not work very well for me and he looked at me and tried to grab me. In that moment I caught an hose and pointed it at him, some fluid came out and into his eyes. But he didn’t care and tried to grab hold on me. I felt scared and panicked. As he knocked me down and tried to strangle me I was screaming in my dream. Until to the last moment when my husband suddenly appeared and knocked him over. I don’t remember anything from here on. I have no idea what happened, if I woke up or something else… But this was a terrifying experience…


March 15, 2015 – The crow whisperer

Last night I was lying alone in my bed and just scanning through my body, I tried to consciously bring my awareness to a point where I could hopefully feel the subtle energy flows. Since days ongoing now I don’t feel tactile energy movements anymore and I was wondering what was going on. While I relaxed lying on my back, I just stared in the darkness with my eyes open. I very fast could see the purple light swirls and a red hue at the spot where I focused my gaze. This is the same colored light that I see with my eyes closed. Also we watched a movie from Disney yesterday. It was “Big Hero 6” a great animation movie and those who saw it, will know what happens at the end. As soon I saw the dimensional gate in the movie and the colors that they chose for it, I knew right away that this must come from the truth. Because these lights of purple and blue, which were dominant, were the same lights that I see with my eyes closed!

While I was just relaxing I suddenly heard a deep tuned flute sound sounds like this a little bit: ( This sound shut off the white noise on my left ear and it was like being tuned into some kind of channel. But the flute sound disappeared afterwards and I could hear once again the white noise and the subtle racing whistle sound. This sound is always present.

At some point I must have fallen asleep. Early in the morning however I started dreaming again and for some reason the most memorable dreams always happen shortly before I actually wake up!


This dream was not like the others, it had no start and no end. It was just IT. I saw a tall, young man. This time it was not a dream about myself. The man had blonde, very short hair and blue eyes! It would have not been a special dream if it wasn’t for the fact, that I could hear at some point a crows call. You all know it, this persistent and very loud CAW CAW. The thing was, it did not come from a crow. The man was doing these sounds and sounded exactly like one of the black birds. After some time they started responding to him and the whole dream was about crows and how this man could call them. I remember that he used the crow call once to save someone, who got attacked by a robber or something. He called the crows and they would attack the robber. They did not hurt him, but they scared him enough to just run away.

Like I said, the dream had not end, I just woke up in the morning when the alarm of my cellphone rang. I have no explanation as such what the dream could have meant. But it was definitely something else. As it was the first time I did not see myself. I followed the whole time this blonde haired man with the blue eyes.