Dream: water, toilets, group meeting

As if my dreams cannot be any weirder… But this just happened last night. I fell asleep from within my meditation I suppose as I was aware of a very weird dream going on! The theme of the last 3 dreams seems to be element related. 1. FIRE, 2 WATER.

DREAM: water, toilets, group meeting

The dream started ordinary in a place that was actually beautiful, green lawn everywhere, kind of like a park or something like that. I remember I came from someplace and tried to get through this park, I suppose I wanted to go someplace. But I was stuck in place as I approached a weird space. There was a huge rectangular swimming pool in the ground. There were tons of people all around and I remember that there was a man going around checking around the pool. But what is weird about this was that around the swimmingpool there were at least 10 toilet seats placed into the ground directly around the pool. Which was so strange to see… There were actually girls sitting on these toilet seats, bottoms uncovered…

I remember trying to find an indoor bathroom and I went from one place to the next and could not find anything at all. All I got was weird looks as if I was not knowing what the rules were for this place. I have no idea why everybody looked at my like I was a ghost or something else…

As I went outside again I actually got close to this pool and the toilet seats… I checked it out further and recognized that the girls who were sitting on these seats where doing some kind of “ritual” the man who was circling around the pool had a bottle with some weird orange liquid, kind of like a liquid soap. He poured this substance on the abdomen of the females and they needed to wash their female parts with this. It got even weirder. As I suddenly decided without much of a choice kind of. I sat down on one of these seats and the man dripped the substance on my abdomen and I used my hands to wash myself down there… I saw how the substance built a lot of foam.

After this scene I got up and wanted to get away from this place. I tried to run over the lawn towards the entrance as I suddenly was stopped by a young girl, she had blonde hair and asked me a question about the place, she was obviously searching for something. I told her something, but I forgot what exactly I said. as I continued another young girl with long brown hair and eyes came towards me and asked me about something she was looking for. She asked me if I knew where I can find a “Smart Pocket“. I asked her “Smart Pocket???” I then told her that I am not actually working here and I just wanted to leave.

But then it became funny, I was back around the pool and I suddenly saw Dayna and Karin. Two friends of mine from Facebook! Dayna came towards me and we hugged each other. Karin came as well and looked at us, as Dayna suddenly said “I really hope my husband does not sell all my stuff on “BlueBay” while I am here.” I looked at her and asked “BlueBay?” It’s weird because it could have been Ebay but she really said BlueBay! I did not know what to say, so I told her “No I do not think he would do that!” For whatever reason I suddenly turned around and walked away, as I observed that Karin who was standing in front of Dayna looked at me while I disappeared. That’s when I actually awoke this morning.

I just tried to find out what BlueBay means! and it is two different things.
1. BlueBay Asset Management
2. BlueBay Spa and Resort

But there are actually many more resorts with that name, However I never saw that name before!


Another weird dream

Tonight I finally had a dream again that I can remember even the next morning! My husband got hit in the meantime with yet another cold, but this time it seems to be Virus related… That means he is already sick for a month now… The dream was nice at first and then turned to a nightmare!

DREAM: Musical, Ride, Threat for death

The beginning of the dream was like an overlook at something. I saw my husband’s music in a musical setting. He composed one of the many Phantom of the Opera movies and I suddenly saw a stage for a big musical and all the stage decor etc. It was just magical!

As the dream shifted I was on my way back someplace and I saw this black car. Which I jumped into. It was most likely  a Lyft ride, but I was the passenger! As I got into the car the inside suddenly morphed and it became a square room. Like literally it did not look like the inside of a car anymore! There was a square table and a man sat on the left in front of me and a woman on the right! As I looked at everything I realized that there were suddenly steering-wheels coming out of the table. The woman took the wheel and started driving. The dream felt very real to me. I looked out of the window while driving and my gaze suddenly fell on the curb, there was a big crow screaming at 2 grey cats (lol grey??? hmmm) As I looked closer I saw that the crow was protecting a couple of baby crows! And I said out loud “Oh my goodness baby crows!

Suddenly the dream shifted and we arrive at my car, as we got out of theirs the car outside just looked like a normal black car again. They came out and looked at my windshield and saw the Lyft trade dress. They asked me questions and there was mysteriously some kind of cellphone lying on my dashboard on the right side beneath the lyft logo. Also some kind of note with weird letters and numbers and they asked me about these… But I have no idea how it continued from here, as the dream suddenly shifted.

I suddenly saw a man, he had short hair, looked really, really mad and insane! He had a fire-thrower and was trying to burn someone or something. I got scared but at the same moment I wanted to help the person/thing that he tried to burn, as the thrower suddenly started acting up and no flames came out anymore I ran towards him and tried to knock him down. Sadly that did not work very well for me and he looked at me and tried to grab me. In that moment I caught an hose and pointed it at him, some fluid came out and into his eyes. But he didn’t care and tried to grab hold on me. I felt scared and panicked. As he knocked me down and tried to strangle me I was screaming in my dream. Until to the last moment when my husband suddenly appeared and knocked him over. I don’t remember anything from here on. I have no idea what happened, if I woke up or something else… But this was a terrifying experience…

Intense energy rushes, another weird dream

Last evening we were invited to a friend’s Christmas home party, it was so nice and all those beautiful decorations, this kicked in the spirit of Christmas big time. After a beautiful gathering we decided to go home. I took a bath and it was Wednesday so it was my sleeping alone day.

I started out again lying on the back. I closed my eyes and decided to focus on my Heart Center straight from the beginning. The feeling was not as intense anymore as the last 2 days. However after a few minutes of doing so I suddenly got literally flooded by intense shivery energy rushes and surges, all along my spine, chest, arms, sometimes even the legs and in between the legs (don’t need to go there lol) These rushes can only be described as a cool, tingling that gets released and floods the area with shivers and sparkles. That’s the only way I can describe it. However I did not manage to get warm or even heat up the mattress I was lying on. Since it was so cold I turned around and pulled myself under the blanket in fetus position. After some time of struggle to fall asleep because of the cold, I finally managed to do so.

Dream: Intense Roller Coaster, no belt, black bear, looping & all kinds of meat

The dream was of the strange and weird kind. And finally I can remember them again, took a long time! The beginning of the dream was that I and 2-3 other people decided to go to a Sea World Park. However not Sea World as we know it. It’s more like an amusement park! I did not find a car to drive with so I used a tiny scooter and went the whole way kicking with my right leg. When I finally arrived I met with the other persons who came with a car…

We decided to go on this Roller Coaster. I remember sitting down while everybody put their safety belts on. I sat down and wanted to do the same, as suddenly a tiny creature entered the wagon we sat in. The creature was a tiny black bear. He sat in front of me and lifted his paw. I was so amazed at this that I touched his paw. Suddenly another guy with blonde hair and blue eyes came inside and stole my seat. I suddenly found myself sitting on the floor. And pressed myself between the legs of my friends. Without safety belt. As the Roller Coaster came to move, I suddenly got scared, I had no idea what kind of ride this was. And so I grasped the poles left and right beside me and was facing backwards to the actual ride. So I did not see what actually was happening. However it became very fast clear to me that this damn ride had loops! And I was sitting there facing backwards, no safety belts and screaming my lungs out. As I actually did feel the free fall feeling of the loop. This whole thing continued for 2-3 times then somebody decided to finally stop the ride of hell… We all got out of that thing save! Thanks god…

However this guy who stole my seat followed us to a nearby restaurant and everybody ordered as if they knew this place like their own vest pocket… I just looked at how fast the food came out and all of them had meat. Huge amounts of meat. One of them had a whole chunk of a leg of something… Another one had something more ground like beef or so. And as I tried to choose this blonde guy tried to suggest to me to take the chicken curry… But I was undecided and just stood there like s stupid person not knowing what to do…

However I think the dream ended then because the alarm went off this morning. What a weird dream…

PS. funny enough I have a weird ache in my right upper leg today. It’s not really the hip I think. It’s more deep in the bone, however it is not… It’s difficult to describe but when I walk it is not comfortable. Seems like more of the right body side goes through release and change.

The landing of the wall!

Well tonight was a night full of mysterious dreams. But one of them stood out and is stuck in my head, like I literally experienced it first hand. The dream had absolutely nothing to do with my daily life and experiences and yet it combined many things in it that I was interested in throughout the last couple of months! The dream was not only surreal, it was also literally screaming for a WAKE ME UP call. Yet it did not manage to make me lucid or bring an OOBE to me. But let’s begin with the dream, that I remember.

DREAM: The landing of the wall

I remember in the beginning of the dream I was together with an old friend of ours. (I will call her S.) We were on the way over a huge parking lot and headed towards a huge building. I am not sure where this was and what kind of building it actually was. But it was HUGE!
As we walked towards the door, something caught my interest. I looked towards the right side, up to the sky. It was close to sunset and the sky was kind of dark. But I saw something that looked amazing. It was this weird light spectacle that we heard the last couple of weeks so much about. People said it was a missile or rocket test of some sort. It started as a rainbow colored light streak and was always in motion, until it broke in two and created a circle. I was in awe seeing this phenomenon with my own eyes! I stood still and pointed towards it, as S. looked up she was surprised and asked me what this is. I shook my head, I had no idea what it was or could be. All I knew was that it looked beautiful and kind of hypnotic. Then I saw the sky around it shifting like there were suddenly movements in the sky and I started seeing all kind of colored mandalas and other light forms. Again I was in awe about this spectacular sight!

I suddenly got the idea to get my camera to shoot photos and I told S. “I am sorry I never have my camera with me when things like this happen, I will get it now.” I was literally excited and ran into the building and came out very quick with my camera, funny enough I do not remember how I got the camera, was like the dream skipped that part. I just came out with it in my hands! Then I point it towards the sky and the light show. But as I looked through the camera screen I could not see the light spectacle, it was like gone. I was surprised and took the camera down, as I looked with my own eyes up the sky, the lights were becoming very dark and out of nowhere 2-3 dark colored helicopters appeared and approached the ground, they came out of thin air!!!

We all stood there stuck in place looking up towards the helicopters that were about to land. As the helicopters landed, a lot of men with dark colored uniforms without markings jumped out. They were obviously armed. They started shooting at the people around us, many fell. I managed with S. to hide and run away, but we were closely followed by them. Suddenly I lost S. And was on my own.

I remember hiding in crawl position behind all these many cars on the parking lot. I was crawling behind a car and there was this girl with long brown hair. She saw me and I lifted my hand and did “Psst” So these men would not hear us. Then my gaze turned to the left side and I looked up the sky. I saw a white refrigerator falling down from the sky. As it hit the ground further away on the lot, I got overwhelmed by panic as my gaze fell upon the other approaching objects, as they suddenly became bigger. I saw cars approaching and Tiny UFO shaped objects, all hitting the ground around us. I suddenly stood there and screamed hand at my head “This must be a dream!!!” Yet I do not understand that nothing happened with this realization, I did not go OOBE or Lucid. It just continue…

As I crawled around the cars back towards the building. I somehow ran into a crowd of these dark colored uniform men. One saw me and he pointed his long gun at me. I got scared and thought that’s it. But he did not shoot me. As I reached the building another man pointed his gun at me and I saw myself trying to jump around to not get hit. But he shot me in the stomach, just to find that the bullet jumped off me, because I suddenly had a bullet proof west around my chest O.o.

As I went inside the building I saw that many people stood in a line, I did not see S. anymore. But there was another boy from my childhood (Thomas) I heard one of the men in uniform say “This is it, you guys are free to go, we are done here…” I stood in the line and asked Thomas if he saw these weird lights before all this happened. I told him what I saw in the beginning and then suddenly helicopters approached this place. And he said: “It was the landing of the wall.“Before I could ask what he means with that I was thrown in another scene, just before the helicopters approached, I suddenly saw the lights again and then how 3 helicopters placed a huge rounded tower on top of the building before they landed. The tower looked like a round wall…

Again I have no idea what this dream means, but it as more surreal than anything I ever dreamed about before, that’s for sure!

Dream & ebb phase

Well my period kicked in now and since 2-3 days I have an ebb phase again… I dread these 5 days when nothing seems to happen energetic wise. It’s always the same pattern. However this sluggishness of energy does not stop me from doing my energy awareness exercises. So I stimulated the feet, legs, hands and arms and raised energy from my feet and hands to store it into the Sub-Navel Storage. Interestingly enough I think the energy work erased the pains that I always had during my period. I did not have any abdominal cramping so far, which is amazing as I usually have this the first day. Thank god!

After the stimulation of my tertiary energy channels and storage center. I started stimulating the chakras one by one from the Root upwards! I felt all of them, but something was different, instead of buzzing I felt this time a weird heaviness or better saying some kind of weight on the chakra centers. On each center I was working on I had some kind of a vision very quickly flash up in my visual screen. In the root chakra I saw a person flashing up just for 1/2 second. And this happened with the lower three chakras. But what exactly I saw is not clear, as the flashes of visions were extremely fast!

After this I just lay there and further relaxed to meditate and try for OOBE if the sensations would arise. But nothing… No heavy energy blanket feeling, no rush of energy. It seems as if my whole energy body is shut down. Ergo I do not even feel the electrical current buzzing in my spine right now…

DREAM: Cousin, UFO or light sphere

So I fell asleep and had a short dream before wake up time. I dreamed about my cousin Nadine. We did not have contact for a long time and for some reason she showed up here in our house in L.A. We were looking out the window and I suddenly started seeing a weird glowing thing in the sky. Close look revealed a sphere with 4 different light sources, kind of like a sphere with 4 smaller ones attached to it. It had the colors green, yellow, Orange and Red I think. It was rotating and slowly moving from the right to the left! I pointed at it and asked my cousin “what is that? do you see it?” But somehow I got distracted and it disappeared and she suddenly pointed to the distance and said “well over there are Fireworks, so that’s what it probably was.

And that was when the alarm rang this morning and 8:30.

ADDITION: the photo above the post does not do the light sphere justice, as what I saw was one object and it circled with 4 small spheres all connected to the center.

Interesting dream after energy work

Last night I had an interesting dream! I can remember it very vividly. As the night before I did my energy exercises that I learned, this time much faster and I also got faster responses from the energy inside. I had light flashes around my eyes, which I learned are the Third Eye strobing. That means that the chakra was full of energy and released it, in these moments one can perceive extreme strong blinding white light flashes! If these flashes should be violet instead of white, it means that creative genius is being released. Many people with Kundalini Awakening have sudden bouts of a talent surfacing that they did not know they had. So far I did not see a violet light strobe, but always white light.

After the whole circle of energy exercises like brushing, stirring, sponging and energy storing into the Sub-Navel Center, I decided again to try for an OOBE. This time I let myself fall. I read from Robert Bruce, that it is easier to fall in trance if you imagine yourself falling without landing, this can bring on some weird sensations, such as “falling” And I had this feeling. However after some time lying quiet and without falling asleep I started seeing red blotches and black shadow blotches moving in front of my closed eyes. As if I could see something behind my closed eyes.

As nothing else happened, I decided to give it a rest and went to sleep.

DREAM: Vision behind closed eyelids

I had a longer dream which I sadly don’t remember anymore, somehow the last bit of the dream stuck with me and makes me think was that only a dream? In this part of the dream I was standing in my office room and I somehow realized that I had vision in a red hue. Everything was kind of subtle red but very clear to see, with some blurring effects. Suddenly in the dream I realized that I could see through my closed eyes and I presumed that I was OOBE. So I got up from the chair. The vision would blur very quickly and then return back to the red hue sight. I walked a few steps through the room and then turned around because I wanted to make sure that I was in fact Out of Body and could see my real body. But as I turned around, there was nothing there. Only my chair and the TV, nothing else. I also remember that I went to the mirror to see if I actually look through my closed eyelids and in fact as I stood in front of the mirror my eyelids were closed.

I have no idea how it continued from here and I have no idea if this was a dream, Lucid Dream or an OOBE. But I suspect it was a form of bleeding through from my energy exercises into the dream. So I do not think it was an OOBE.

Dream: Music lessons, Forest, Initiation

How can it be that there are days in a row when nothing at all happens, no memory of any kind of dream or whatsoever and then BOOM a full night with a dream that just did not want to end until wake up time? Tonight I had another very long dream and I can say for a certainty that there is a color that is constantly repeating. The last two dreams had the same color scheme. RED seems to come a lot in little hints throughout the dream, but mostly at the end of the dream.

DREAM: Music lessons, Forest, Initiation

In the beginning of my dream I remember sitting in a classroom setting. Again with some people I know from my childhood, such as Sabrina, Jennifer and the two sisters Daniela and Sarah. We were being taught how to play the Recorder instrument. (Interesting, because I recently bought a recorder to study it, as I love wind instruments) I remember vividly how the teacher went through the pages of material and there were certain melodies that we were supposed to learn. Sadly I cannot remember any of those really amazing melodies… At the end of this dream I asked the person beside me “How are we supposed to remember all these melodies, he is going so fast? What happens if we forget one note we cannot learn everything by heart from the very beginning in this tempo of teaching.” The teacher suddenly looked at me and came over. He drew a big diagonal line on the empty page of my music book and nod with his head, to show me I need to learn this by tomorrow…

The dream suddenly shifted and 4 of the girls plus myself were walking through a forest, I remember the whole look of the hills, the trail etc. It was getting darker and suddenly there was this tall girl with a blonde hair tail. She had  a needle in her hand and was threatening to sting us with it. Of course it could have been an infected needle with HIV or whatever… So I was scared but at the same time tried to protect the others. Somehow I managed to get the needle from that girl. And as she approached me she accidentally stung her right hand in the needle that was in my hand… She turned around and ran over the hill into the forest… After that I remember seeing myself run along the trail followed by my friends.

Suddenly the dream shifted again. Still in a forest setting, but kind of a clearing. There were hundred of people there all looking at me as I approached this clearing. I felt threatened by them and I knew that these people were belonging to a group I knew from real life. It was all about the leader, who was supposedly still alive. Out of nowhere I got approached by this guy, he was tall, had short blonde hair and grey, blue eyes. He was looking young and he looked at me with this intense gaze. I suddenly could not see my friends anymore. As if they were gone. i asked the young man “How did all of this people got chosen to be in this group? Is there some kind of ritual so HE does know who to choose?” Obviously I was talking about the leader of this religious group. The man turned at me, came closer and answered “look towards your right and you will see!” I looked where he pointed and saw this guy with a red cape, suddenly all of them had these capes waving in the wind breezes. I looked at the man with the red cape and did not understand. The young man suddenly said “Look at his shadow!” I looked at the shadow that this person with the cape was casting and then I understood. His cape was stuck on  a branch and he tried to fight to free his cape. In the shadow it looked like he was breaking free from something that caught him. And I said “I understand, the people get chosen by their strength and ability to not break in hard conditions. Conditions that threaten to hold them tight.” He nodded.

Suddenly the dream shifted and I ran throughout the masses, trying to dodge all the people who were standing in my way, it almost looked like one of these chasing scenes in movies. I did some amazing freestyle dodge moves and was sure this guy would observe my every move. Then out of nowhere the dream shifted and I saw this man, the leader of this group. He had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, he was older, the vision was right in the face of this man, and I remember saying “This is not (…) He did not look like that!

And that was when my husband woke me up this morning at 10:30… He looked at me and said “You make some more noise in the night and I have to kill you!” with a smile on his face. I asked “What noise did I do this time?” He answered “Well first you teeth… I always here banging like on teeth… And then sometimes your body jerks…” And he made a weird motion with his head. I looked at him in awe and answered “Yeah sometimes I get these electric zaps and then I just jolt.