Dream: Doctor & Ascension/Awakening

Last night actually shortly before waking up this morning I had the most vivid dream in a long time. it was a whole story that folded up in front of me. I can not explain the whole dream in it’s complexity but here the short version:


in the dream I was waking up and going through all the Ascension related symptoms. But someone send me to a doctor. A man with dark brown, curly hair, brown eyes and glasses. In the first Moment this guy wanted my best and I felt like I could trust him fully so I told him about my experiences and the symptoms that I experienced over the last couple of months. He was certain I was seriously sick and suggested me to take some injection that would help lessen the symptoms. I immediately knew in the dream, that this doctor wanted to stop the Awakening process and that the injection was not for my best, but to stop the progress I have made.

I got angry at him and tried to flee from this doctor. I screamed at him and what I very vividly remember was I said:

“You cannot cure something that is not a disease! How can I be sick? What disease shoots a lightning bolt up my spine and into the brain?”

The doctor was not convinced and tried to hold me down, but I escaped him and shouted to him:

I AM not sick, I am AWAKENING!

That was kind of the end of the dream and when I woke up this morning I found myself in the weird position of having both arms folded underneath my head, like you would by lying on a towel at the beach. No idea why I was lying in this position as I do not remember falling asleep like that.


What I feel that this dream communicates is an explanation of fears, combined with knowledge and the inability from my husband to understand what I am going through and what I try to tell him in stair steps. Like today for example he looks at me and said:

I have no idea what is going on with me, i am tired all the time, I feel drowsy and it almost feels like even sleep does not help. But every doctor says they do not find anything

I told him that it is possibly nothing physical, which he agreed on. but when I told him about the solar eclipse and the last Blood Moon that is now also occurring in this month he laughed at me again and just said:

Ah nonsense… I am not effected by these things, nothing can effect me like that…

I stopped right there because everything shows me that this statement is not true at all… But I did not want another fight on the day of my birthday party…So I left him continue in his believe that the current extreme energies hitting our planet do not effect him…

However the dream could also carry a message for me to the question “what is it that I experience?” I answered that message while I was shouting I am Awakening.