Current Ascension symptoms

I thought it is time for a recent list of Ascension related symptoms that I am currently experiencing. Maybe some of you can relate to these symptoms and find some comfort in knowing you are not alone!

  • high pitched ringing or buzzing sound in ears, more clearly when it gets silent like the night.
  • muscle twitches in weird spots. Currently the last 2 days it’s my left ring finger.
  • tingles and sparkle feeling on top of the head (crown activity)
  • feather tingles and strong pulling/pushing in forehead (Third eye activity)
  • strong movements of energy in root chakra and also solar plexus chakra
  • starting to sweat again and sweat is just running even if it is not hot
  • extreme dizziness spells. (when I close my eyes during these spells I see white light surges in my head and hundreds of blue tiny stars appearing. After that I have hot eyes for a while.
  • a lot of salt cravings lately again
  • no appetite at the usual times during the day
  • strong visual light spectacles in the darkness with eyes open but also with eyes closed
  • extreme strong after pictures like everything burns into the vision and gets projected wherever I look
  • Sore spots on my head
  • Feeling as if something is shifting inside the brain mostly during night meditations
  • visions and light flashes in the night before sleep
  • runny nose once again…
  • Inability to be around negativity too long
  • Sometimes feeling as if silence is all that is really needed.
  • buzzing deep inside the body, like an electrical current going from one place to the next
  • Strong energetic chills and shivers
  • heart palpitations and sometimes a feeling of heart stopping itself and jumping like hit with a defibrillator.