Intense energies and clearing dream

Last night I can honestly say the energies ramped up a notch or better saying a LOT! I felt it already bubbling up inside of my body while I was watching another movie. But it got even more intense as I was lying on my back for sleep. As usual I started my nightly “adventure” with a meditation and just feeling in order to sense new sensations. And I was not disappointed as it became very clear after just a few seconds of lying down that my energy body was being worked on almost immediately after lying down!

I felt strong surges of energy from both of my hip bones, it almost feels like a tiny electric discharge was taking place around the hip joints. I suppose these joints are buffers for extreme amounts of energy so whatever is too much gets discharged from the body and can be felt as sparkling, almost like goosebumps.

After these sensations I felt strong vibrations almost like a cellphone was vibrating in the entire area of my stomach! It was literally feeling as if thousand of tiny little vibrating particles were jumping around in my stomach! And I knew it was a Solar Plexus chakra clearing! After that I felt strong sensations in my chest and I tried to the best of my ability to stay in the heart instead of going up again into the mind and ask questions. I just wanted to observe and feel! However as I drifted closed off to sleep I suddenly got aware again because I felt sudden stings, almost like insect bites in my genital area… It was so weird, can you imagine you are lying in meditation and want to relax as suddenly something feels like it bites you in the most sensitive area of your body? LOL

Anyway after that I just rolled to the side and tried to sleep, which interestingly enough worked quite fast actually!

DREAM: kidnapping, sexual ritual, follow the squirrel into a black hole!

The dream was more than surreal, however it felt very REAL! This is the worst thing about these dreams, they are so unreal but they definitely feel real… OMG this sounds so strange. The dream began actually while I was in some kind of facility or some kind of weird building. I did not see the outside, but I know that there were many people chained up to chairs, that looked like recliners! Just in black leather. I was sitting on the very left outside chair, while on my right there were more women chained up to the chairs. I however was not chained! Still I was sitting there!

The dream shifted many times to a disturbing scene! I am not sure how this happened, but it always shifted to a dark area where a woman was chained to the ground and a man,huge, intense muscles, brown long hair, almost barbaric in looks, kneed over her and raped her! It’s not only that he raped her, I was forced to watch up close how his gigantic ehm… willy entered her… I was disturbed and did not know what was going on, however apparently I was not allowed to wake up from this. This exact scene repeated itself a few times.

Then the dream shifted again and I was sitting once again on the chair, as I hear someone say that the women there are going through a ritual, they are having sexual intercourse to bear the babies for someone. I am not sure who it was though. As I heard this I suddenly got panic flooding my being and I knew I needed to get out of there. It was then that a weird machine who stood on some kind of metallic tripod and had a laser eye turned around and wanted to shoot a laser beam on my wrists, I suppose it was the device that chained the women to the chairs. I countered the attack and grabbed the long, thin neck of this machine and trashed it with my feet and I ran away…

The dream suddenly shifts and I am walking with my husband I suppose? Even though I never saw him, it could have been someone else? As I saw a squirrel run away and into a big black hole. I followed it and the other person followed me. As we reached the black hole I saw that the animal covered it was dirt and a weird golden stone! So I removed the dirt and the stone and could look deep down the “rabbit hole???” I guess the squirrel is my version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND’S bunny!  HA HA HA Did you read that Karin??? The squirrel seems to be for me what is for your the bunny! So we jumped down the hole and found ourselves in a dark underground kind of setting. The man was walking in front of me refusing to turn on the light, as we walked through this area. I was almost running as I got overwhelmed by the darkness down there…

As we reached the end of it I suddenly entered a weird looking house. I moved through the rooms and as I reached the balcony I suddenly realize that it was the same setting as in the beginning but this time nobody as there anymore and it all looked lost and lonely! That moment as I looked over the lawn I must have been woken by my husband getting up in the morning.

Funny though I remember a very vivid flying dream from my childhood! I was flying and visiting a man with blonde hair and blue eyes on a house with a huge balcony in the middle of the night! We were in love apparently and kissing each other. This was one of my first remembered childhood dreams that involved flying in order to reach a place that I could never have entered before. I don’t know how it is connected to my dream just now, but that the memory just came back is definitely worth mentioning!


Energetic intensity!

Okay I really have to post one more time for today before going to bed, because today is energy galore here for me… It began in the morning that I had intense sore spots on the top right side of my head. So sore though that my touch actually hurt… And it still does, it feels like someone hammered on my head during the night.

Then in the later morning hours I watched two energy transmission and activation videos by D’oyen Fraser who does a lot of energy work and help people with all kind of energetic blockages etc. The two videos were for the Triadic current. As I learned from him Kundalini is only one of the currents that can be activated. So I watched these videos on his YouTube channel. I did not feel anything at first, but afterwards I started feeling more and more how my own energy amped up again. I felt strong energetic surges along my spine, especially around the upper side of my back in between the two shoulder blades! Bringing one strong heart thumb with it.

Also I have a weird pattern of dots in my vision burned like it usually happens when I look into a light source for a few seconds. However these light dots have no source here in physicality, I did not look into anything that would create such a pattern of dots. I see the pattern glowing up when I blink my eyes really fast or just stare into space with a soft gaze, kind of unfocused!

Both of my upper top sides left and right of my head are pressuring. And I feel a strong energetic current crawling around on my head! It literally feels like slight breathes of air are accompanying it.

Later in the evening I started seeing tiny light orbs appearing, like I would write on my black keyboard and suddenly a blue light orb appeared right at the bottom of the keyboard! My husband came into my room and as I looked at him I could clearly see a white glow around him and with some focus through to the wall I saw green and turquoise patches of color around his neck area. It was like he was glowing. It seems the soft yellow light of my room helps seeing auras!

In the evening I suddenly started feeling a fizzling kind of tiny whirlwind vibration on my right temple, it actually felt like something was crawling there. I took the camera while this happened and shot a photo, but I could not see anything. So it was definitely energetic! I had this same feeling many times in the past at the back of my neck, base of skull and also in the hair around my left ear. Feels like something is fizzling energetically on your body!

We started watching a movie and I was leaned in the chair with my back at the chair lean. And every now and then I would suddenly feel a strong push in my upper back and energy surges literally pushed towards the outsides, feeling it as physical push at the chair lean. Same surges happen sometimes on my head.

Really an intense energetic day today and I have a feeling the night will bring a lot more!

Current Ascension symptoms

I thought it is time for a recent list of Ascension related symptoms that I am currently experiencing. Maybe some of you can relate to these symptoms and find some comfort in knowing you are not alone!

  • high pitched ringing or buzzing sound in ears, more clearly when it gets silent like the night.
  • muscle twitches in weird spots. Currently the last 2 days it’s my left ring finger.
  • tingles and sparkle feeling on top of the head (crown activity)
  • feather tingles and strong pulling/pushing in forehead (Third eye activity)
  • strong movements of energy in root chakra and also solar plexus chakra
  • starting to sweat again and sweat is just running even if it is not hot
  • extreme dizziness spells. (when I close my eyes during these spells I see white light surges in my head and hundreds of blue tiny stars appearing. After that I have hot eyes for a while.
  • a lot of salt cravings lately again
  • no appetite at the usual times during the day
  • strong visual light spectacles in the darkness with eyes open but also with eyes closed
  • extreme strong after pictures like everything burns into the vision and gets projected wherever I look
  • Sore spots on my head
  • Feeling as if something is shifting inside the brain mostly during night meditations
  • visions and light flashes in the night before sleep
  • runny nose once again…
  • Inability to be around negativity too long
  • Sometimes feeling as if silence is all that is really needed.
  • buzzing deep inside the body, like an electrical current going from one place to the next
  • Strong energetic chills and shivers
  • heart palpitations and sometimes a feeling of heart stopping itself and jumping like hit with a defibrillator.

Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/12/2015

As I already posted earlier, Kundalini was done with her work in my abdomen for the next period /menstruation cycle. It’s now on full blown and Kundalini seems to go back to her work. The current Sensations for Kundalini’s energy infusion are:

  1. heavy weight feeling on top of head, magnetic sensation in forehead, tingles and champagne bubbles on scalp.
  2. tingles, buzzing and sometimes internal shaking of my legs.
  3. Left foot is still very active and the plantar is humming off and on during the day and night. resulting in energy surges up the legs
  4. a return of something that I thought was gone for good. I always had problems with herpes on my lips and stress could easily trigger it to come back… Since my Awakening I did not have it once. I actually believed K. healed this disease. But yesterday I woke up and the left side beside my mouth has a huge spot of herpes. Thanks god not the lips again it’s more painful. But it is on the skin beside the lips… I did not feel anything of it starting to grow beforehand… I know that the Kundalini infusions in my back probably have to do with it. Because Herpes lays dormant in the spinal column and what could trigger it more than a huge energetic flow that goes up and down and triggers nerve reactions. Maybe it was the last time now with Herpes. Kundalini healed my long term thyroid disease. Maybe the herpes needed to be triggered in order to be removed!
  5. pinching sensations all over the body. It feels like something suddenly takes  a whole bunch of flesh and bites it out of your skin. I once was sitting in front of the computer as I suddenly felt energy movements in my neck and the next moment it suddenly stung as if being bitten. The same pinches I feel in areas where I know I am not opened enough. Like my hips, my neck and should griddle. I probably need to do more stretching exercises to remove the blocks.
  6. Inner humming sound. I don’t think it will ever go away. But as long as I hear it, I know I am progressing. As it is my own inner vibration that I can hear. sometimes when Kundalini is creating new circuits and connections I hear a subtle flute or clarinet tone in one ear. It depends on the side of the body that is being worked on.
  7. Inner energetic surges that feel like a cable got cut in the middle and the electricity is short circuiting. Suddenly inner chills can be felt spreading over the whole body or only in the area where the energetic circuit was created
  8. Result of intense energetic surges the body hair is standing on roots, sometimes energy can be felt as tiny whirlwinds and the hair stands up where this happens.

Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/05/2015

Kundalini is running non stop, some days stronger than others, but so far I felt her everyday in one way or another. So I want to provide the newest list of current Kundalini Sensations:

  1. A constant on and off buzzing in the left plantar. It doesn’t matter if I sit, stand, I can always feel like a little engine starting, idling for a second and then turn off again. The same buzzing on and off I can also feel in my back and sometimes very rarely in my root chakra.
  2. Split view visual phenomena. Which means that when I for example look at a screen and see a website, and then close my eyes for a few seconds, the website starts glowing up in my vision with closed eyes. The text is never clearly visible. It rather looks like white glowing lines, but everything else on the website glows in a subtle pink/purple light. I am wondering if this is a very short time of looking through the third eye!
  3. More and more sensations around my body hair. Yesterday I was holding a paper for my husband and I suddenly felt a strange fizzling on my left arm. When I looked on my arm I saw that the hair on that spot stood up on roots, while the rest of the surrounding hair was flat. The same I saw already on different parts of my body. Even the hair on my fingers sometimes stands up. This alone shows me that Kundalini uses the body hair to communicate and travel, ergo hair is important for spiritual evolution!
  4. Sometimes I get these pulsing, burning sensations that feel like a pulse beam is constantly fired on a spot. Last night I felt this pulse pain of electrical nature in my right hip, it pulsed a few times and this is one of the very rare sensations that actually does hurt a little bit. However it was only short lived.
  5. I also got over my fear when Kundalini energy is working in my heart center. It feels like the heart is being massaged from the inside, it jumps a few time with a combination of a shaking and buzzing,. Usually my heart jumps because of fear. But I was able to withstand and felt the massaging sensation for a few seconds, until it went away from alone. I see this as fear test success.
  6. Sometimes lower spine area and rectum area are start to itch a lot… I think this is because of the burning sensation of the Kundalini fire, it always goes away from alone. Or it just jumps to another place on the body.

Current Kundalini Sensations – 07/27/2015

The Kundalini sensations are with me for a long time since the last activation. However the sensations shift a little bit and seem to go from more physical to more mental. But there are also still tactile sensations.

1. The energy gets always stronger towards the evening. Once the clock hits 5 PM I can feel a strong buzz inside my body. The buzzing happens most of the times now in my chest, the legs and the head.
2. Inside meditation I sometimes have a light flash in my vision, a bright light that accompanies a sudden visual such as a crystal clear face. Many times however I look through a slit. Like an half closed eye.
3. Last evening in meditation I felt pushing and buzzing inside my head and I am very certain that I heard a crack from inside my skull. Probably the Pineal Gland. Or bones were being moved by the Kundalini current. As this happens when the energy gets very strong. I however see myself still in the beginning phase as the energy always at some point goes dormant again (at least it seems like it) only to come back weeks or months later much stronger.
4. Ringing and whooshing sounds in ears. Probably not from the ears themselves. It’s more like I pick up on a frequency around my head.
5. Sometimes I feel an internal shaking and fluttering sensation that suddenly starts in muscle groups, such as arms and legs. It’s like something is internally shaking things up.
6. The sensation of a heart growing with a strong beat at certain chakra areas, such as root and solar plexus.
7. Observable traveling of Kundalini energy. The body hair is a good indicator to see where the Kundalini energy is currently working. Yesterday I had a weird rotational fluttering sensation on the right hand wrist. I looked at my hand and saw that only on that spot the hair suddenly stood up, while the rest was just flat. Sometimes I feel this same sensation in my hair around the head. Then it feels literally like something is fizzling in an area around my head inside the hair.

These are the current sensations and symptoms. Every now and then I feel twitches in unusual areas around my body. Under the foot sole, between my ribs, in my abdomen, my upper arms sometimes even around the rectum, which is a very funny sensation I have to say.

Bliss and other energetic sensations

the last couple of days the electric buzzing Kundalini current is on non stop. It always grows over the day and becomes strongest toward the evening. Many persons actually experience this grow in energetic sensations towards the evening, so that’s something that seems to be similar to many people’s process. When I went to bed and closed my eyes I could already feel the electric buzzing current vibrating deep inside of my body. The moment I closed my eyes I could feel a tingling sensation crawling up my face on both sides towards the forehead. It was a beautiful sensation.

Almost immediately afterwards I could feel the buzzing vibration very strongly activate in the close area around the tailbone. It was like I was lying on top of an idle engine. Rocking and buzzing. I did not expect anything but had the constant feeling as if a fright train would just get ready to take of. But it didn’t happen. The buzzing just was omnipresent and very strong.

The same buzzing I can feel during the day in different areas of my body, Right now for example the buzzing and vibration goes many times over the stomach area. Suddenly the whole inside of my stomach seems to buzz.

On top of that my husband turned the light on around 3 AM, the reason was as he told me this morning he could not wake me up. He pushed me and touched my face, but I would not wake up. I was grinding my teeth like crazy and he could not sleep. However I found it very weird that I would not respond to his touch or pushes to wake me up. But as soon he turned the light on, I woke up right away.

I really need to go to a dentist, because the grinding of my teeth is not under my control, it seems I do it for extended amounts of time. My husband checked the clock and after 45 minutes of grinding he tried to wake me up, which did not work, until the light came on.

I wonder what is going on in that moment, when he cannot wake me up by normal means. As I write this I feel heavy buzzing sensations in my stomach. also my feet are getting more and more activated by the electric current buzz. There was one moment last night in bed that felt like something went under the blanket and flew above my chest, it went from right to left. I know it is the Kundalini flow and it means a pathway from the right side to the left side was created. As many sensations are now felt on the left side of my body. Except the buzzing in the stomach, which is directly where the belly button is located.