Energy reaches kind of a high point!

Last night was intense to say the least! it was so intense… And on top of that my husband still continued to drag around that stupid fight about one silly sentence of mine… He does not understand that the only reason why he was upset about it is that he has some issues to resolve for himself. There is no way on earth that someone starts a huge fight just 3 days after telling you that they fell in love with you “again” that suddenly this “love” breaks a part because of ONE nonsense sentence which I did not even mean as bad or anything like that. It was more in a joking way. So as the energy reached a high point towards the evening I felt strong energy pushes and surges along my back that directly shot up to the heart center. There was a moment last evening as I watched a movie that I actually thought this is HUGE! I mean I never felt it so crystal clear before. But my whole lower back was filled with dense mega charged energy, that felt like electric wires left and right were discharging electromagnetism! It’s no wonder as I talked for a long time over messages on Facebook with another individual (Jason) who goes through similar experiences with his Kundalini! No wonder that my energy got enormous after these conversations!

As the night approached my husband told me he needs to be alone for this night, so I slept alone. I took the chance to again try to meditate and see where it goes without forcing anything! There was a sudden moment I have no idea what actually happened in this moment! It was too weird to comprehend! I don’t know if I fell asleep for a second or something else was taking place, but as my mouth again fell open widely while in total relaxation I suddenly heard a very loud and weird noise that I this time observed for a brief moment and I felt it came right from the center of my head! It was not even in my ears! It was like a very loud cracking of paper or something else, it’s too difficult for me to explain what I heard. But the moment I did hear it my whole awareness got intense again and the sound just like that disappeared. I thought “What the hell???!”

As I then tried to repeat this by closely falling asleep it did not happen again. This is the thing these experiences just happen, you have no control over them whatsoever! It did not happen again! But I fell asleep.

In the morning at 9 AM my husband came to my room and asked me to join him again. As I went to the bathroom and joined him in the bed he was already asleep again I suppose. That was quick lol… I also fell asleep very fast, but something happened and I am baffled by it and still try to figure out if it was an OOBE! I suddenly got aware of a visual I was standing upstairs in our old home in Germany! And I went downstairs during the walk downstairs I saw that my vision suddenly become crystal clear, I could see the walls, as I remembered them. I saw the dogs downstairs. And in this moment I was so happy I could feel it, seeing the dogs of my mother! Suddenly the visual blurred a bit and out of instinct I rubbed my hands together as I read a few times already that this helps and indeed the visual came back. I continued downstairs. Then as I turned left into the kitchen, I got aware of a red glowing number on the microwave which was not on the right spot! It was standing right in front of me on the counter, while I know it was always on the left! I do not remember the number though… The dogs were playing and I actually kneed down to look at my old dog Luna, she was happy to see me. I wondered was that really possible that they could see me??? I only had visual through my eyes which is uncommon, I always see myself from another perspective in my dreams. and yet I seem to have had control over the experience! As I decided before that to rub my hands!

I continued through the kitchen and moved towards the living room. I saw my mother and my father sitting on the couch on the right side of the room. I know for sure the couch and sofa are now on the left side! But something else was weird. My mother appeared with no hair just kind of little blonde but it looked almost as if she was bold. I was kind of surprised… I wanted them to see me but they did not see me… So I moved ahead and grabbed a paper napkin from the floor and put it into the garbage bin. But they did not see it… The next step was to push something in front of my mother on the table. As I did this I felt the object on my pointer finger as if I really touched it. In this moment the visual distorted and I could not retain it anymore. As I got aware of the red hue in front of me and the light show spreading out I suddenly felt a very weird sensation. It felt like I got seriously electric zapped inside my left and right ear. But more inside the left one! As I tried to get another visual while I was aware I got zapped again and soon afterwards it was time to wake up anyway. If this was my first OOBE I am actually quite amazed, because it seemed that I had control, over pushing things, playing with my dog abs rubbing my hands


Experiment with Alpha waves!

So after reading a little bit, I found someone who said that conscious OOBEs and Astral Projections happen from in the Alpha state, shortly before you fall asleep. If the Alpha waves could be constant it would be possible to stay conscious during the “falling” asleep moment. So I thought to myself, rather than reading online and just sucking in information, I will just try it as I usually learn more through my own experiences!

So last night I lay in bed on my back, placed the earphones inside my ears and started a 1 hour Alpha Isochronic beat! The first thin I recognized was that the tone of Alpha is very soothing. It did not take long to see some effects of it. I caught myself falling asleep as I suddenly heard myself “snoring”??? It sounded like a snore but I am actually not sure if that was really what happened. As I recognized that I jerked up quite a bit.

A few seconds later my left leg kicked upwards and also my right arm started jerking. In the matter of fact I was so soothed by the Alpha wave track that it was hard to not fall asleep lol… However I recognized something very early on, my body started to vibrate very subtle. I felt the vibration of the beat in my ears and my body somehow.

However I did not manage to have an OOBE. And I did also not have any dreams that I can remember, so I must have had a really deep sleep.

On a side note this month I got somewhat surprised by my periodic cycle… I did feel abdominal cramps and pulling before Monday but I thought it was something I ate or Sacral Chakra clearing. I did not see any spotting at all and then all of a sudden my period kicked in full force on Monday without any real warning. This is 10 days way too early. Seems like I need to expect it now every beginning of the month. So weird… Something in my cycle got completely confused so it seems. Could be related to the recent Class M Flare and solar storm activities.

Interesting dream after energy work

Last night I had an interesting dream! I can remember it very vividly. As the night before I did my energy exercises that I learned, this time much faster and I also got faster responses from the energy inside. I had light flashes around my eyes, which I learned are the Third Eye strobing. That means that the chakra was full of energy and released it, in these moments one can perceive extreme strong blinding white light flashes! If these flashes should be violet instead of white, it means that creative genius is being released. Many people with Kundalini Awakening have sudden bouts of a talent surfacing that they did not know they had. So far I did not see a violet light strobe, but always white light.

After the whole circle of energy exercises like brushing, stirring, sponging and energy storing into the Sub-Navel Center, I decided again to try for an OOBE. This time I let myself fall. I read from Robert Bruce, that it is easier to fall in trance if you imagine yourself falling without landing, this can bring on some weird sensations, such as “falling” And I had this feeling. However after some time lying quiet and without falling asleep I started seeing red blotches and black shadow blotches moving in front of my closed eyes. As if I could see something behind my closed eyes.

As nothing else happened, I decided to give it a rest and went to sleep.

DREAM: Vision behind closed eyelids

I had a longer dream which I sadly don’t remember anymore, somehow the last bit of the dream stuck with me and makes me think was that only a dream? In this part of the dream I was standing in my office room and I somehow realized that I had vision in a red hue. Everything was kind of subtle red but very clear to see, with some blurring effects. Suddenly in the dream I realized that I could see through my closed eyes and I presumed that I was OOBE. So I got up from the chair. The vision would blur very quickly and then return back to the red hue sight. I walked a few steps through the room and then turned around because I wanted to make sure that I was in fact Out of Body and could see my real body. But as I turned around, there was nothing there. Only my chair and the TV, nothing else. I also remember that I went to the mirror to see if I actually look through my closed eyelids and in fact as I stood in front of the mirror my eyelids were closed.

I have no idea how it continued from here and I have no idea if this was a dream, Lucid Dream or an OOBE. But I suspect it was a form of bleeding through from my energy exercises into the dream. So I do not think it was an OOBE.

Teachers always come at the right moment

I really need to write a blog post about this observation. Every time in my life when I am close to giving up there is a sudden shift and I get the idea to contact someone who was always there. However I never thought about contact in first place…

It happened again. After months and months of trying to have an OOBE I finally pulled myself together and contacted Jason on Facebook. He does know a lot about OOBEs and has them almost nightly. So I thought who else could help me more with my troubles?

After contact was being made I was shown the material from Robert Bruce. He wrote a whole book about energy and Astral Projection and I was eagerly willing to read almost the whole book in just a matter of a few hours. I guess my husbands travel until Wednesday gave me time to study some stuff for myself.

I finally came to the conclusion what my problem was from the very beginning… I tried to get right at it with awareness and focus on my Third Eye and Heart chakra and there is the mistake right there. My energy body is not yet developed. I did not continue my energy work and of course how can I expect my energy body to build out of nothing… Including my spiritual tiredness and exhaustion the last couple of weeks. All of these symptoms are described in Robert’s book. The mistake I made was that I tried to stimulate the primary energy centers (main chakras) directly without any work with energy throughout my whole body first.

It made click right there and everything was making sense! My energy body needs to be build and stimulated before I can start focusing on the main chakras! The are many minor chakras and also ways to raise energy and it needs to be stored in the area between the navel and the pubic line. It’s called the Sub-Navel center.

Before I continue any endeavor of having an OOBE, I will now focus on building my energy body. As long as I have still body areas that I cannot address with my awareness there is still work to be done. I I have a lot of areas where I cannot place my awareness in. I just simply do not feel anything there. Like my Legs and some other parts of my body. How to stimulate the energy centers inside the body? By stroking and brushing with your awareness hands through the feet, legs, arms etc. until you feel the area, which means the energy begins to build. And THEN after that all primary energy centers need to be addressed, but never longer as needed. Means as soon you feel anything at all, go to the next chakra. As soon you feel something in a primary energy center, the chakra is active as needed.

I also learned that it’s not wise to stay too long on the sacral chakra, the sexual center, because it can ruin everything, when the energy body is not build correctly it feels like sexual arousal and where that leads everybody knows…

After these realizations I did the exercises and was surprised, because right afterwards I started feeling buzzing in my root chakra at the coccyx. (Base of tailbone) and also after the raising of energy into the Sub-Navel center I felt buzzing in this center as well, so the energy work does work and is necessary, especially for beginners who do not have any energy experience yet. It seems people who already do have OOBEs are fairly equipped with a strong energy body.

New method, try for OOBE – weird dream and another dull phase

Last night was the first night after having my period of sleeping together with my husband in one bed. I usually do like to sleep alone during this week, as I am sometimes just feeling cranky and I do not want to have anybody feel these cranky vibes. As I lay in the bed staring through the darkness I saw very quickly again these purple light swirls with open eyes. It’s kind of like when you do the mirror meditation just staring with a soft gaze into your eyes in a mirror, suddenly everything turns purple and you see the energy moving. That’s what happened as I just stared in the darkness.

I decided to try a new method I read about for an attempt of an OOBE. It seems to make a lot of sense that this method would bring on a very strong vibrational phase. So I though why not give it a try?

The method goes like this:

  • Lay comfortable on your back and close your eyes
  • Relax and shift your awareness towards your feet.
  • Stay there until you feel energy tingling, pulling sensations or really anything.
  • After this move your awareness including the energy feeling up your body towards the head
  • Stay there for a while until you feel the strong energies of the Third Eye activating
  • Now move this energy and your awareness back to your feet.
  • Do this as long as possible and each time get faster and it should bring on the Vibrations

Now I did this and felt very quickly that I can connect my awareness to the energy sensations that I feel and then move it around, while the energies seem to follow my awareness. It’s like magnetized. As they say “Energy flows where attention goes.”

After a few cycles of doing this method I suddenly felt a rush of energy and my right leg just jerked up and fell back on the mattress. I don’t think my husband felt anything, usually he wakes up when I make sudden movements, but this time nothing, no movement whatsoever. I continued trying, but at some point tiredness overcame me and I needed to stop and go to sleep instead… That’s where it became weird.

DREAM: Beach, old ship and sexual approach

I do not remember a lot about this dream, I know however that it was structure similar like a movie. It could have been an actual scene out of a movie. I do not remember if I saw everything out of my own eyes or if I saw myself from distance. It’s just too washy already…

I do remember however very vividly how a man approached me who was tall, had brown short hair, deep brown eyes and a very strong facial structure. He was trying to approach me for sexual intercourse and I do remember that I did not want it and tried to get away from him. I remember it all played out at a beach and there was this old ship that was some kind of stranded at that beach.

That’s actually everything I can remember, Sadly I waited too long for writing it down. But my husband kept me busy this morning so I had no chance to write everything down fresh after waking up…

Today is the 11/11 portal/gate and I don’t know why but I feel depressed, I am feeling cold, my nose is completely destroyed, the whole skin is red and wound because I am so cold my nose is dripping all day long and I cannot help it but blow my nose every few seconds… On top of that I have pressuring feelings and emotions again about my situation… I once again want to give away my pet bird… I once again think my husband does not give me anything anymore… He is always promoting how much he cares for me because he gives me everything I need… Material wise. But nothing that comes from soul and goes to soul and heart. And if I hint to him that yes he is right material wise he cares a lot and gives a lot. But he sees it as offensive towards him and usually says then well let’s see how you would get around if I would stop the material flow… let’s see how you would feel if I would not pay back the money at the end of the week that you paid for shopping etc. I don’t know if this is a manipulation technique or something else, but it surely feels every time as if he has a point and I am actually the one who has problems…

I really don’t know… But he does not make it easier for me. He is also in his depression and worries once again about no money coming in and no one calling, it’s too quiet etc… It just all pressures on me and does not help me to get out of my dull phase…

Regardless of this the energy is still strong, rushing and surging. Yesterday while watching a movie I actually felt the very well known stinging pains that sometimes happen in various body parts when the electrical current is buzzing a long time in one area. It just suddenly feels as if someone pushes a knife inside that spot. I felt it in my chest, but I also felt it in the left temple.

Attempt for Astral Projection (getting closer)

So last evening I watched a movie with my husband with Steven Seagal. It was very weird, it was a movie where Steven Seagal was killed off the first 10 minutes into the movie. After the movie my husband said he has a theory why that happened. He had the idea that it could be because of Steven’s big ego problem at some point in his career that he got killed off by Warner Brothers because of that… So he went online and searched for it and found the exact reason that he mentioned. And without thinking I told him afterwards “yes Ego can do that, it can literally kill people…” Not knowing that this simple sentence would build up an argument once again… My husband gets really hurt very fast by things I say… He suddenly became moody and said “See… you are not acknowledging the big things about me… You acknowledge the small things (which is fine, however other people acknowledge me for the big things I do). I tell you a theory about this thing with Steven, because I just knew, it came to me, and then I show you the proof and all you have to say is well ego can kill people?” etc… End of story was that I slept alone again, because I had no desire to continue this conversation…

It’s the third day of my period cycle and I knew the connection between the last 3 times, every single time my energy would stop producing the electrical current. It was not gone, well it feels like it, but in reality it seems like it is working in the abdominal area during that time. Which makes sense because all the energy forces need to press down to release the old tissues. (female cycle- do not need to get into biology now lol)

However I wanted to try for another attempt for my very first Astral projection. I closed my eyes and just focused on my breath first. I saw again a few white light dots that seemed to come closer to my face, glowing up the visual area. Sometimes it also looked like white light slithered around my eyes, very difficult to describe!

After a long time (no idea how long actually) I felt that my body awareness shifted and I stopped feeling certain areas of my body, I felt energy sensations and inner shivers spreading from the legs, back and in between the two shoulder blades. After a little bit more time had passed I suddenly started feeling this pushing and pulling feeling around the chest area again (I made positive affirmations and told myself nothing can harm me, all is well, I expect lights, I expect energetic sensations, no fear!) Then I suddenly felt my body awareness shifting into a buzzing sensation. It literally felt like the whole body was electricity! Everything, my arms, legs, stomach was feeling non existent and all I felt was buzzing all over. I forgot what I was supposed to do when this happens so I just waited to see what would happen.

The feeling stayed with me extremely strong in both arms and hands. Then there came a time when I asked my self “am I close to an actual OOBE?” And I waited for a response of any kind. I got an inner shiver from my shoulders after that, so I took it as a YES. I asked further “what am I supposed to do?” But I did not get anything in response to that question…

After a while I suddenly started feeling these electrical pulses inside my elbows again, especially the left one! It started hurting and I thought maybe my energy body is not strong enough, it certainly felt like the energy body itself was hurting, it was not my physical arm that hurt. After a while I could not take it anymore it took way too long. I lifted myself up and felt like I did a whole body workout, my muscles were tense like literally working out for hours.

Thanks to Dayna I found out that she has the same problem, whenever she has her period she has no Astral Projections and no Lucid Dreams. i wonder if it actually has to do with the energy loss of the female body during this time… Finally however I felt the electric body, for the first time! 🙂 I take this as a progress.