Ascension Flu

Well go figure I think I caught for the first time ever the so called Ascension flu as well. Many times i read about it in journals etc. The more sensitive we become and the more light we take in ourselves and vibrate faster, the more we feel the major shifts that happen after Solar flares, Geomagnetic storms and other happenings that are of energetic nature.

I think it started yesterday when I finally could feel the Kundalini current working again. Some time had passed and the well known electric current was off for a while. I believe this is the ebb phase of body acclimation that I wrote about so many times! Means that the body gets prepared with each surge to house more of the light energy and transformation to a less dense version of our bodies. Each extreme energy surge would bring new symptoms with it. So far I can tell I had 3 major surges of K. energy.

  1. August 2014, when the Kundalini energy actually activated (I got a break from September to November)
  2. December 2014 (I got a break from February to July)
  3. August 2015 (Kundalini energy activated again and stayed longer than usual and was stronger than usual as well. It brought the following symptoms with it:
    strong ongoing twitches everywhere, right upper arm for 4 days in a row, energy surges, tingling, hearing ringing and frequency changes, some sore spots on head coming and going, vision changes, more visions while asleep and upon awakening.)
  4. And then I had a break again until just 2 days ago.

Suddenly I started feeling the constant buzzing electric current inside my body. This time it was buzzing and rumbling a lot in the core, Solar Plexus and heart chakra. But also my head was worked on. My Forehead would have pulling and pushing sensations, so strong that I thought something was breaking through! Same for the top of the head. And the energy chills and shivers with each subtle surge are always there with each major energy activation the shivers and chills are a constant with this experience!

Coming back to the Ascension Flu. My nose is dripping, my eyes are sensitive to the sun light and actually start to produce tears when I look just one second into the sun. I have repeated inner shivers and chills, combining the Kundalini shivers and chills. It’s kind of weird, because both are a little bit different actually. While Kundalini shivers usually come from the heart and go up the head and start sparkling there literally, the ascension flu shivers are feeling like getting sick or being in a cold chill fever! My skin is over sensitive to touch, my whole upper arms are sensitive to my own touch.  I feel strong surges along the back (Kundalini related) and I have sore head top that just stays and does not fade away.

it seems so far that each major energy surge of Kundalini energy brings more sensitivity to energies with it and also a lot of changes to the body system and perceptions! For example I hold my hand on the top cover of our food blender and after the strong vibration is gone my hand continues happily ever after to buzz like it’s still on the blender. Go figure everything is just hyper sensitive! Also my ears are feeling as if they are on fire, very hot!

Dream: Doctor & Ascension/Awakening

Last night actually shortly before waking up this morning I had the most vivid dream in a long time. it was a whole story that folded up in front of me. I can not explain the whole dream in it’s complexity but here the short version:


in the dream I was waking up and going through all the Ascension related symptoms. But someone send me to a doctor. A man with dark brown, curly hair, brown eyes and glasses. In the first Moment this guy wanted my best and I felt like I could trust him fully so I told him about my experiences and the symptoms that I experienced over the last couple of months. He was certain I was seriously sick and suggested me to take some injection that would help lessen the symptoms. I immediately knew in the dream, that this doctor wanted to stop the Awakening process and that the injection was not for my best, but to stop the progress I have made.

I got angry at him and tried to flee from this doctor. I screamed at him and what I very vividly remember was I said:

“You cannot cure something that is not a disease! How can I be sick? What disease shoots a lightning bolt up my spine and into the brain?”

The doctor was not convinced and tried to hold me down, but I escaped him and shouted to him:

I AM not sick, I am AWAKENING!

That was kind of the end of the dream and when I woke up this morning I found myself in the weird position of having both arms folded underneath my head, like you would by lying on a towel at the beach. No idea why I was lying in this position as I do not remember falling asleep like that.


What I feel that this dream communicates is an explanation of fears, combined with knowledge and the inability from my husband to understand what I am going through and what I try to tell him in stair steps. Like today for example he looks at me and said:

I have no idea what is going on with me, i am tired all the time, I feel drowsy and it almost feels like even sleep does not help. But every doctor says they do not find anything

I told him that it is possibly nothing physical, which he agreed on. but when I told him about the solar eclipse and the last Blood Moon that is now also occurring in this month he laughed at me again and just said:

Ah nonsense… I am not effected by these things, nothing can effect me like that…

I stopped right there because everything shows me that this statement is not true at all… But I did not want another fight on the day of my birthday party…So I left him continue in his believe that the current extreme energies hitting our planet do not effect him…

However the dream could also carry a message for me to the question “what is it that I experience?” I answered that message while I was shouting I am Awakening.

Huge Realization and an acknowledgement to Dayna

Yesterday I had quite a day. It not only brought a huge realization but also a new friend who opened my eyes to a broader truth of my very being. Days in and days out I wasn’t sure, I was looking and looking but what I was being told and what I started to believe in were two different things. Eventually it became so obscure that tons of wrong information entered me and left me standing with confusion (such as the stupid term called Chakra Removal). I have held strong contact to my dearest friends and one of them is Sibernetic Contriver, who is a long time friend on my Facebook profile. We had interesting subjects to talk about and most definitely have the same experiences, almost to a 100% fit of sensations, phenomena etc.

it was through her that I got to know Richard Cho, a wonderful human being with such a bright light. It’s unbelievable how much light and truth this being has to share. It was through him that I finally understood that there is so much fear mongering on the net and also manipulators who try to use terms to create something that could be seen as an outside force to many. Long time humanity was in the believe that Kundalini is an outside force that once awakened becomes the vehicle to higher consciousness… The truth of the matter however is, that the Kundalini is NOT an outside force. It is our spirit! It is the spirit within who leads and guides us. She is not an outside force that pushes her own agenda on you or me. Kundalini is an Awakening of the spirit within. As Richard taught me yesterday it is and has always been there! You just were not conscious enough to feel it as you do now.

The story of the universe. Spirit suddenly woke up and was alone, so spirit created souls in it’s image, souls who could take on physical forms of all sorts and through these forms it was able to grow. As we are ascending with an awakening spirit within, so was spirit once awakening and evolving. You see it everyday. millions of galaxies and different universes are being created. It’s all done by the spirit, our higher self! Kundalini is THE spirit. It is our spirit, it is our higher self! Over millennia people taught that Kundalini needs to be awakened in order to ascend and gain higher consciousness, but I know now that this is not true. Spirit is always there, it is our job to do the work to be able to connect to the spirit again and then we are able to feel it in ourselves as vibrations rising. Our Soul is electromagnetic in nature and this is what our body feels, when soul and spirit begin again to merge. though we still have an ego which of course helps to form a duality between spirit and our soul. and so we look for outside forces, such as gurus, teachers to teach us how to obey or how to do this or that. All we ever had to do was look inside and connect with the spirit within. That is all there really is. Our minds are conditioned to believe what we read. And so everything that you ever read about the Kundalini will be experienced at one or another point in your life. That’s the placebo effect. You read something and take on the energy of another human being and relive exactly what they do. It happened many, many times to me and I thought I was progressing, but in fact I was just taking on symptoms, sensations of other peoples experiences. ergo = when someone hears something many times, he tends to believe in it and create out of that their own reality. That’s why it is so important to not follow others in their experiences, but rather search for the own souls experience. Otherwise you cannot ever be sure if that is you progressing, or just ego recreating effects of other peoples energy imprints…

So my huge realization came to the right time. When Richard told me how to connect to the spirit within through asking questions and setting intentions throughout meditation I can connect more and more to it, until spirit itself decides to enter the body vehicle and be as your guide every single day.

I got an instruction to do some Chakra clearing, because it seemed that energy was many times stuck in certain areas and could not be released freely. Especially tactile around the heart, if the heart does not release negative energy or cannot because of blocks etc. it feels like a suffocating feeling inside the chest. Energy just pools there without being released…

While I was doing the Chakra Clearing:
I had one fleeting moment while jumping from the throat to the heart chakra when a sudden thought came to me. The thought was so out of context that I right there acknowledged it as being from spirit itself. My inner guide! I suddenly thought about the thing that I wrote to you Dayna a long time ago. About your guide and the Kundalini. I told you that you should listen to your Kundalini and not to outside guides. You answered me with a very simple sentence, “My Kundalini is part of my guidance”, you further saidit’s really not outside of myself.” I have to acknowledge this now and tell you, you were absolutely right with this! The Kundalini is your spirit guide, your higher self.  You did all the work and have such a good connection to spirit. Your soul is pretty advanced! I am still doing the work and try to learn as much as possible. At least NOW i have an idea how to meditate to get in contact with this spirit.