Connecting with spirit!

It has been a long time full of ideas, explanations and confusions since August 2014. The first impulse of a human being is to first search for answers outside of themselves. Be it book, journals of other persons with similar experiences, or different religions which all carry the exact same meaning but with different descriptions. It’s not surprising that so I was lead to the first thing that made complete sense, which is the Kundalini Awakening, hence that’s why I called my blog Kundalini Awakening Process. But over the course of more than a year into this “process” I finally met someone who could open my eyes, funny enough through someone who now blocked me on Facebook. I guess it had a reason all of this!

He opened my eyes to all I was experiencing and made me understand that nothing really is outside of yourself. What many people including myself describe as Kundalini Life force energy etc. is all one and the same force and that is the Spirit. People use different words for it and most obviously they seek spirit from outside of themselves. do all kind of strange things like Ouja boards etc. But the real truth and our real connection is within!

There is no external force that does with our body as it wishes, the body may react to it in strange ways, but it is our Ego who does not understand what is going on and trying to firmly keep the drivers seat! What I realized is far more important than anything I ever could find outside of myself and that is the only true thing there is, is that Kundalini, Life Force energy etc. are all one and the same thing “Our Spirit within”. What many call a Kundalini Awakening is in fact an Awakening or better saying an Activation from being unconscious of our spirit to a sudden turned on Switch and a sudden realization of consciousness about Spirit! The force that is streaming through your vessels, the force that tickles your arms, your head, your heart chakra is you spirit re-birthing itself within the body and the Ego and the body feel it, become conscious of it. There is no secret about it, all that is was always there, YOU were just not conscious about it… yet! Once Activated you will feel the subtle flows of spirit within.

Experience after realization:

After this realization that I had today I asked the spirit within myself to come into my life more often and to send me direct messages, be the leading flame that guides me and is omnipresent. Since then I feel the strong energies of spirit within my body once again activated, buzzing in my heart center, surrounding my head with a strong buzzing sensation. As well as a buzzing sensation at the back of my neck. Now that I recognized that spirit was always within me I feel times will change for the better! Now it’s just a matter of learning to listen and take the guidance.