Energy Update

As it stands now I did not write a long time in this blog, however I am not so sure if anybody actually cares if it is here or not, as my statistics show a very low visit number… I am thinking of deleting the blog, as it does not serve any purpose. I was hoping to reach other people and to help them through it. But so far I am sharing my stories and my experiences with lovely friends on Facebook and not many people interact here anyway. So what difference does it make, if there is one more blog. By now there are so many of us who go through all these energetic changes, that you probably all have your sources already and I just write a diary here for myself.

However I have one update to make. As it happened yesterday I was hit with an emotional pain right straight into my heart… I should not think this way about it, it should have let me cold. But it did not. I will not write about it here now again, it’s all on my FB wall and most who actually read this blog know about it already, so I will leave it out here for now.

After this emotional pain subsided somewhat through focusing on my passengers and talking to them on the rides I came back home in the evening and we were settling down to watch our series (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals) As I was watching TVD, I felt an odd sensation in my chest! It felt like the inside of my chest suddenly started bubbling and I felt a cool but slight tickling sensation. I knew it was an heart energy rush or expansion or possibly a try to calm me down. I think it worked. I never realized this, but it was the first time that something literally touched my heart and I actually felt it! this sensation subsides very quickly as I got aware of it. and did not return since then.

However I have troubles meditating now… It seems like any connection at all is not there anymore… I tried meditating last evening, but there was only a huge NOTHING. No sensations, no tones, except the always persistent white noise that I can hear since my first activation! No pictures, no light. Nothing 😦 As if nothing at all is happening for me anymore. I really don’t know if I lost it or something… But it just feels empty right now and I miss the days when the energy was strong and I started seeing visions, lights, orbs etc. It seems like there is nothing there anymore 😦 Which is weird as usually after my period the energy rushes up again. But this time it subsided and went into break or something 😦 It does not feel good, especially not within another heartache!


Current manifestation of the shift

As I am again starting to experience certain things that I already went through a longer time ago, I suddenly felt the need to update the current list of manifestations of the shift and the energy that is constantly pouring on earth and into all beings! Some are sensitive to the changes, and others got through common symptoms, which however are directly related to the energy and frequency shift!

CURRENT LIST 01/25/2016

  • Constant very strong surges of electricity release in my spine, upper back area as well as my legs. Sometimes a leg suddenly feels like there is a tiny electric leak that spills all around! As if all the neurons and nerves fire up with sparks!
  • Activity on my head, it feels the whole day as if something is fizzling in my hair, sometimes it feels like something big is crawling on top, there is some kind of air movement going on.
  • Internal shiver and chills
  • My legs are buzzing , when I have them crossed I can literally feel the electric movement inside. Energy flow active!
  • Spasms and twitches in weird areas (spine, buttocks, both eyebrows, chest, my ribs especially after sneezing)
  • High ringing pitch that sounds like there is some kind of racing whistle sitting beside my head or above my head!
  • Sometimes a very low tone that sounds like Binaural Beats, or a very slow train, it is a very loud sound and happened so far twice! Back in the past and the last couple of days it came back!
  • Weird hunger increase with not correlating loss of weight… Once again I just dropped seemingly over night a few pounds. I was 110 lbs and now I have 104 lbs…
  • Hunger at odd hours. Believe it or not, it is 11:07 PM and I just cooked 2 eggs to eat the protein because I was starving! I know that with my first big Kundalini event I lost a lot of pounds too and then after it was over I regained them. But it is literally a whole lot of pounds that just fall away over night!
  • At the same time sensitivity against mushrooms. My stomach could not handle them very well the last 2 days…
  • A lot of number synchronicity again, like talking about something and then encountering it in my own life. (example: Two friends Dayna and Karin talked to me about Orion and Osiris. As I came back from my work today I passed a street at 4:44 PM that was called ORION AVE! How big are the chances for that to happen? When I passed the street I did not even have my navigation system on! So I found that street out of coincidence it seems…)
  • Heart center activity, as I feel a slight rumbling inside my chest. As I was wearing my bra today and it is very tight I could feel the rumble in my chest because of the pressure it was easier to feel. Very odd sensation of something moving and it is not the heart, the physical  hear does not feel like a fluttering, buzzing engine!
  • Weird light phenomenon, as I sit in my room for work or just entertainment I see many times white shadows passing directly through my eyes. Sometimes it even feels as if this white shadow hits my eyes for a brief second. Another odd phenomenon.

I think I covered everything, but if I missed something I will just add it at some point. But for now it should give you an idea what I experience currently!

Final decision, and weird noise

Well if you followed my blog you’ve seen me writing a lot of phases a periods where I am almost urged to give up on something that I wrongly clinged on. I was so attached to my pet bird that I got him 2 years ago because I told my husband I cannot live without an animal. Since I was used to live with them in Germany. One of our fighting reasons, since my husband does not like to have animals inside the house. He also is very fast agitated when a dog is barking a little too long…

I was attached and I kept getting the urge over and over again to just give up on the idea to have a pet bird, to give up on the idea to never leave the house because I would be concerned about my pet to be out all day long. So finally the time has come and the urge and pressure came back again, in a time when my husband is not even around. Which for me is a huge sign, that it was my time to let go! And so I called the lady yesterday who is the perfect match! She rescues animals all over the place, she has the animal connection that I have! She has another parakeet who she rescued “BINGO” she was the one!

As I was driving with my bird inside his cage I did not feel sadness, usually I suddenly feel depressed and anxiousness not to do it and turn around, but not this time. As I arrived and saw the young woman for the first time I was shocked! She looks exactly like my mother when she was younger!!! Coincidence? We immediately connected as if we had the same vibration frequency. My pet bird settled down right away and looked at her in a curious way. On my way out she hugged me and I told my pet bird that he will be fine, that this is goodbye for now and he will be happy, and he listened attentively.

On my way home she wrote me another message and said that the bird is doing well already and that he already eats and tweets. So that was it, the bird did not even care or give a shit… I thought he would be sad, as we had such a good relationship. But since the woman looks a lot like my mother and ultimately myself, he may not see the difference lol.

as I returned home I was still not sad and actually started right away to rearrange my room one more time, I got new plants and I am a proud mother of a beautiful green/white spider plant and a wonderful yellow framed Snake plant! 🙂

Weird Noise

As the night came closer I decided to go to bed at 11:30 PM and I lay on my back as usual, just to relax and meditate on possible messaged coming trough. No 2 minutes had passed as I suddenly heard a weird noise. I cannot even describe it correctly. It suddenly sounded like there was a force field inside my head, I started hearing this very loud wroom, wroom, wroom in a deep and almost cracking kind of way, it stayed a few seconds and then it went away as if nothing ever happened. Now I have no idea what that was about and where it came from. It cannot be OOB related as I did not lay in bed less than 2 minutes!

Did anyone ever experience this noise? I remember times it happens very rarely though, that I felt something dense entering my left ear, as if energy gave my ear a free wax cleaning, but the noise sounded more like there was a force field of some sort directly inside my ear!

It sounded kind of like this, just deeper and with more cracking as undertone: And without the constant humming sound, it was literally two different frequencies wrooming inside my left ear and very loud!

Cycle of life and confrontation

Last night I had some very real but strange dreams. I tried to meditate before and just tuning into the subtle whistle I hear within me or around me, I am actually not sure anymore where that sound comes from. It always shifts pitch and frequency and sometimes I can hear very subtle bell tones.

Cycle of Life

As I fell asleep the first time I went through a dream that was more surreal than real, but on the other hand felt definitely very realistic. I was in an organization and went through corridors as there was a gathering of people, many of the staff members looked at me and I almost felt paranoid as why they would follow me so intensely with their eyes. As I approached the backside of the building and opened a door that lead to a cliff or some kind of pond setting with a waterfall going down. As I looked down I saw tiny fish inside the pond that directly connected to the door. You could not go outside. I remember looking at the fish in so many colors, shapes and forms.

As I returned inside I went back to the main entrance and went outside of the building, as someone suddenly said “The Organization will finally shoot a movie and integrate a lot of the spiritual teachings into it.” It was then that I suddenly was shown part of the movie. It was a blonde girl who lived the whole time in the water, as the train went out of the water and she emerged into the air for the first time she became curious and started floating. The scene was surreal, mountains, hills, suns, water, green so much color. Like in a fantasy land. She was floating over the water and played with the birds that swarmed around her. As she approached the top of the hill she could overlook the whole landscape and then suddenly the one cabin train went down on the other side and approached the water, as she worried, got anxieties and emerged back into the water.

I suddenly realized that this whole scene presented the Cycle of life, always repeating, you emerge, play a little bit and then you go back where you came from.

As this scene ended I was walking along the street as suddenly a red cabriolet drove by with man driving who had long brown hair in a knot and a beard. He was singing a song in a different language. I had the words he used in my head but sadly forgot them. I think it sounded somewhat like: “Le mu a mir may” Something like that.

I suddenly was woken by a loud noise outside… A helicopter, very loud was circling around our house. I did not see anything while opening the blinds, but it was terribly loud… As it finally went away I turned around and fell asleep again. It was around 5-6 AM. As I rushed into the next very real dream.


In this dream I somehow returned back to Germany and joined my mother, my grandfather who I did not see in years and many other family members at a table for dinner. But somehow my mother started attacking me and I don’t know why I was so angry, but the whole dream was about our confrontation and I said the word “whore” a lot of times… Which is so untypical for me… I would never say that. My mother snapped and told me I will need to find a job the next day… But I screamed back at her “No I am not working here, I am living in L.A. and I am working there, you cannot hold me here!

Very weird dreams lately. And many of them have to do with anger release and my mother…

Dream: Huge fight and anger

Last night I slept alone to let my husband rest some more. He has a cold and I do not want to get it as well, especially not when he goes to Pittsburgh next Monday for 12 days. So I listened to a Binaural Beat for Astral Projection that was 1 hour long. But nothing happened, however I heard the clicking noise on my left ear, even though I had earphones in! After 1 hour I must have fallen asleep as I suddenly jerk up with a deep gasp of air. As I realized the binaural beat stopped… I tried again without any earphones just in silence to get something, anything out of it. But nothing happened.

At some point I fell asleep again and then I had a terrible dream that once again involved my mother and a third person who was a man who was visiting her or something.

In the dream we suddenly started talking about the changes of the earth and how many people are leaving right now. The third person was totally in to it and agreed with what was being said and I too was excited that someone finally understood all of this. Everything was being said and I explained to both of them what I experience and regardless of what was being said, my mother suddenly looked at me and told me in my face “Maybe you should go to a doctor and let him check it out” I don’t know why but I got so angry at her for saying this after all we have just talked about. It was like it went over her head and she just said what she wanted to say to begin with…

The dream brought out anger so strong that I actually felt during the dream the madness and anger that I felt during this scene. I think it was a clearing of the anger emotion, because it was so clear to me that I felt anger during that scene. We were literally screaming at each other, while the man just sat there in between us and did not say a word…

Trying to tune in

Yesterday I read a few things about the high pitched ringing tone that many awake people are able to hear sporadically. I am one of them. I can hear at times a high pitched ring that resembles a clarinet (holy cows… I just typed this as my left ear ringed for a second), other times I suddenly have a pressure change as if you change altitudes with a plane and the ears are plugged and pop a few times very loudly. Then there are the sudden drops of all noise on one side of the body and it feels like total silence everything becomes silent and then out of nowhere a loud ring comes through from that side! And then there are loud gongs, like from a tuning fork and the tapping water or clicking Morse Code tones. I experienced all of them.

A friend of mine wrote that the high ringing pitch usually means that our own field is re-calibrating. And the clicking tone may be my form of receiving codes. Then another person wrote that she meditated as soon the high ringed pitch came on and she was able to receive voices in the ringing.

So I tried last night in my meditation to focus on the ever present white noise with some subtle bells in it. After a while of doing so I could swear that I started hearing the beginning of something. The first time I heard something from my right ear it sounded like a huge hisssss sound. Problem is I try to listen with my physical ears and then nothing else happens. I tried it again and another tone came through,  the beginning of a low pitched gong tone, but again I jumped out of it and tried to listen… Stupid me…

I think I have an idea now how I perceived the two times in 2014 the male voice that called my name from the right ear. I think I focused on the ringing in my ears when that happened! I will continue to play with this and see if I can actually receive messages through the ear codes that seem to come in.

New Adventure & new sensations

My new adventure has finally begun. I am finally settled into Uber and can drive whenever our single car is available. I have to say when you start something new, I think it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, you will feel some kind of fear creeping in. I was very nervous when I went out the first time on 01/12. I did 2 rides just to get a feeling for it. My first 2 rides where pretty easy. A young student who wanted to go home from a lunch place. And then two girls who wanted to go home from a store in a mall on the same lot where our Sprouts Farmers Market is located.

The first day I did drive for Uber I observed something interesting. When I came home I felt a constant buzzing in my legs, and head. It was a weird feeling and I literally could feel the electricity flowing and buzzing inside my spine! In the night I was so buzzed that I actually could not fall asleep. when I finally fell asleep I was so deep that I did not even remember having any dreams.

The next day was a problem and my husband needed the car almost all day long… so I could not drive. Today however I was out again, my husband sadly caught a tiny throat cold and is acting like he is dying… So I stayed home for a while and helped him even more than I already do. After a while I could go out at 2:22 PM and got my first call from a young student (boy) who wanted to be picked up from a school to get home. The second ride was another kid and his friend from yet another school… (feels almost as if I am a driver for students lol) However I then went online one more time and got a call from Malibu… Oddly enough the ride was 13 minutes away and I thought why would she pick me, no other driver around? However I was happy anyway, because I finally could enjoy the whole sight of the ocean while we drove to her destination. She came from London and is to visit in  L.A.

On the way back home it became suddenly dark and I was in terrible traffic, because of an accident. I started feeling weird feeling inside my head. Pumping, pulling, and pushing. I also felt light headed. Suddenly out of nowhere my moldavite leather necklace opened itself and the stone fell into my shirt up front… I thought “what the heck?

I still feel buzzing and a weird pulse is felt on my forehead. It could be because I am out now driving that I suck in more light and energy and this makes the energy extremely strong!