Final decision, and weird noise

Well if you followed my blog you’ve seen me writing a lot of phases a periods where I am almost urged to give up on something that I wrongly clinged on. I was so attached to my pet bird that I got him 2 years ago because I told my husband I cannot live without an animal. Since I was used to live with them in Germany. One of our fighting reasons, since my husband does not like to have animals inside the house. He also is very fast agitated when a dog is barking a little too long…

I was attached and I kept getting the urge over and over again to just give up on the idea to have a pet bird, to give up on the idea to never leave the house because I would be concerned about my pet to be out all day long. So finally the time has come and the urge and pressure came back again, in a time when my husband is not even around. Which for me is a huge sign, that it was my time to let go! And so I called the lady yesterday who is the perfect match! She rescues animals all over the place, she has the animal connection that I have! She has another parakeet who she rescued “BINGO” she was the one!

As I was driving with my bird inside his cage I did not feel sadness, usually I suddenly feel depressed and anxiousness not to do it and turn around, but not this time. As I arrived and saw the young woman for the first time I was shocked! She looks exactly like my mother when she was younger!!! Coincidence? We immediately connected as if we had the same vibration frequency. My pet bird settled down right away and looked at her in a curious way. On my way out she hugged me and I told my pet bird that he will be fine, that this is goodbye for now and he will be happy, and he listened attentively.

On my way home she wrote me another message and said that the bird is doing well already and that he already eats and tweets. So that was it, the bird did not even care or give a shit… I thought he would be sad, as we had such a good relationship. But since the woman looks a lot like my mother and ultimately myself, he may not see the difference lol.

as I returned home I was still not sad and actually started right away to rearrange my room one more time, I got new plants and I am a proud mother of a beautiful green/white spider plant and a wonderful yellow framed Snake plant! 🙂

Weird Noise

As the night came closer I decided to go to bed at 11:30 PM and I lay on my back as usual, just to relax and meditate on possible messaged coming trough. No 2 minutes had passed as I suddenly heard a weird noise. I cannot even describe it correctly. It suddenly sounded like there was a force field inside my head, I started hearing this very loud wroom, wroom, wroom in a deep and almost cracking kind of way, it stayed a few seconds and then it went away as if nothing ever happened. Now I have no idea what that was about and where it came from. It cannot be OOB related as I did not lay in bed less than 2 minutes!

Did anyone ever experience this noise? I remember times it happens very rarely though, that I felt something dense entering my left ear, as if energy gave my ear a free wax cleaning, but the noise sounded more like there was a force field of some sort directly inside my ear!

It sounded kind of like this, just deeper and with more cracking as undertone: And without the constant humming sound, it was literally two different frequencies wrooming inside my left ear and very loud!

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