Dream: Huge fight and anger

Last night I slept alone to let my husband rest some more. He has a cold and I do not want to get it as well, especially not when he goes to Pittsburgh next Monday for 12 days. So I listened to a Binaural Beat for Astral Projection that was 1 hour long. But nothing happened, however I heard the clicking noise on my left ear, even though I had earphones in! After 1 hour I must have fallen asleep as I suddenly jerk up with a deep gasp of air. As I realized the binaural beat stopped… I tried again without any earphones just in silence to get something, anything out of it. But nothing happened.

At some point I fell asleep again and then I had a terrible dream that once again involved my mother and a third person who was a man who was visiting her or something.

In the dream we suddenly started talking about the changes of the earth and how many people are leaving right now. The third person was totally in to it and agreed with what was being said and I too was excited that someone finally understood all of this. Everything was being said and I explained to both of them what I experience and regardless of what was being said, my mother suddenly looked at me and told me in my face “Maybe you should go to a doctor and let him check it out” I don’t know why but I got so angry at her for saying this after all we have just talked about. It was like it went over her head and she just said what she wanted to say to begin with…

The dream brought out anger so strong that I actually felt during the dream the madness and anger that I felt during this scene. I think it was a clearing of the anger emotion, because it was so clear to me that I felt anger during that scene. We were literally screaming at each other, while the man just sat there in between us and did not say a word…


2 thoughts on “Dream: Huge fight and anger

  1. truthcodex says:

    Dream-states can definitely be ways we release certain concepts without having to manifest them in the physical. I’ve also had fighting dreams with those I’ve felt at odds with.

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