Trying to tune in

Yesterday I read a few things about the high pitched ringing tone that many awake people are able to hear sporadically. I am one of them. I can hear at times a high pitched ring that resembles a clarinet (holy cows… I just typed this as my left ear ringed for a second), other times I suddenly have a pressure change as if you change altitudes with a plane and the ears are plugged and pop a few times very loudly. Then there are the sudden drops of all noise on one side of the body and it feels like total silence everything becomes silent and then out of nowhere a loud ring comes through from that side! And then there are loud gongs, like from a tuning fork and the tapping water or clicking Morse Code tones. I experienced all of them.

A friend of mine wrote that the high ringing pitch usually means that our own field is re-calibrating. And the clicking tone may be my form of receiving codes. Then another person wrote that she meditated as soon the high ringed pitch came on and she was able to receive voices in the ringing.

So I tried last night in my meditation to focus on the ever present white noise with some subtle bells in it. After a while of doing so I could swear that I started hearing the beginning of something. The first time I heard something from my right ear it sounded like a huge hisssss sound. Problem is I try to listen with my physical ears and then nothing else happens. I tried it again and another tone came through,  the beginning of a low pitched gong tone, but again I jumped out of it and tried to listen… Stupid me…

I think I have an idea now how I perceived the two times in 2014 the male voice that called my name from the right ear. I think I focused on the ringing in my ears when that happened! I will continue to play with this and see if I can actually receive messages through the ear codes that seem to come in.


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