New Adventure & new sensations

My new adventure has finally begun. I am finally settled into Uber and can drive whenever our single car is available. I have to say when you start something new, I think it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, you will feel some kind of fear creeping in. I was very nervous when I went out the first time on 01/12. I did 2 rides just to get a feeling for it. My first 2 rides where pretty easy. A young student who wanted to go home from a lunch place. And then two girls who wanted to go home from a store in a mall on the same lot where our Sprouts Farmers Market is located.

The first day I did drive for Uber I observed something interesting. When I came home I felt a constant buzzing in my legs, and head. It was a weird feeling and I literally could feel the electricity flowing and buzzing inside my spine! In the night I was so buzzed that I actually could not fall asleep. when I finally fell asleep I was so deep that I did not even remember having any dreams.

The next day was a problem and my husband needed the car almost all day long… so I could not drive. Today however I was out again, my husband sadly caught a tiny throat cold and is acting like he is dying… So I stayed home for a while and helped him even more than I already do. After a while I could go out at 2:22 PM and got my first call from a young student (boy) who wanted to be picked up from a school to get home. The second ride was another kid and his friend from yet another school… (feels almost as if I am a driver for students lol) However I then went online one more time and got a call from Malibu… Oddly enough the ride was 13 minutes away and I thought why would she pick me, no other driver around? However I was happy anyway, because I finally could enjoy the whole sight of the ocean while we drove to her destination. She came from London and is to visit in  L.A.

On the way back home it became suddenly dark and I was in terrible traffic, because of an accident. I started feeling weird feeling inside my head. Pumping, pulling, and pushing. I also felt light headed. Suddenly out of nowhere my moldavite leather necklace opened itself and the stone fell into my shirt up front… I thought “what the heck?

I still feel buzzing and a weird pulse is felt on my forehead. It could be because I am out now driving that I suck in more light and energy and this makes the energy extremely strong!


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