Nightly meditation and dream

Today was not a lot of time as we were preparing the whole day for my husbands concert. But I tried to remember everything from the night before so I could write it down in the evening. I am kind of beaten up, as I was also bringing people up and down the hill to get to the house. Was not a perfect parking situation but it worked out anyway.

My experience from last evenings meditation was amazing. I started out with lying on my back and closing my eyes. I started doing my energy awareness exercises again and started this time with the hands and then with the feet.I felt short energy surges in both my thumbs and big toes. At some point I just let every control go and just left my eyes closed and observed and tried to feel instead of to ask for something to happen.

After a few minutes of this I started falling deeper into it and it was then that I suddenly felt a nudge or some kind of very subtle push on the right side of my head that made it move a little to the left. It happened a second time. After a while I must have fallen too deep as I was just suddenly asleep and don’t even remember when it actually happened… However I had a disturbing dream.

DREAM: Needle injection & Field with strange people

Sadly I do not remember a lot of the dream just key elements that stuck with me, for obvious reasons. The first element and possible dream symbol was that of being chased again and injected with a needle. I have no idea why these needle dreams keep coming back in all kinds of different scenarios! But this time I was once again on some kind of field with many different strangers, people I never saw before. And we were supposed to do something, which I do not remember anymore…

However key element of this whole dream was the end of it when someone captured me and pushed a needle inside me to inject something, which again I do not know what it was…

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