Dream: my father, death and despair

Oh man… It was such an amazing evening with my husbands performance and the beautiful concert. However we had a guest over for 3 days and he stood at our home and I felt so burned out after all that was finished. I was driving people up and down the hill as the parking was not optimal at this location… Later our guest suggested that we go out again around 10 PM for a movie, but I could not do it. I was just too tired and burned out. My husband is complaining for 3 days now about this constant pressure and puffiness pain in his right side, below the rib cage… I just needed rest.

So meditation wasn’t going to happen, however I tried as long as I could to tune into the subtle ringing sound that I especially can hear in total silence. I heard the tone and I also observed that the frequency changed almost all the time, it is never the same tone! Sometimes like bells, sometimes a tapping water drip tone and many times morse clicking codes come through! Then I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare that believe it or not continued through the whole night, or at least it felt that way…

Dream: my father, death and despair

In the dream it was mainly about my father who died 2013 with age 51… Nobody knows really what he died from. However he suddenly from one day to the next started hearing voices and hid from creatures or phantoms that we could not see… My mother was afraid of this and send him to the psychs… After that they got divorced and my father moved into his own apartment 6 weeks later… However I was living in the USA already of course. When I got the call from my mother someday that my father was found lying dead in his bathroom.. . 😦

The dream showed me the bad things that were going on with my father and then on top of that my mother died in the dream. The whole dream went around that scenario I don’t know but I felt like I cried for real during the most scenes. Then the dream shifted again and I saw my grandfather who started writing something and my mother in form of spirit moved his fingers to write a letter, but he did not let his fingers lose and used control so she pushed him to loosen his fingers and hands. The dream shifted again and somebody placed a hand on top of my mothers solar plexus chakra and said “she is not what you think she is, she is a demon, do not engage with her

I don’t remember much of the dream, but it literally felt like it went on and on and on… Made me feel terrible this morning.


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