Experiment with Alpha waves!

So after reading a little bit, I found someone who said that conscious OOBEs and Astral Projections happen from in the Alpha state, shortly before you fall asleep. If the Alpha waves could be constant it would be possible to stay conscious during the “falling” asleep moment. So I thought to myself, rather than reading online and just sucking in information, I will just try it as I usually learn more through my own experiences!

So last night I lay in bed on my back, placed the earphones inside my ears and started a 1 hour Alpha Isochronic beat! The first thin I recognized was that the tone of Alpha is very soothing. It did not take long to see some effects of it. I caught myself falling asleep as I suddenly heard myself “snoring”??? It sounded like a snore but I am actually not sure if that was really what happened. As I recognized that I jerked up quite a bit.

A few seconds later my left leg kicked upwards and also my right arm started jerking. In the matter of fact I was so soothed by the Alpha wave track that it was hard to not fall asleep lol… However I recognized something very early on, my body started to vibrate very subtle. I felt the vibration of the beat in my ears and my body somehow.

However I did not manage to have an OOBE. And I did also not have any dreams that I can remember, so I must have had a really deep sleep.

On a side note this month I got somewhat surprised by my periodic cycle… I did feel abdominal cramps and pulling before Monday but I thought it was something I ate or Sacral Chakra clearing. I did not see any spotting at all and then all of a sudden my period kicked in full force on Monday without any real warning. This is 10 days way too early. Seems like I need to expect it now every beginning of the month. So weird… Something in my cycle got completely confused so it seems. Could be related to the recent Class M Flare and solar storm activities.


One thought on “Experiment with Alpha waves!

  1. truthcodex says:

    For optimal OBE initiation you need to be in what I call the ‘in-between state’. This is also called the hypnagogic state. Hypnagogia is marked by a high level of both alpha and theta brainwaves. You may want to check out Robert Monroe’s Hemi-Sync which was specificially designed so you can employ methods to get out of body. đŸ™‚ Glad you’re experimenting with this!

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