Burning of the Christmas Tree

This year we did not have a Christmas tree so it was kind of funny actually that I would dream about one, while Christmas was already over and the new year started. We came back from a New Years Eve party with friends at around 2:30 Am… ugh I was so tired and the alcohol did not do any good either… They wanted everyone to say a prayer for the New Year in our mother languages and there were a lot of languages in the room! So after each prayer we had to drink a sip of Champagne. Man I was so full of that stuff… And it was way too much for me…

As we returned home we went straight to bed to just get some rest after such a long evening. However I did manage to meditate a little while on my Third Eye this time. I felt the energetic shivers and surges in my spine and also my Third Eye was kind of fluttering.

After some time I must have fallen asleep. Shortly before the morning wake up however I had a short dream that I remember.

DREAM: Burning Christmas tree

I saw a Christmas tree that was kind of electric. It was not a natural tree. A person wanted to burn the tree and do something with it no idea what though… I saw how the top of the tree started burning down, flames surrounded the top and slowly worked there way down. But as the flames reached further down I suddenly interrupted her and said kind of in panic “Stop it before it reaches the cables inside, it will burst the whole house in flames if that happens!” This was the moment when the dream disappeared and my husband woke me up.


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