Another strange dream

Yesterday was Wednesday so the day for me to sleep alone. Before I actually went to bed, we watched another movie… Since my husband is a movie composer and receives all the movies of the year, we usually watch them at the end of the year. Last evening we watched a movie called “Youth“. It was my turn to pick a movie out of the mixed row.
However I never know what I will grab as the movies are all backwards and no titles can be seen so it is always a surprise. The movie was oddly enough directly connected to husbands and my life. It was about an old man who once was a composer and conductor. He went to a Retreat and his daughter visited him and there was a moment when the daughter was on the floor, because her boyfriend left her for another woman and said “The woman was good in bed“.
There was a scene when the man (Fred) and his Daughter (Lena) were lying in a mud bath and he told her I am so sorry Lena, I understand you. And suddenly she went ahead and told him how little he understands, that he was always only interested in music, never hugged, kissed or appreciated his wife, never brought her flowers in 10 years etc. When I watched this scene, I was in awe, as it represents exactly how I feel. No coincidence that I caught this movie!
Then there was a scene where Fred and his friend made jokes about the monk who was meditating all day. And he said to the monk “you will never levitate!” In that moment I was somehow in a different state or something no idea, but I suddenly heard a very clear frequency pitch on my right ear. Instead of listening to it, I tried to focus on my heart center. But I did not know what it meant. Later in the movie however they showed that the monk indeed started levitating! Maybe the ring was a message that the said sentence was a lie.

When I finally went to bed, I was lying on my back and it was so cold, even while I completely tugged myself inside the blankets, the mattress once again would not get warmer, my knees started hurting because of the cold… And instead of staying awake and enduring the cold, I tried to fall asleep quickly. And I did, when I suddenly found myself having a very strange dream.

DREAM: Man with Blonde hair, Friend, marriage

I sadly do not remember the whole dream, but key elements were that I was together with a man who had blonde hair. Funny this blonde hair men with blue eyes come up every single time! Then a friend of ours visited us, she is a good girl and lives together with her boyfriend in Sardinia. So the dream now made no sense anymore. She looked at me while we were standing someplace and she asked me if we could move in together, but not only that, she also asked that we could then get married. And that’s when the dream suddenly got interrupted, because the alarm of my phone went off… I was completely perplexed and wanted to tell her that this was not possible. But before I could do so, I was kicked out of it.


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