Intense energy rushes, another weird dream

Last evening we were invited to a friend’s Christmas home party, it was so nice and all those beautiful decorations, this kicked in the spirit of Christmas big time. After a beautiful gathering we decided to go home. I took a bath and it was Wednesday so it was my sleeping alone day.

I started out again lying on the back. I closed my eyes and decided to focus on my Heart Center straight from the beginning. The feeling was not as intense anymore as the last 2 days. However after a few minutes of doing so I suddenly got literally flooded by intense shivery energy rushes and surges, all along my spine, chest, arms, sometimes even the legs and in between the legs (don’t need to go there lol) These rushes can only be described as a cool, tingling that gets released and floods the area with shivers and sparkles. That’s the only way I can describe it. However I did not manage to get warm or even heat up the mattress I was lying on. Since it was so cold I turned around and pulled myself under the blanket in fetus position. After some time of struggle to fall asleep because of the cold, I finally managed to do so.

Dream: Intense Roller Coaster, no belt, black bear, looping & all kinds of meat

The dream was of the strange and weird kind. And finally I can remember them again, took a long time! The beginning of the dream was that I and 2-3 other people decided to go to a Sea World Park. However not Sea World as we know it. It’s more like an amusement park! I did not find a car to drive with so I used a tiny scooter and went the whole way kicking with my right leg. When I finally arrived I met with the other persons who came with a car…

We decided to go on this Roller Coaster. I remember sitting down while everybody put their safety belts on. I sat down and wanted to do the same, as suddenly a tiny creature entered the wagon we sat in. The creature was a tiny black bear. He sat in front of me and lifted his paw. I was so amazed at this that I touched his paw. Suddenly another guy with blonde hair and blue eyes came inside and stole my seat. I suddenly found myself sitting on the floor. And pressed myself between the legs of my friends. Without safety belt. As the Roller Coaster came to move, I suddenly got scared, I had no idea what kind of ride this was. And so I grasped the poles left and right beside me and was facing backwards to the actual ride. So I did not see what actually was happening. However it became very fast clear to me that this damn ride had loops! And I was sitting there facing backwards, no safety belts and screaming my lungs out. As I actually did feel the free fall feeling of the loop. This whole thing continued for 2-3 times then somebody decided to finally stop the ride of hell… We all got out of that thing save! Thanks god…

However this guy who stole my seat followed us to a nearby restaurant and everybody ordered as if they knew this place like their own vest pocket… I just looked at how fast the food came out and all of them had meat. Huge amounts of meat. One of them had a whole chunk of a leg of something… Another one had something more ground like beef or so. And as I tried to choose this blonde guy tried to suggest to me to take the chicken curry… But I was undecided and just stood there like s stupid person not knowing what to do…

However I think the dream ended then because the alarm went off this morning. What a weird dream…

PS. funny enough I have a weird ache in my right upper leg today. It’s not really the hip I think. It’s more deep in the bone, however it is not… It’s difficult to describe but when I walk it is not comfortable. Seems like more of the right body side goes through release and change.

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