Weird dream after focus on Heart center

Last evening I felt strong energetic sensations inside my body. Seems like the energy is up again in full thrust. I felt a very clear shaking and tremor in my left leg, while I had them crossed sitting at the computer. It was not difficult at all to feel this tremor inside and it worked it’s way up the leg.

As the clock turned 12, I decided to join my husband in bed, as he was still working on his laptop lying in bed. I positioned myself in the usual way on my back and closed my eyes. First focusing on the breath, then afterwards on the feet, legs, hands and arms. After that I decided to work on the primary energy centers (Chakras) I placed my full awareness for that in the area of the situated chakra and moved the awareness in a stirring or brushing motion. Sometimes I do also bounce awareness from the front to the back and then again to the front. It then feels like a ball is bouncing between spine and front side of the body. This time I left my Third Eye and Crown chakras alone and concentrated a longer time on the heart chakra. I felt again this heaviness, tightness and pulling sensation, but this time not as strong as before. I said in my mind “Please let me have an OOBE tonight, or at least a Lucid Dream.” Since I did not get anything, I continued meditating on the Heart center.

Dream: ETs, Blue balls and Looking through closed eye lids

Until I somehow fell asleep. I had a weird dream and two scenes stick out to me this morning. The first one being a huge screen in grey and white. How fitting for the image that popped up on this screen… I saw tons, literally tons of tiny grey Alien creatures. all looking weird and kind of disarranged, some only had ahead and nothing else. They were all looking at me and apparently getting closer. They looked kind of crippled. Really odd…

After this scene the ETs disappeared and I saw a scene of different people on a huge green lawn, trying to catch these huge blue balls. But they would move the whole time and nobody could get hold on them… Until I heard someone say “Stop trying to run after them, let them come and then just pick them up.” I saw someone doing as suggested and she (blonde long hair) picked up the ball.

After that it was close to morning I suppose. I suddenly had another one of these weird “dreams” in which I apparently sat at the outer edge of my husband’s bed side and I looked through closed eyelids, I felt it as everything looked clear this time it was almost impossible to know if it was closed eyes. As I looked in front of me I saw these tiny weird looking yellow, orange particles flying through the air, like the air was literally alive. Now I have no idea what that was about, but it disappeared after that and I think then alarm woke me up. Or was it actually after I closed the alarm? I have no idea…


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