New sensations

Well I know I didn’t write a lot lately on this blog, the proof is in the inactive days on the left side where the calendar is placed. I didn’t write anything because lately I was in a down phase and everything was just crazy around here… Including my emotional state. Actually silly to think that one glass of wine would not break out havoc again… I guess some lessons need to repeat until they are learned.

Anyway last night I tried to meditate and work with my energy body again. This time I was surprised actually of how easy it was to feel the energy flow. There was a moment when I raised energy from the feet in a spiral around my leg that I actually felt energy shivers going up my left leg! It was intense! Also last night was another intense release of these shiver, chills or energy rushes. No idea how to really describe them. It just feels as if an electric wire is releasing a huge load of electricity in one are, such as my buttocks, such as my chest or spine and then it feels like millions of tiny sparkles spreading. It is the most beautiful sensation there is so far. I don’t know if this is bliss, but it surely comes very close to it!

After that I started raising energy into the root chakra to use it for stimulation of the chakras upwards from the root on. This time I felt almost all chakras. I found it is way easier for me to raise the energy up the back through the spine and then steer it into the front to the chakra. It’s easier to keep focus on the energy moving when I do it this way. As I reached my heart chakra I felt a very strong sensations. It felt like my chest was either in a wrench, or a heavy box was lying on the heart. It was a very strong feeling of pressure and slight buzzing. It is so strong that I cannot hold it for a long time without freaking out about the strong pull, push sensation! However I may need to get over this and keep going in order to open the heart chakra! As I reached my brow chakra I felt a pull as well, but then I got disturbed, because out of nowhere my husband started moving his legs all the time, he also tossed around a lot last night.

Since I could not concentrate anymore because of the mattress moving the whole time due to my husbands leg movements, I stopped my meditation and turned around to sleep. Again it was a very deep sleep, I had dreams, but I have nothing in my memory which I could now write about… Which is weird… What happened to the ability that I could remember long dreams very well?


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