Healing and Tooth pulling dream

The last 2 days I had an odd occurrence with my right jaw joint. Out of nowhere it suddenly started hurting every time I opened my mouth just a little bit. I did not remember doing anything to it that would have caused the weird pain. So last evening I decided to ask in my meditation for healing emotionally and physically. I also tried to go into the in between, but nothing happened. It’s so weird that each night with the exact same approach comes out so different. One could think that when you do everything exactly the same that you would reach the same sensations etc. But no… that is not how it works and shows me directly, that something has control over the fact when and what is experienced at any given moment and time. So the only logical solution to this is surrender and see what happens without using control to get there.

At some point I must have fallen asleep and I had a long dream again, but this time only the end of it stuck with me. Why? Because it is a dream situation which I dread from my past.

In the dream I looked into the mirror and looked at my teeth and I saw that the left upper molar was lose, so I pulled it out, it was completely lose and not at all anchored to the jaw anymore. But that was not all, the last molar beside the one that I pulled was also lose and I pulled it. As I held the both bloody teeth in my palm I ran to my husband in the dream and showed him what happened. However he was not very surprised so it seemed. That was the moment when I woke up.

Now why do I dread pulling and lose teeth dreams? Because in the past they presented bad omens and either someone I loved died (tooth pulled) or had an accident or something that brought them to the hospital (lose tooth). It has been a very long time since the last one which brought the delivery of death of my father. So I do not know if this dream is the same thing, but I hope my family or anyone I love is save the next couple of days or weeks. It did not always happen right away. 😦 This worries me honestly.

However the pain in my right jaw joint is gone! I don’t feel it anymore when I open my mouth, which is a huge sign that healing did occur.


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