The landing of the wall!

Well tonight was a night full of mysterious dreams. But one of them stood out and is stuck in my head, like I literally experienced it first hand. The dream had absolutely nothing to do with my daily life and experiences and yet it combined many things in it that I was interested in throughout the last couple of months! The dream was not only surreal, it was also literally screaming for a WAKE ME UP call. Yet it did not manage to make me lucid or bring an OOBE to me. But let’s begin with the dream, that I remember.

DREAM: The landing of the wall

I remember in the beginning of the dream I was together with an old friend of ours. (I will call her S.) We were on the way over a huge parking lot and headed towards a huge building. I am not sure where this was and what kind of building it actually was. But it was HUGE!
As we walked towards the door, something caught my interest. I looked towards the right side, up to the sky. It was close to sunset and the sky was kind of dark. But I saw something that looked amazing. It was this weird light spectacle that we heard the last couple of weeks so much about. People said it was a missile or rocket test of some sort. It started as a rainbow colored light streak and was always in motion, until it broke in two and created a circle. I was in awe seeing this phenomenon with my own eyes! I stood still and pointed towards it, as S. looked up she was surprised and asked me what this is. I shook my head, I had no idea what it was or could be. All I knew was that it looked beautiful and kind of hypnotic. Then I saw the sky around it shifting like there were suddenly movements in the sky and I started seeing all kind of colored mandalas and other light forms. Again I was in awe about this spectacular sight!

I suddenly got the idea to get my camera to shoot photos and I told S. “I am sorry I never have my camera with me when things like this happen, I will get it now.” I was literally excited and ran into the building and came out very quick with my camera, funny enough I do not remember how I got the camera, was like the dream skipped that part. I just came out with it in my hands! Then I point it towards the sky and the light show. But as I looked through the camera screen I could not see the light spectacle, it was like gone. I was surprised and took the camera down, as I looked with my own eyes up the sky, the lights were becoming very dark and out of nowhere 2-3 dark colored helicopters appeared and approached the ground, they came out of thin air!!!

We all stood there stuck in place looking up towards the helicopters that were about to land. As the helicopters landed, a lot of men with dark colored uniforms without markings jumped out. They were obviously armed. They started shooting at the people around us, many fell. I managed with S. to hide and run away, but we were closely followed by them. Suddenly I lost S. And was on my own.

I remember hiding in crawl position behind all these many cars on the parking lot. I was crawling behind a car and there was this girl with long brown hair. She saw me and I lifted my hand and did “Psst” So these men would not hear us. Then my gaze turned to the left side and I looked up the sky. I saw a white refrigerator falling down from the sky. As it hit the ground further away on the lot, I got overwhelmed by panic as my gaze fell upon the other approaching objects, as they suddenly became bigger. I saw cars approaching and Tiny UFO shaped objects, all hitting the ground around us. I suddenly stood there and screamed hand at my head “This must be a dream!!!” Yet I do not understand that nothing happened with this realization, I did not go OOBE or Lucid. It just continue…

As I crawled around the cars back towards the building. I somehow ran into a crowd of these dark colored uniform men. One saw me and he pointed his long gun at me. I got scared and thought that’s it. But he did not shoot me. As I reached the building another man pointed his gun at me and I saw myself trying to jump around to not get hit. But he shot me in the stomach, just to find that the bullet jumped off me, because I suddenly had a bullet proof west around my chest O.o.

As I went inside the building I saw that many people stood in a line, I did not see S. anymore. But there was another boy from my childhood (Thomas) I heard one of the men in uniform say “This is it, you guys are free to go, we are done here…” I stood in the line and asked Thomas if he saw these weird lights before all this happened. I told him what I saw in the beginning and then suddenly helicopters approached this place. And he said: “It was the landing of the wall.“Before I could ask what he means with that I was thrown in another scene, just before the helicopters approached, I suddenly saw the lights again and then how 3 helicopters placed a huge rounded tower on top of the building before they landed. The tower looked like a round wall…

Again I have no idea what this dream means, but it as more surreal than anything I ever dreamed about before, that’s for sure!

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