Another Light flash!

Finally I am over the worst part of my female cycle and the pains are of course all gone as if nothing ever happened… So I lay in bed last night and decided to give one of these Gamma wave brainwave tracks another chance. It was 45 minutes long. First I prepared my energy body with the tactile awareness exercises, and after that I just relaxed and closed my eyes to listen to the Gamma waves.

First observation is that I felt buzzing a few seconds into listening to the track. It felt so beautiful and was in the total contrast to the pain I felt days before… Such refreshing sensations! After a while I decided to let go of focus and just pretended to go to sleep. Without focus on anything, I felt that my Third Eye center was buzzing and out of a sudden I felt a weird sensation hanging over my right upper eyelid down from the eyebrow. It literally felt as if something was throbbing and hanging there. As I opened my eyes just for a second the sensation faded away, but after closing my eyes, the sensation would return once again. Must be energy related!

A few more relaxing minutes into the track I had the same thing happening that I already described a couple of days ago. Out of nowhere my head, upper body and arms jerked up and fell back on the bed. Oddly enough it did not break the state of relaxing. It just felt weird. And I wonder now if this was actually my physical body, but if it wasn’t why did I feel as if banging on the bed? (((Is confused)))

I suddenly started to say in my mind “I am connecting to my Higher Self” “I am connected” The affirmation technique seams very powerful, especially if you put your focus and intentions on positive already IS affirmations. Then I started seeing the hypnogogic images and a tiny scene started appearing and it was then, that I suddenly got blended by a very huge bright & white light. The light came so quickly and without warning that it nearly startled me. It came with a vision there was some kind of picture in that light but it was too blurred and I did not see what it was.

After a while of staring into the purple light swirls in my vision screen I decided to let it go and fell asleep. Again without any recollection of dreams. It was just a very strong sleep.

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