Dream & ebb phase

Well my period kicked in now and since 2-3 days I have an ebb phase again… I dread these 5 days when nothing seems to happen energetic wise. It’s always the same pattern. However this sluggishness of energy does not stop me from doing my energy awareness exercises. So I stimulated the feet, legs, hands and arms and raised energy from my feet and hands to store it into the Sub-Navel Storage. Interestingly enough I think the energy work erased the pains that I always had during my period. I did not have any abdominal cramping so far, which is amazing as I usually have this the first day. Thank god!

After the stimulation of my tertiary energy channels and storage center. I started stimulating the chakras one by one from the Root upwards! I felt all of them, but something was different, instead of buzzing I felt this time a weird heaviness or better saying some kind of weight on the chakra centers. On each center I was working on I had some kind of a vision very quickly flash up in my visual screen. In the root chakra I saw a person flashing up just for 1/2 second. And this happened with the lower three chakras. But what exactly I saw is not clear, as the flashes of visions were extremely fast!

After this I just lay there and further relaxed to meditate and try for OOBE if the sensations would arise. But nothing… No heavy energy blanket feeling, no rush of energy. It seems as if my whole energy body is shut down. Ergo I do not even feel the electrical current buzzing in my spine right now…

DREAM: Cousin, UFO or light sphere

So I fell asleep and had a short dream before wake up time. I dreamed about my cousin Nadine. We did not have contact for a long time and for some reason she showed up here in our house in L.A. We were looking out the window and I suddenly started seeing a weird glowing thing in the sky. Close look revealed a sphere with 4 different light sources, kind of like a sphere with 4 smaller ones attached to it. It had the colors green, yellow, Orange and Red I think. It was rotating and slowly moving from the right to the left! I pointed at it and asked my cousin “what is that? do you see it?” But somehow I got distracted and it disappeared and she suddenly pointed to the distance and said “well over there are Fireworks, so that’s what it probably was.

And that was when the alarm rang this morning and 8:30.

ADDITION: the photo above the post does not do the light sphere justice, as what I saw was one object and it circled with 4 small spheres all connected to the center.


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