Dream: Winning Game, Obama, Neo Nazis

Last evening I had no time to do my energy exercises so I did them while lying in bed. I did not do it for a long time, just long enough to get the energy flowing again. I need to stick with it as I observed that since I am working not only with the Primary Energy centers, but also the  secondary energy centers as well as the tertiary centers in the feet, legs, hands & arms, my energy is much more balanced. I do not feel extreme surges of depression and unbalance as I did before, when I only focused on heart and third eye centers! This is huge, I just realized how important it is to work on all energy centers, tiny, small and bigger ones. Otherwise the energy body gets out of alignment. I did not experience a heavy upset yet and even a fight with my husband from 2 days ago just disappeared afterwards and he came hugging me, that never happened before! Because I could keep my calm much better than before…

After all energy stimulating exercises last night I just stayed calm on my back and tried for an OOBE. I felt some movements of my energy body, but that was about it, I just fell asleep at some point. Sadly my husband has the habit to stay online on his laptop up till late in the night and then gets upset that I cannot get out of bed early in the morning… So I was just too tired to try further. I had a very weird Dream!

DREAM:  Winning Game, Obama, Neo Nazis

The dream cannot be more weird. While my husband had a terrible nightmare and was obviously visited by his mother throughout his dream, I dreamed something totally banal…

First scene involved a soccer game, the team was close to losing the game, as I decided to get in and shot the deciding goal. After that I realized I won this game for President Obama. Now that was the first dream I ever met with him… After that game I went into his office and I see him sitting in front of a TV monitor, he turned around and looked at me with his usual look… He congratulated me for winning his game for him.

After that he turned the TV on and the news reported about problems in Germany, they were talking about the extremist Neo Nazis and Obama suddenly made a remark and said “Hmm somebody needs to stop these people, if nobody else does, I will make sure that they will suffer.” I looked at the screen and saw number 100 and thought it was the number of how many Nazis he was talking about. I tried to interrupt this thought and said back to him “No I do not feel right, you want to go into a big city and bomb it because of 100 extremists? I cannot allow this to happen, it could hurt innocent people, like my family!

I don’t know what happened after this, but I suddenly cannot remember anything else happening after that, what a weird dream…


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