Current list of sensations

Some time has passed since my latest “current list” of “symptoms” or better saying sensations! So I wanted to go ahead and update you all with the current list of sensations I am feeling in my process!

Know that I am doing intense energy work to build my energy body the last 4-5 days and a lot has changed energy wise. While before I literally lost all feeling after a certain amount of time, I am now able to stir the energy which is understood to be like water, once stirred it will continue to move and activate subtle energy pathways and exchange points, which Chinese medicine calls Meridians! Since I am doing energy work during the day or night I feel constant exchanges of energy on all the important energy centers! It is most important before one works on the main centers (chakras) to first prepare and build the secondary energy system. Which is explained very well in Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work – The Secret of Healing and spiritual growth!

His technique called NEW is the most effective technique in energy work I’ve ever witnessed. It’s called tactile Imaging. You use your awareness to move energy through the energy body, instead of visualizing it. It’s 100x more strong and what usually takes a long time to archive through other techniques, takes just a few minutes with this approach! I am highly suggesting this technique for anyone who wants to prepare and build their energy body and bring it to higher amounts of energy! You will become so sensitive that you can literally feel the energy exchanging through the body.

  • Tactile Imaging used on feet and hands brings on a strong activation sensations of the very important secondary energy pathways and chakras, which are literally in all joints of the human body! The fingers have in each joint a tiny chakra which in many people are not activated and can only activate through precise energy work on these chakras. The activation of these feel like buzzing, throbbing and pulsing. It is a very strong feeling of active energy inside the hands and feet. The hands and feet are very strong exchange points, you can suck in energy from both your feet soles and hand palms!
  • Strong energy movement sensations inside the legs, which brings twitching, shaking and buzzing with it.
  • Buzzing palms showing activity in the palm chakra
  • Each single chakra can be felt using Tactile Imaging, once you feel the chakra you can consider it to be active, do not stay longer on ONE chakra as needed, as this can bring bouts of problems with it. Especially with the Third Eye. Too long placing the awareness in this area can bring unbalances such as episode of psychosis, constant delusion etc. It is important before any chakra is worked on to first build the energy body and preparing the secondary chakra pathways. They are the ones that support the energy structures of the Primary chakras.
  • Strong heart center activation, fluttering in chest, buzzing and pounding as well as throbbing of the heart.
  • Strong pulling sensations in Solar Plexus center
  • Strong activation of Root center, feels like a fluttering tailbone, buzzing and pulses can be felt.
  • Strong activation and sensitivity of the Sub-Navel Storage Center. This sits 2 inches below the navel and is THE ONLY place where you should store consciously new rising energy in. There are 3 storage centers: 1. Sub Navel, Sub Heart and Sub Brow. It is never advised to fill the upper two, as this can lead to unbalance. Fill the Sub Navel Storage center and when it is full it will automatically in a natural way spill over to the higher ones.
  • Strong surges and release of chill, tingle and sparkle like energies on every spot of my back, as well as the chest, which spreads towards the arms! this means that energy strobes from the primary centers and fills the surroundings with new higher energy! It feels like a literal nerve rewiring taking place.
  • After each energy work session the energy inside the energy body continues working as if HS took over. This happens because energy is not physical, it’s like water. Once stirred it continues to flow and circle for some time. If you would stop energy work completely after a few days you would not feel it anymore, until you continue!

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