Another sleepless night

It almost seems as if the sudden sleep pattern change that many describe hits me too now. I never had these problems, I go to bed and would fall asleep right away. My husband could not wake me up a few times even while touching me, I would just be out somehow… But since two days now, and I do not know if it has to do with my energy sensitivity growing or the Full Moon suddenly affecting me, but I just cannot fall asleep. It almost seems as soon I lay in bed on my back my whole body creates energy and I feel strong pulses, buzzing and throbbing in my Root Chakra. But not only that the last night was highly intense and energetic, I would even go as far as to say it was stronger than the night before.

I was lying on my back and right away energy started rising, even while not doing the energy exercises. It seems my Higher Self took over and did the work, that I started a couple of days ago. It’s kind of amazing actually how automatic it was. My feet started buzzing, then strong energies would go up the legs, I felt wraps of energy around my knees. Then my hands activated and buzzed like crazy!

But not only that, of course I could not fall asleep because of the strong energy work that was being done on me. Everything was just buzzing like crazy, no way to fall asleep this way… So I was awake until 1:00 am once again… Then after a while I felt extremely strong surges, rushes and explosions of energetic shivers, chills and tingles all at the same time on the back and then on front of my body, my chest exploded in sparkles all over, I actually felt them spreading to the arms and shoulders. In that moment my heart made a huge thump. After that my Solar Plexus chakra blubbered and released the same chills and sparkles all over. After that a bubble of energy got released and I felt it tactile traveling through the stomach to the left side of my body and I actually jumped as the bubble reached my left flank side, I am just too sensitive in these areas and I actually jumped because it felt literally like something touched me there after the bubble went in there.

After a long night of no sleep, I suddenly got cold underneath the blanket, and I tried to cover my whole body underneath and somehow I did indeed fall asleep, do not ask me how I managed to do it and when it actually happened, I have no idea.

DREAM: Hand and strong pain

I had a dream, but all that is actually left from it is the sensations. I met a guys who was covering his hands with weird tattoos. Weird text, symbols and pictures. And when he showed me the last one that was done to him He said “These are Bush bear and Putin bear” Two weird looking bear faces with a combination of President Bush and Putin’s faces… I actually saw them in front of me… Then after that i remember an extreme pain in my left hand. It was so painful that in the dream I could not open my hand, it was completely stiff and closed, as I tried to open the hand my palm was red, sore and sweating. I asked myself the question “Why does my hand hurt so much?” But then answered my own question “It’s because I am becoming emphatic, I feel the pain of this guys tattoos…” I woke up after that dream and checked my left hand which was crazily buzzing. It felt like there was a hole in the center of my palm…


3 thoughts on “Another sleepless night

  1. Dayna says:

    I am not surprised that you are struggling with strength since starting energy work on yourself. It is not uncommon. Once your body gets use to the new energy it will level out and you will get better sleep. 🙂

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  2. Dayna says:

    “Sleep” not “strength”. lol Wondering why I typed that now….probably not an accident.


    • talynia says:

      lol that is funny, I thought am I struggling with strength, I nearly checked where I wrote that 😀 But one could see it this way, because of the strength that is building up I am struggling with sleep hahaha. Today we went to friends for Thanksgiving and as I was sitting and listening to all these people, I actually felt a very strong energetic pull on my head and my heart chakra began fluttering very strong! 🙂 Let’s see how the next night will come along. I can already feel that the energy work started again, towards the evening the energy body really works a lot!

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