Full Moon & Energy work = NO!

Oh man… I was excited after the experience the night before. I did not even realized that when I do energy exercises that I should skip the Full Moon days… I mean literally it was so easy to feel energy last night, it was almost ridicules. I did all the exercises like brushing, sponging and stirring of energies and very quickly my feet activated and also the hands, which BTW. buzzed the whole night. I set my intentions on having an OOBE and I did everything I could to prepare myself.

After all the energy work that I’ve done I felt strong buzzing in my root chakra, it was on and off throbbing like crazy. I also felt my heart chakra sometimes going bonkers, but with all the sensations I learned to keep quiet and not let the overwhelming sensations take me off guard. I am well prepared to know which sensations can happen and so it makes it definitely easier to handle them, when they do come on.

However afterwards I tried to settle down and relax my body for the trance state. The energy continued pumping even though I did not do the exercises actively anymore. The lovely Awareness Momentum must have kicked in. I focused on my Third Eye and felt the throbbing sensation, after a while of lying still I also felt my heart chakra activate very strongly, it felt like racing very strongly. However the energy was so strong last night that I could not focus away from my body for  a long time. Every time I focused my awareness on bouncing through the room or swinging etc. I felt some weird energy sensations, such as tingling and pinpricks on my left foot ball. Or a rushing sensation of energy coming from the left leg etc.

After a while lying on my back I suddenly felt this pulsing pain in my elbows again, instead of resisting the pain I went there and energy wrapped the joints of my elbows, it made it less painful. But it was already too long and so I checked if I was actually deep in trance or not, by just sitting up. As I did this my upper body went up and I felt  a cracking sensation. I decided to take this chance to stretch my muscles and massage the elbows which felt like being worked out… I used the bathroom and lay back in bed, at that time it was already 1:00 am… So I thought okay, time for bed and some sleep. But NO I could not even fall asleep, because my mind was focused on staying awake for possible OOBE. And so it continued the whole night…

There was one incident in which I suddenly saw a vision screen in my Third Eye, this time the vision was kind of clear and I could actually focus on the things I saw. The first picture was a graphic of a feather kind of object, it was pointing with the tip of the feather to the left, there was a red highlight around the tip and something being written around it, what it was I do not know. After that I saw another vision of a pencil and it painted a symbol which I remembered, it looked like this:

Any idea what that is?

After that I focused on my third eye, which was throbbing again and I remember that I used the awareness hand exercise to brush the area and instead of going back and forth I suddenly painted the symbol of a star on my forehead, I actually felt the lines because of the focused awareness in that area. This star is what I painted:


But no OOBE and no sleep either… I could not fall asleep, because of the constant energy surges and tingling and sparkling everywhere. so yeah it was a sleepless night, but for odd reasons I am not tired this morning.


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