Interesting dream after energy work

Last night I had an interesting dream! I can remember it very vividly. As the night before I did my energy exercises that I learned, this time much faster and I also got faster responses from the energy inside. I had light flashes around my eyes, which I learned are the Third Eye strobing. That means that the chakra was full of energy and released it, in these moments one can perceive extreme strong blinding white light flashes! If these flashes should be violet instead of white, it means that creative genius is being released. Many people with Kundalini Awakening have sudden bouts of a talent surfacing that they did not know they had. So far I did not see a violet light strobe, but always white light.

After the whole circle of energy exercises like brushing, stirring, sponging and energy storing into the Sub-Navel Center, I decided again to try for an OOBE. This time I let myself fall. I read from Robert Bruce, that it is easier to fall in trance if you imagine yourself falling without landing, this can bring on some weird sensations, such as “falling” And I had this feeling. However after some time lying quiet and without falling asleep I started seeing red blotches and black shadow blotches moving in front of my closed eyes. As if I could see something behind my closed eyes.

As nothing else happened, I decided to give it a rest and went to sleep.

DREAM: Vision behind closed eyelids

I had a longer dream which I sadly don’t remember anymore, somehow the last bit of the dream stuck with me and makes me think was that only a dream? In this part of the dream I was standing in my office room and I somehow realized that I had vision in a red hue. Everything was kind of subtle red but very clear to see, with some blurring effects. Suddenly in the dream I realized that I could see through my closed eyes and I presumed that I was OOBE. So I got up from the chair. The vision would blur very quickly and then return back to the red hue sight. I walked a few steps through the room and then turned around because I wanted to make sure that I was in fact Out of Body and could see my real body. But as I turned around, there was nothing there. Only my chair and the TV, nothing else. I also remember that I went to the mirror to see if I actually look through my closed eyelids and in fact as I stood in front of the mirror my eyelids were closed.

I have no idea how it continued from here and I have no idea if this was a dream, Lucid Dream or an OOBE. But I suspect it was a form of bleeding through from my energy exercises into the dream. So I do not think it was an OOBE.


2 thoughts on “Interesting dream after energy work

  1. Fungi2bwith says:

    Wow, I was certainly guided to read this post. I’m able to meditate into a trance state, with eyes open, where everything turns white and all borders of objects or contrast, turn bright silver. My body vibrates intensely during this state. But lately while in that state, I get these bright strobe-like flashes, 2 or 3 of them in a row. Tick, tick, tick really fast just like a camera flash. So far white flashes not violet. I was wanting to know what it was. Thank you!!

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    • talynia says:

      Hello Fungi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I am happy I could help you out! Yes these bright light flashes are called Brow Chakra strobes. That means if you do energy work and accumulate enough energy in your chakras the fuller they become the faster they will strobe. However be careful not to focus too much on one single chakra it can lead to unbalance. It’s always better to focus on all for a short amount of time. With Tactile Imaging, it’s 100x more powerful then visualization. You use your sense of awareness to stir, brush or sponge energy into pathways. This way you create a healthy grow of your energy body. Once the climate point is reached and the third eye is fully charged it will give off an explosion of lights, sometimes it can even feel like getting smashed with a hammer on your face, which can feel like concussion. This is because of the strong bone structures that support this energy level. Know once a chakra strobes it will upgrade to higher levels of functioning and in the strobe itself spread the energy around the surrounding areas to upgrade the nerves and energy pathways! If you ever should see a purple light flash this means you are having a hidden creative talent which will awaken with this strobe! Not everybody gets it obviously, but other abilities may arise after Third Eye strobes! šŸ™‚ Again I am happy that my post helped you!

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