Teachers always come at the right moment

I really need to write a blog post about this observation. Every time in my life when I am close to giving up there is a sudden shift and I get the idea to contact someone who was always there. However I never thought about contact in first place…

It happened again. After months and months of trying to have an OOBE I finally pulled myself together and contacted Jason on Facebook. He does know a lot about OOBEs and has them almost nightly. So I thought who else could help me more with my troubles?

After contact was being made I was shown the material from Robert Bruce. He wrote a whole book about energy and Astral Projection and I was eagerly willing to read almost the whole book in just a matter of a few hours. I guess my husbands travel until Wednesday gave me time to study some stuff for myself.

I finally came to the conclusion what my problem was from the very beginning… I tried to get right at it with awareness and focus on my Third Eye and Heart chakra and there is the mistake right there. My energy body is not yet developed. I did not continue my energy work and of course how can I expect my energy body to build out of nothing… Including my spiritual tiredness and exhaustion the last couple of weeks. All of these symptoms are described in Robert’s book. The mistake I made was that I tried to stimulate the primary energy centers (main chakras) directly without any work with energy throughout my whole body first.

It made click right there and everything was making sense! My energy body needs to be build and stimulated before I can start focusing on the main chakras! The are many minor chakras and also ways to raise energy and it needs to be stored in the area between the navel and the pubic line. It’s called the Sub-Navel center.

Before I continue any endeavor of having an OOBE, I will now focus on building my energy body. As long as I have still body areas that I cannot address with my awareness there is still work to be done. I I have a lot of areas where I cannot place my awareness in. I just simply do not feel anything there. Like my Legs and some other parts of my body. How to stimulate the energy centers inside the body? By stroking and brushing with your awareness hands through the feet, legs, arms etc. until you feel the area, which means the energy begins to build. And THEN after that all primary energy centers need to be addressed, but never longer as needed. Means as soon you feel anything at all, go to the next chakra. As soon you feel something in a primary energy center, the chakra is active as needed.

I also learned that it’s not wise to stay too long on the sacral chakra, the sexual center, because it can ruin everything, when the energy body is not build correctly it feels like sexual arousal and where that leads everybody knows…

After these realizations I did the exercises and was surprised, because right afterwards I started feeling buzzing in my root chakra at the coccyx. (Base of tailbone) and also after the raising of energy into the Sub-Navel center I felt buzzing in this center as well, so the energy work does work and is necessary, especially for beginners who do not have any energy experience yet. It seems people who already do have OOBEs are fairly equipped with a strong energy body.


2 thoughts on “Teachers always come at the right moment

  1. Dayna says:

    Robert Bruce would’ve been my suggestion, too! Love his book Astral Dynamics. William Buhlman is also very good.

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    • talynia says:

      Thank you Dayna! I guess I was just not ready to ask the right question, so I did not get the right answers. But suddenly someone said Robert Bruce and as I read the material it suddenly rang a bell for me. 🙂 I asked you all the time how you are doing it, what are you feeling, so of course the thought of Robert Bruce did not come through lol I will check out William Buhlman as well! (((HUGS)))

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