Dream: Music lessons, Forest, Initiation

How can it be that there are days in a row when nothing at all happens, no memory of any kind of dream or whatsoever and then BOOM a full night with a dream that just did not want to end until wake up time? Tonight I had another very long dream and I can say for a certainty that there is a color that is constantly repeating. The last two dreams had the same color scheme. RED seems to come a lot in little hints throughout the dream, but mostly at the end of the dream.

DREAM: Music lessons, Forest, Initiation

In the beginning of my dream I remember sitting in a classroom setting. Again with some people I know from my childhood, such as Sabrina, Jennifer and the two sisters Daniela and Sarah. We were being taught how to play the Recorder instrument. (Interesting, because I recently bought a recorder to study it, as I love wind instruments) I remember vividly how the teacher went through the pages of material and there were certain melodies that we were supposed to learn. Sadly I cannot remember any of those really amazing melodies… At the end of this dream I asked the person beside me “How are we supposed to remember all these melodies, he is going so fast? What happens if we forget one note we cannot learn everything by heart from the very beginning in this tempo of teaching.” The teacher suddenly looked at me and came over. He drew a big diagonal line on the empty page of my music book and nod with his head, to show me I need to learn this by tomorrow…

The dream suddenly shifted and 4 of the girls plus myself were walking through a forest, I remember the whole look of the hills, the trail etc. It was getting darker and suddenly there was this tall girl with a blonde hair tail. She had  a needle in her hand and was threatening to sting us with it. Of course it could have been an infected needle with HIV or whatever… So I was scared but at the same time tried to protect the others. Somehow I managed to get the needle from that girl. And as she approached me she accidentally stung her right hand in the needle that was in my hand… She turned around and ran over the hill into the forest… After that I remember seeing myself run along the trail followed by my friends.

Suddenly the dream shifted again. Still in a forest setting, but kind of a clearing. There were hundred of people there all looking at me as I approached this clearing. I felt threatened by them and I knew that these people were belonging to a group I knew from real life. It was all about the leader, who was supposedly still alive. Out of nowhere I got approached by this guy, he was tall, had short blonde hair and grey, blue eyes. He was looking young and he looked at me with this intense gaze. I suddenly could not see my friends anymore. As if they were gone. i asked the young man “How did all of this people got chosen to be in this group? Is there some kind of ritual so HE does know who to choose?” Obviously I was talking about the leader of this religious group. The man turned at me, came closer and answered “look towards your right and you will see!” I looked where he pointed and saw this guy with a red cape, suddenly all of them had these capes waving in the wind breezes. I looked at the man with the red cape and did not understand. The young man suddenly said “Look at his shadow!” I looked at the shadow that this person with the cape was casting and then I understood. His cape was stuck on  a branch and he tried to fight to free his cape. In the shadow it looked like he was breaking free from something that caught him. And I said “I understand, the people get chosen by their strength and ability to not break in hard conditions. Conditions that threaten to hold them tight.” He nodded.

Suddenly the dream shifted and I ran throughout the masses, trying to dodge all the people who were standing in my way, it almost looked like one of these chasing scenes in movies. I did some amazing freestyle dodge moves and was sure this guy would observe my every move. Then out of nowhere the dream shifted and I saw this man, the leader of this group. He had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, he was older, the vision was right in the face of this man, and I remember saying “This is not (…) He did not look like that!

And that was when my husband woke me up this morning at 10:30… He looked at me and said “You make some more noise in the night and I have to kill you!” with a smile on his face. I asked “What noise did I do this time?” He answered “Well first you teeth… I always here banging like on teeth… And then sometimes your body jerks…” And he made a weird motion with his head. I looked at him in awe and answered “Yeah sometimes I get these electric zaps and then I just jolt.


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