A dream became true

A long time ago I had this dream about gift economy and Sprouts Framers Market, where I got a job that was really amazing. My job was to give tickets to persons who bought a pack rice milk. And those who had the Ticket could get a free dinner at the market towards the evening. You can find the dream here: https://kundaliniawakeningprocess.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/317/

A couple of weeks ago I went to our local Sprouts Market across the street, I wanted to get some ingredients for a pumpkin pie pancake. So I was looking all over the place to search for pumpkin puree. Suddenly this man came around, he obviously worked for the market, as he had the Sprouts T-Shirt on. He a little taller than me, bold head, blue eyes. He smiled at me and was right away talkative, he asked me if I needed something. I told him that I needed pumpkin puree but could not find any. He started joking and said “Well it looks like I have to mash some for you!” We both were laughing and oddly enough we were actually standing in front of the shelf that carried the pumpkin puree LOL… Again we both laughed about it. I felt oddly happy afterwards, as if someone turned on a light switch on.

Time passed and every time I went back to the market, he was not there anymore. And I thought, wow did he get fired or something? Then a couple of days ago just suddenly I walked through the different lines I suddenly turn my head to the left as if somebody told me to do so and there he was and came right over to me. I told him that I did not see him in a long time, he said then “Oh I started working earlier in the morning, are you coming later now?” We had a small chat and I was too curious I have to admit and asked him for his name. His name is Joe, he also knows mine. He gave me his hand and said “Nice to meet you” Then he asked me when I usually come to the market and I told him most likely every 2 days. He said “Okay then I will see you on Saturday again.” I asked him what time and he answered “5“.

As Saturday came I realized there was nothing needed at this time, so I stayed at home but felt off. I thought what if he thinks I come, but I do not show up? Odd thought I have to admit…

Today however I went in the morning to shop for dinner and guess what Joe was back again. He did not see me and I just continued my rounds as I turned around the line of the baking produce I saw him coming towards me (same row of the first meeting). Then he suddenly looks up and sees me, he smiles and comes right to me. The first thing that came out of his mouth was “It’s Tuesday!” and I knew he did not see me on Saturday, so he remembered. He then asked me how I was and I asked the same, he then said “Well I have some stuff to do today, got a call for incoming produce so I better start working, but it’s not a problem being the boss you can coordinate everything.” This surprised me more than it should have. I looked at him in awe and asked “you are the boss?” And he said “Yes I am the product manager!” And I giggle and said “wow that’s funny” I think he must have thought I am joking or so, because it was funny as I recognized my dream right there. But he took it easy and was giggling as well. As he needed to continue working he reached for my hand and said “It was nice seeing you again“. His fingers slowly withdrew over my hand and fingers.

And again I was happy and even the female cashier asked me smiling “Were you here since the morning?” I looked at her and asked “does it look really like I am here all the time?” She then said “I thought I saw you this morning already.” That was a first I never had cashiers being so friendly and talkative before. It was like the universe is conspiring or planning something which I have no idea what that could be. However I think my dream just came true, even though it was slightly different, but still, close enough!


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