Another Realization – Your Experience can become anothers experience!

Last night I did my nightly meditation. This time I felt extreme strong energies around my head, I almost felt like my head was internally spinning slightly. While my head was steady leaned on a pillow… I saw once again purple light swirls, but nothing important really. No dream remembrance and no visions came through… It’s feeling dry lately.

This morning I suddenly had a realization. Why would I feel spiritually dry? Why no visions and why does my meditation not deepen, while I feel so much energy around and inside me? And then BINGO, the realization came right there.

I was a member of a Spiritual group on Facebook and I found myself throughout the day acknowledging the experiences and symptoms of other people and made it to my responsibility to help people and make them aware about certain factors in the world of energy. I found myself preaching to the choir because some of those people were only happy when people shared & acknowledged their problems and experiences, but if someone like me came around and told them why they may feel like it and what they can do to change it, I was being told I don’t know them and we are not on the same path. Totally ignoring that what I told them was to their best and was about helping them…

Well my energy was sucked dry and once again I have to acknowledge that as soon you are having an Awakening (Kundalini, or really any kind of Awakening) you are able to take on other peoples energies, so what others experience can become your experience if your read it over and over again. Some people just have no clue what it does to their own energy to be in groups of hundred, thousands of people, many never heard about Awakening before and yet they share their energetic signatures for others to pick up on.

If you are Awakening do NOT read about other people’s experiences (not if the person does not have some awareness of what is going on), as they will very fast become your experience as well. And here is the problem, It’s not so much that we do not walk the same path, it’s that we take on each others path when we read about others experiences. Kundalini has the humorous characteristic that she loves to give you what you read most about. That’s why it is so important to not engage in anything that YOU don’t want to experience yourself.

Ergo I left the group and hope that I can now balance my own energy back to normal again.


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