Synchronicity and Helpers who bring clarity!

The synchronicity the last couple of days has been amazing. However my dreams disappeared and I do not remember dreaming at all during the night, on top of that comes that I hardly ever see anything coming through in my nightly meditations, which usually makes me feel tired and then go to sleep.

A couple of months ago I had this vision. It was like one of these light language tunnel downloads. I suddenly saw white pages floating in my direction and a few words in a language I never saw in this life. One of these words I remember had a mirrored E in the beginning. Kind of like a 3 but in E shape. I never saw these letters before so I had no idea what I saw.

Then the vision with the floating mandalas and the sudden shift into the heads of the Pharaoh and Thoth. Both Egyptian of course.

Then a friend of mine (Karin) made me aware of Gamma meditations, another friend (Dayna) was posting a lot about recent Gamma Ray Bursts from different constellations.

Then another friend of mine (Deraj) posted a green tablet and I had no idea what this was, but it definitely showed the letter E in the way I saw it in my vision. I asked him what language it was and he said most likely Atlantean!

Now guess what, I met another new friend (Ioana) and she was posting in a Bashar Group about the correct frequency the brain waves need to be in for channeling. Bashar said it’s Gamma for his channeling. Now I was until now certain meditation and visions are connected to the Theta state! But it seems it’s really the Gamma state that one needs to be in for channeling.

I told her about my visions and she led me again to these green tablets. They are called Emerald tablets of Thoth! it is Atlantean language and Thoth is called the Atlantean. So what I saw was directly connected to Thoth and the Emerald tablets! I may had a past life in Egypt as well, because of the pharaoh head with the snake in his forehead! interestingly enough I was always interested in Egyptian symbols, gods and myths.

So after all these helping clues I decided to finally try to meditate on a Gamma wave track, which uses pure Gamma Frequencies. However because of my recent inability to get anything in meditation, it did not do very much. I was also freezing a lot and could not get warm even while covered in my blankets. So I decided after 30 minutes of nothing happening to fall asleep. And when I awoke this morning I had no memory of any dreams. Like the last couple of days the dreamless phase continues 😦 Kind of sucks, as I always looked forward to my evening meditations which always brought at least something. But nothing… It is just like sucked dry…


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